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Wolfenstein 3D (SNES)

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Title Screen

Wolfenstein 3D

Also known as: Wolfenstein 3D: The Claw of Eisenfaust (JP)
Developer: id Software
Publisher: Imagineer
Platform: SNES
Released in JP: February 10, 1994
Released in US: March 1994
Released in EU: 1994

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

ProtoIcon.png This game has a prototype article

The SNES port of of the DOS classic. Aside from being heavily cut down compared to the original version, featuring only 30 levels (2 of them being secret) and half the bosses (all of which are taken from Wolf 3D's sequel Spear of Destiny for some reason), this version is particularily notorious for its censorship: a game where you go up against nazis certainly wasn't safe from Nintendo of America's policies at the time, as had been proven six years earlier, so Hitler (or Staatmeister, as he's now known) had his mustache shaved, all the swastikas were scrubbed, and the infamous German voice acting has been redubbed in English. Oh, and the dogs are now giant rats, because Nintendo can't be having you kill man's best friend.

It also ended up spawning an unlicensed and decidedly more kid-friendly reskin from Wisdom Tree known as Super 3D Noah's Ark.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info

Debug Modes

There are a few different debug screens which can be accessed from the title screen. To see them, hold R while turning the game on. Let go of the button once the title screen appears, then press one of these button combos:

  • Up + Select - Level Select
  • Right + Select - Music Test
  • Down + Select - Sound Test

There is also a MIDI instrument test which can be accessed by using Pro Action Replay (PAR) codes C043F659 C043F768 and pressing Start at the title screen.

Level Select


Lets you choose from any of the normal levels, boss levels (*B), and secret levels (*S).

Music Test


It's a music test, you know the drill. Press Up or Down to choose a song, and just about any other button to play it. Pressing Start returns to the title screen while the current music continues playing.

Sound Test


Covers both sound effects and music samples. Values 25 and above are all silent. Pressing Start goes back to the title screen.

Instrument Test


A bit more detailed than the last two screens. The "Instrument" option selects one of the only 8 or so instrument samples available. "MIDI note" controls pitch, while "MIDI velocity" controls volume (the higher, the louder). "Pitch scale" and "Velocity scale" probably have something to do with per-instrument pitch and volume correction. Pressing B will play a single note with the current instrument settings.

"Test song" allows you to listen to music tracks, just like the actual music test. Pressing A starts the currently selected song. Pressing B to play an individual note will cause the music to stop playing.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Song

This song is used in the PC version when completing a level. The SNES version uses the Game Over/High Scores theme instead.

Unused Graphics

Wolf3d snes wall1.png Wolf3d snes wall2.png
Multicolored stone wall with a red sign text. In Spear of Destiny it was a swastika.

It's unused because the multicolored stones replace a yellow brick wall, which has no ornament-type variations.

Also unused in the Jaguar version, but it has a swastika emblem and is visibly unfinished.

Wolf3d snes wall3.png Wolf3d snes wall4.png
Hellish stones from the final level from Spear of Destiny. Also unused in the Jaguar version, and was replaced with yellow bricks.

Wolf3d snes wall5.png
Placeholder texture. This completes a set of 64 wall.

Wolf3d snes ubermutant.png
Third frame of the Ubermutant firing. Also unused in the Jaguar version.

Development Text

Starting at 000FF5FF are various messages pertaining to errors:

Error occurred at line
in procedure
Subrange exceeded.
File is not open.
Read while at end of file.
Set overflow
Jump to undefined case statement label.
Integer math error.
Real math error.
Divide by zero.
Stack overflow.
Stack error

In addition to this, there are also error strings littered within the first several banks of the ROM, mostly used for sanity checking while testing/debugging.

01F6F: StackCheck error
07F78: Walk: Bad dir
07F86: Enemy walked into a solid area!
084A0: MoveActoron: bad dir!
095B7: Static overload!
098FB: Actor overload!
09A5E: Door overload!
09DA7: Bad spawn type
09DB6: Bad spawn type
09DC5: Bad spawn type
09DD4: Bad spawn type
09DE3: Bad spawn type
0B02F: Bad ChangeWeapon
0B0A7: Bad fire
0C0CE: pwall seg not found
0C98E: boxpos == 5
0DC90: Bad secret elevator

(Source: catzlol from the RTC Discord server)

Regional Differences

The game was also released in Japan. It is pretty much the exact same game with a few exceptions mostly with the storyline.

Intro Screen

US/Europe Japan
Wolfenstein 3D - SNES - Intro Screen.png Wolfenstein 3D - SFC - Intro Screen.png

The Japanese version removes the "Licensed by Nintendo" text, thus shifting the rest of the text down a little.


The mission briefings in the US/Europe version were replaced with black splash screens with the name of the episodes.

US/Europe Japan Japanese Text/Romaji Translation
Wolfenstein 3D - SNES - Mission Briefing E1.png Wolfenstein 3D - SFC - Episode 1.png ウルフェンシュタインの災厄
Urufenshutain no Saiyaku
The Disaster of Wolfenstein
Wolfenstein 3D - SNES - Mission Briefing E2.png Wolfenstein 3D - SFC - Episode 2.png 死霊の巣窟
Shiryou no Soukutsu
The Den of the Dead
Wolfenstein 3D - SNES - Mission Briefing E3.png Wolfenstein 3D - SFC - Episode 3.png アイゼンファウストの爪痕
Aizenfausuto no Tsumeato
The Clawmarks of Eisenfaust
Wolfenstein 3D - SNES - Mission Briefing E4.png Wolfenstein 3D - SFC - Episode 4.png 呪いの木偶人形
Noroi no Dekuningyou
The Curse of the Wooden Figurines
Wolfenstein 3D - SNES - Mission Briefing E5.png Wolfenstein 3D - SFC - Episode 5.png 戦友
The Comrade
Wolfenstein 3D - SNES - Mission Briefing E6.png Wolfenstein 3D - SFC - Episode 6.png 勝利なき戦い
Shouri naki Tatakai
The Battle Without Victory


The ending screen of the game shows Dr. Schabbs before the Trans Grosse boss, which is the order which the bosses appeared in the prototype.

It seems the Jaguar version attempted to correct this, but swapped the names of Hans Grosse and Dr. Schabbs instead.