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Angry Birds (Windows)

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Title Screen

Angry Birds

Developer: Rovio
Publisher: Rovio
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: January 4, 2011

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

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Angry Birds is an award-winning strategy game for multiple platforms, but mostly known on iOS and Android. This article pertains to the PC version, which makes more sense to use on a laptop.

Mighty Eagle

To do:
After editied scripts under PC Version can be used but unfotunately, 1.5.1- sprite feather, eagle button and eagle score text are missing.

Even though the Mighty Eagle is exclusive to mobile devices, the graphics and sounds for it can be found. This suggests that this feature may have been planned at one point, although they could also be nothing more than leftovers.

First-Time Use Screen

Coming when you least expect it.

This screen (found in "data\images\pc" of the game's directory) is what would've appeared when the player clicked on the Mighty Eagle icon (in the main menu, or the Power-Up Shop). The roll of film with the Mighty Eagle's eye led to this video.

Feathers and Unused Title


Notable in this sheet is what appears to be the original name for the PC version, "Angry Birds HD". However, the iPad version is called Angry Birds HD, so this may have also been a leftover from that.

(Source: iTunes Store Page)

It doesn't appear in v2.2.0. Found in MENU_ELEMENTS_2.png, (Not v2.2.0 PC) and MENU_SHEET_2.png.

The large feathers below it are the rankings that replace the stars when using the Mighty Eagle. For how much of the stage is destroyed by the Mighty Eagle, the black feather transitions to the colored feather by percentages. The small feathers on the right are for the menus. During level selection, the black feather is used for indicating a level with the Mighty Eagle used, which is under-layered by the colored feather, showing how much 'eagle score' is obtained.


It's a can of sardines. Get it? Eagles eat fish.

This can of sardines is how the Mighty Eagle gets summoned. Once the box is launched, it disappears and then the Mighty Eagle dives diagonally towards it, then bounces off the screen, destroying everything in its path. Any pigs are self-destructed if they survived.


And the eagle comes in the NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!!!

The Mighty Eagle entering and attacking once it appears. Note that these are supposed to be blurry, as they are blurry in-game.


The Mighty Eagle bouncing once it hits the ground.

The cartoon sound effect that plays right after the Mighty Eagle makes its battle cry.

The Mighty Eagle's battle cry, which exists in two files: mightyeagle.wav and mighteagle.wav. The duplicate's existence appears to be a simple mistake.

Unused Store Image

He is coming.

This image's name is "SHOP_NEW_ME_BG.png", so it might've been used in the store.

Demo Level

There is an eagleDemo level in \data\levels. This might have been used as a power-up tutorial level in the mobile versions.

Funk Remix

This James Bond-esque remix of the title screen music can be found in the music directory with the name funky_theme.mp3. This can be legitimately obtained in the mobile versions by getting three stars on all the Mighty Hoax levels and finding the secret in the Angry Radio Golden Egg.

Title theme changes

In update 3.0.0, the game's main theme was replaced with Angry Birds Trilogy's main theme to celebrate the chapter "Red's Mighty Feathers", where Red finally gets a chapter-exclusive ability. Version 4.0.0 reverted back to the original track.

Versions 3.2.0 & 3.3.0
(Angry Birds Trilogy theme)
All other versions
(Angry Birds theme)

Powerup Buttons

To do:
Check for sprites for the slot machine and other powerup-related sprites.

About equal to the power-ups in Super Mario Bros. 3! This also contains random shop assets

Icons for the powerups from Angry Birds Friends (aka Angry Birds Facebook), which includes the shop images, as well as some placeholder graphics. They can be found in one file. Like the Mighty Eagle, these features never came to this version. There is also a lock button (iPhone retina Display) that is unused. That appears in BUTTONS_SHEET1

Old Level Complete

The sound used for when the player completes a level in the previous versions of Angry Birds. It was replaced with the ranking system from Angry Birds Rio, but the sound file still lays there as a leftover. It is only used when the player completes an episode.

Early Game Complete

The music was used in the oldest version where the player completes the game. This was replaced by the ranking system from Angry Birds Rio and like above, this song is still in the current version files.

