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Road Rash (Sega CD)

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Title Screen

Road Rash

Developers: Monkey Do Productions, New Level Software
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: Sega CD
Released in US: March 1, 1995

ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.

(Note: the only way to get Road Rash to work on most emulators is to enable "Perfect Sync". This works on Kega Fusion, Gens, and maybe others.)

Unused Bike

There's a secret bike that appears to be unavailable except through hacking. The bike is called Wild Thing 2000 and is the fastest bike in the game (200 MPH + Nitro), and it will never slide out from under you.

To access it, open up the game's bin file with a hex editor and search for the string 10B433F00002. Change F00002 to FC000F, then save the changes.

Start a new game and select "Big Game Mode" and pick any character. You'll now have Wild Thing 2000.

Wild Thing 2000 was available in Road Rash 2 and 3 for the Genesis, but only with controller cheats, passwords, or Game Genie codes.

(Source: Tony H)