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Star Wars: TIE Fighter (Windows)

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Title Screen

Star Wars: TIE Fighter

Developer: Totally Games
Publisher: LucasArts
Platform: Windows
Released in US: July 17, 1994 (DOS), 1995 (Mac), 1998 (Mac)

CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

The Windows port of Star Wars: TIE Fighter is an updated re-release of the DOS version, and also includes the missions from the Defender of the Empire expansion pack. The main changes include textured models, higher resolution graphics, replacement of the dynamic MIDI sountrack with CD audio, and the requirement to use a Joystick.

Revisional Differences

Battle Six: Arms Race, Mission #3: Convoy Escort

In the Collector Series edition, this mission crashes the game and requires downloading a single-file patch.

Before applying the patch, there are two additional text strings:

  • "Sigma will deliver stormtroopers to recapture that freighter" -- Appears when Transport Sigma 1 and 2 arrives (after Degathem and Anterab are captured by Rebels).
  • "Sigma will deliver a repair crew to the disabled freighter" -- Appears when Transport Sigma 3 and 4 arrives (after Degathem and Anterab are disabled, and most craft are repelled).

The patch removes these two pieces of text, restoring the mission file to the same version found in the original DOS version.

The DOS version has unreferenced text in the binary file: "OOM ON YOU" (first letter is zeroed out), which is repeated a few times for a few entries. This is associated with Assault Gunboat Tau (player craft and first entry in the file), and Rho. The Collector Series also contains this text, but associated it with Tie Fighter Alpha instead (and is in lower-case letters).

To do:
Verify DOS version triggers, and how they exactly work.

The DOS version repairs the freighters with Imperial Tug U-3f6 and U-3f7 which arrive if the freighters are disabled. These replace transports Sigma 3 and 4.

In the DOS version, transport Upsilon 1 and 2 arrive if the freighters are disabled or captured (instead of Sigma 1 and 2). These two transports overlap their purpose with tugs, on the exact same situation.