Test Sounds

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There's more test sounds they made. Place them here. Refer to this for help. https://tcrf.net/Help:Contents/Audio

Located in data/audio/sfx, a sound of a c minor note being played with a organ.

Unused/leftover sprites

Crystal Button

ABPC crystal icon.png

Found in BUTTONS_SHEET_1.png (Or BUTTONS_SHEET_2.png), there is an icon for Chillingo (The original Publisher of Angry Birds on iPhone {under Clickgamer.com} & iPad)'s now dead Crystal SDK service, which was used in the iOS version where you could track scores via its leaderboard, get achievements, etc. It was shut down on June 23, 2013.

Fire Blocks


Unused blocks from a update that never came. There was also sprites for a Fire Bird and burning/charred pigs found ingame.

Unused Buttons

ABPC button sheet.png

Among all the button icons, there are a lot of icons which were not used:

  • The "Play" button has been replaced with a simple round button with a play icon.
  • The left arrow button with a corner shadow might be intended for use in the level selection, but the one without the shadow was used.
  • Some social media icons will only appear in the game if used the Chinese, Japanese or Korean localizations
  • The ID card button icons were used only on the mobile versions, where you could save your progress online with a Rovio account.
  • Ads never appear in the PC version. But in the mobile versions, you can purchase to remove ads. Hence, "Get the latest ad-free version!" button sprite was never used.
  • Red tied with a ribbon, present in the iOS version as a button to share a free version of it.
  • The crystal icon, again, but smaller.
  • The trophy icon might have been for achievements, only present in iOS versions.
  • The curved arrow icon and the curved arrow on 'level select' icon was never used in any versions. Might be intended as a return button.
  • The blue button with hills will change the background to a static color, and will also remove all background images. This is only present in the mobile versions.

Intel Golden Egg Sprite

ABPC intel egg.png

This golden egg sprite has the Intel logo engraved in it. An Intel-themed Angry Birds game was made for promotion, with some of the levels appearing in the Android version of Angry Birds Seasons. Maybe it was planned to appear on this game too. It is possible to view the levels themselves by either replacing already playable levels with them or by enabling it from editing the LUA game code files. There are 5 Intel Golden Egg levels in total. Here are the levels themselves:

The first Intel Golden Egg The second Intel Golden Egg The third Intel Golden Egg The fourth Intel Golden Egg The fifth Intel Golden Egg

Golden egg #12 soundbox

ABPC birds melody.png

While the first five birds (Red, Blues, Chuck, Bomb, Matilda) and Hal were used, their 'hurt' sprites were never used. Same for Bomb's exploding phases, wide-mouthed Hal and Terence. This was added in v3.1.0.

Bad Piggies promotion

ABPC badpiggies promo.png

Sprite-sheet for the Bad Piggies promotion. This is supposed to be animated. This was added in v2.3.0.

Test arrow

To do:
This is present in the level editor that isn't present in the PC version. The mobile versions (v7.1.0+) use this icon.

ABPC test arrow.png

This pair of arrows were included in the birds and pigs' (INGAME_BIRDS_1) sprite-sheet, and are likely a leftover from the developer kit. It can be seen in this video.

Red's special (Mighty Feathers) activated

Red needs to get his hair done

Red's sprite when he uses his ability. In Chapter 9, Red gets a special ability. While it does show up in the tutorial screen, this never shows up when used. This is also used in (INGAME_BIRDS_1).

Sticky Block

"Have you seen my older, flatter cousin in Danger Above?"

A rectangle bubble-like sprite and its particle sprites. Code of it present in older versions shows it was supposed to make objects bounce on it and make birds stick on it.

Unused blocks

ABPC blocks 1.png

Some weird block sprites are present in the blocks sprite-sheet that were never used in-game.

  • The golden American football might have be used for golden egg #22 as it was a Super Bowl surprise. But, as this specific egg didn't used any sprite to seem invisible to players, this sprite was never used.
  • Two different types of terrain, a wooden stage, and an ice rink.
  • Two bent planks, each painted with a different color.
  • A brass tray.
  • A sideways metal pole that might be for a sideways flag.
  • An ice platform. It was used in Angry Birds Seasons as a static platform.

