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1942 (Commodore 64)

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Title Screen


Developer: Elite Systems
Publisher: Elite Systems
Platform: Commodore 64
Released in EU: 1986

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Developer Message

Loaded in the RAM at 0xB8E7 is a small message:

** ---> hello hackers
i have put a small demo in just to get your mits on
try call address $b700
1942 was designed with the help of forges screen designer.

1942 (C64) - demo.png

Calling that address will bring up a small demo with some copper balls in a circular spin, and scrolling background bars. Sometimes it glitches, showing a non-ball sprite.

(Source: Marauder/GSS)

Regional Differences

A second revision of this game exists. The first is simply published by Elite, with copyright to Capcom. The other is also published by Elite, but also has copyright information to Japan Capsule Computer (Uk) Ltd, dated 1984.

The title screen is different, the alternate having a picture rather than credits. Instead, these credits are pushed into the screen's border. The US version has credits directly on this screen.

1942 (Commodore 64)-title.png 1942 (Commodore 64)-EU-title.png

In game, you lose a row of tiles, but at least the HUD at the top is prettier. This change also affects the timing of enemy waves. In both images, a new enemy barely has its propeller in view, yet the planes in the alternate version are a bit further ahead in their attack pattern.

1942 (Commodore 64)-US-gameplay.png 1942 (Commodore 64)-EU-gameplay.png

The US version has a 1-frame red flash on collision. Next frame is an explosion.

1942 (Commodore 64)-US-collision.png 1942 (Commodore 64)-EU-collision.png
To do:
Does the Elite version have full screen artwork like the EU version?

1942 (Commodore 64) EU artwork.png This artwork titlescreen is exclusive to EU, and shows the copyright info.