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Test Drive (2002)

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Title Screen

Test Drive

Also known as: TD Overdrive: The Brotherhood of Speed (EU)
Developer: Pitbull Syndicate
Publishers: Infogrames
Platforms: PlayStation 2, Xbox, Windows
Released in US: May 28, 2002 (PS2), June 11, 2002 (Xbox), December 10, 2002 (Windows)
Released in EU: July 5, 2002 (PS2/Xbox)

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Originally released in the US as Test Drive, it sought to be a fresh reboot of the series featuring a completely reworked game engine and, for the first time in the series, story mode. It is last game before developer changed to Midway Studios Newcastle.


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Prerelease Info

Unused Cuda

By either editing the save game or using codes, an unused version of the Cuda can be unlocked in the garage. Featuring Challenger T/A-inspired hood scoop, instead of shaker hood scoop, this version of the model was originally intended to be Clark's Cuda. However, the developers decided to use only the normal Cuda, leaving this model fully functional in the game:

TD-PS2 Final Cuda h.png

Hamada's Supra can also be unlocked using the same method.

(Source: RacingFreak)

Regional Differences

As the game was released under a different name in Europe, the logos were changed:

US Europe
TD-PS2 NTSC-title.png TD-PS2 PAL-title.png
TD-PS2 NTSC-loading.png TD-PS2 PAL-loading.png

Hidden Credits

The header of the data .bin files for the PS2 version has the following credit (note the typo):

BigFileHeader for BigFile V1.1 (C) Steve Snake, March 2001. 
Hello everybody! What are you doing snooping around in my files? 
Now V1.2 By C Kirby!!! & (C) Pitbull Syndciate Ltd. 
Visit www.pitbull.co.uk 

The same message would later appear in L.A. Rush.

Also found in a .txt file in the game's files for the PS2 version is a leftover log file from an internal tool named pap2psx2 (Pitbull Art Pictures to PlayStation 2.v2.9 - Movie Support+), which was used for converting textures:

Snack V1.1 (Snake's Packer) (C) Steve Snake, 10th October 2000

Updated 15th November 2001 to remove silly compiler bug (Cheers Skippy!)

Internal Name

The internal name of the game is TD2001, as well as TD2K1.

Hidden Detail

The IP address displayed in Underground mode's "in-car unit",, was Pitbull Syndicate's mail and web server used for their site at the time.

(Source: RacingFreak)

Platform Differences

  • The PlayStation 2 version runs in lower resolution, than Xbox (512x512 for European/512x448 for US releases instead of 640x480 for Xbox).
  • Also it lacks pixel shaders, which were made for Xbox release due it's GPU capabalities.
  • Music in Xbox version contained as separate .wma tracks, when in Windows version they packed into .xdt archive.
  • Windows version looks inferior to Xbox release, due to absent/broken graphics effects, mostly about lighthing.