ABPC blocks 2.png

  • "Golden" sprites of the first 6 chapters' level complete items, and a King Pig for some reason. A golden item might be planned for each episode, but was scrapped for some reason.
  • A puzzle piece. It was not used at all as it didn't fit with any chapter's theme.
  • Also In Retina Display (Or iPad 3 & newer) (And v2.2.0 to v3.3.1), the Mighty Hoax block is supposed to be the Chrome sprites.

Rio golden egg

ABPC rio egg.png

A sprite for a golden egg with a star, with the movie name Rio engraved on it. It appeared when you finish the golden egg #22 level, replacing the star. But, as the level complete screen was changed, this also got unused.

Debugging Functions

In the game's asset directories, there are Lua files for debugging the game, some debugging code is also present in pre-existing Lua scripts not titled as debugging features, these are shown by the game's build settings in options.lua.

Build Settings

To do:
Show the effects of these in-game.
  • releaseBuild: Retail, clean build, turning off makes the game act like debugging build, enabling debugging functions and some screens have debugging information like the credits, true is defaulted, some include debugging information in the credits, using a developer activation server and allowing the use of using all developer cheats on beta builds.
  • showEditor: Shows the level and particle editors at the main menu, false is defaulted, due to files aren't present the game (until 7.1.0 which never released on PC before discontinuation), it crashes among toggling this setting while checking data/scripts/editor for editor.lua... maybe files are present in an older version (v1.0.0-v2.0.0) or the ones from current releases can be imported then this setting would be useful?
  • cheatsEnabled: Allows use of built-in developer cheats, false is defaulted.
  • useDynamicAssets: Makes the game use assets from the dynamic script directory, false is defaulted.
  • isPremium: Makes the game act like a "premium" version, ads are disabled, false is defaulted, has no effect on PCs due to absence of advertising and IAPs.
  • isKorea: Makes the game act like a Korean build, false is defaulted.
  • applyChinaRestictions: Makes the game act as a Chinese build, a timer is shown for game time left, false is defaulted. However, it can be replaced by Localization.
  • gameVersionNumber: Game version number shown in credits, changes after every update.
  • customerString: OEM based on how the game was acquired, commonly "rovio".
  • svnRevisionNumber: Server revision number in last credits line, the number starting with RXXXXX but isn't shown on PCs due to lack of online services support, however is shown if the game is a debugging build.
  • isSeasonsAvailable: Makes the game advertise Angry Birds Seasons in menus? True is defaulted.
  • g_registrationEnabled: Toggles the game activation DRM setting, true is defaulted.
  • g_updateCheckEnabled: Toggles the game's autoupdater executable updater.exe setting, defaulted to true.
  • g_hasWebBrowser: Makes the game think you have a web browser to view ads (?), defaulted to true.
  • loadMightyEagle: Loads the Mighty Eagle assets? Enables the Mighty Eagle? True is defaulted, but due to lack usage of proper files, this doesn't do anything... This only works in v1.6.3.1.
  • bingIsEnabled: Allows Bing usage in game?
  • enableAssertions: Enables assertions?
  • disableShopButton: Hides the shop from the game, on is defaulted, try turning off?
  • hasIaps: Allows IAPs to be made (?) off is defaulted.
  • g_is_free_version: Makes the game act like a free version? True is defaulted for demo. But when you activate full game (v1.5.1+), False is defaulted.
  • useScaling: Toggles scaling settings.
  • timeMachineServer: What server is used (for time)? dev is defaulted.
  • gameId: Short identifier for the game when clicking ads that log it, defaulted to abc.
  • g_separate_powerup_highscore: Allows powerup based high scores separately to be kept along with plain gameplay scores in a highscores.lua, false is defaulted.
  • applyLocalization: Applies a predetermined localization.
  • isHDVersion: Makes the game act like a IOS HD build, maybe shows HD sprites and textures if on? False is defaulted.

