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Arkanoid re-invents the Breakout genre, while Bubble Bobble brings cute dragons blowing bubbles to the world. The Famicom gets an add-on in the form of the Family Computer Disk System, complete with re-writable disks. The highly-anticipated sequel to Super Mario Bros. comes out for the add-on, though Nintendo of America is very hesitant on a localization, fearing its difficulty and extremely similar feel to the original would disappoint players. Tetris is made for MS-DOS and starts making its way to America not too long after, rapidly becoming popular throughout the world. Dragon Quest sparks interest in console RPGs in Japan and instantly becomes a hit. Atari makes the Atari 7800 to little success and brings back the 2600 in a lower cost Jr. form ("Under 50 bucks! 50 bucks?! Now isn't that nice."). The Sega Master System is released in the US, but doesn't have much success as Sega chose Tonka to market and distribute the system there.

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