LUA error handler

Please elaborate.
Having more detail is always a good thing.

In the game, There is a LUA error handler, Possibly for developing the game.

If a LUA is modified incorrectly or calls something that has or causes errors, the game will show an error about it, options are to ignore, abort or retry, If the file is too major that is having the problem, the game likely will force you to exit/crash unless the file is fixed. If the game memory is modified based on bird counts (?) the game will show the error below: Next bird not found! Please make sure all birds are correctly numbered for each level. Call stack: INFO...

This happened when I tried to load the Mighty Eagle Demo Level as Poached Eggs level 1

Developer Cheats

To do:
How do you enable the Developer Cheats?

If developer cheats are on, these can be used during gameplay.

FPS and memory display

A display on the bottom middle of the screen, for the FPS and memory in MB is visible, showFps is the internal flag name if using the Debug Console to enable.

ABPC FPS+Memory Display.png

Debug console

To do:
Is there macros?

A giant overlay for both logging and entering text, covering the entire screen, called and hidden by by Shift-D it is possible to edit in-game flags and values for a session by using it, the same way for loading it on mobile releases (Right corner multi click) is also a method to load on the PC version. Using @ in your entry will close the debug console after it is entered. Also, using launchMightyBait() in your entry will use mighty eagle without purchasing and probably using bundleReward(?) in your entry will receive powerup reward, works on mobile too. Just replace "?" with number amount.

ABPC Debug Console.png


  • C = Simulates a three star (or a 100% on Mighty Eagle) completion, ignoring the current score and using a predetermined score, the same way for using it on mobile releases (Left corner multi click) is also a method to load on the PC version.
  • PgUp = Previous level.
  • PgDown = Next level, ignores level lock restrictions.


  • Backspace-Q/W/E/R/T/Y/U = Crashes the game, it attempts to call powerups while the PC version doesn't enable them or have the files.
  • Ctrl-Alt-# = "#" can be 1 (English), 2 (French), 3 (Italian), 4 (German), 5 (Spanish), 6 (Chinese), 7 (Taiwanese), 8 (Japanese), 9 (Portuguese) or 0 (Polish). Attempts to change the text locale, setting an unexisting locale other than Japanese or English crashes the game...
  • S = Toggle sounds on or off.
  • Ctrl-F5 = Attempts to create an Lua file containing the layout of a screen, crashes due to the folder layouts in the game data directory does not exist, manually creating it fixes the function to make a plaintext file.
  • Shift-F12: Toggles mouse cursor visibility.
  • Shift-C: Enables IAPs (doesn't work).
  • Shift-Z: Powerup bundle reward (Crashes because powerups are disabled).
  • Shift-X: Powerup slot machine (Crashes because powerups are disabled).
  • F: Toggles visibility of the FPS and memory display.

Filesystem differences

In the current Angry Birds versions, scripts alone is only present, on PC and old versions, scripts and scripts_common are present, certain DRM files are only present on the PC version of the game, but are mentioned in current versions, LZMA packing is used after v6.0.1 but the PC version beyond v2.0.0 maintained 7z encryption for containing assets, WAVs, OGGs and MP3's are only supported. v1.0.0 used encrypted assets alone.

Leftovers from other versions

Achievement icons

To do:
There's more.










Icons for achievements in iOS versions. It also has a sprite for an in-game dialog box, which was used for completing achievements in Angry Birds Trilogy.

iPad Font

ABPC font menu ipad.png

This image is located in \data\fonts\1024x768\FONT_MENU_IPAD.png. It is used to show the current level's number when the game is paused.

Mattel Apptivity

These files are for the Mattel Apptivity King Pig toy, which can be used to unlock special content in the iPad version. The King Pig sprites are used for level successes and failures. This content is now unlockable as of version 2.2.0 (v2.3.0 and newer if on iPhone, Android, MAC, and PC).

These are some files from the toy's splash screen.

HD and Free (3.2.0 and newer)


This image contains the used Rovio logo, and the words HD and Free. There is no Free version of Angry Birds for the PC (the unlicensed version does not use "Free").

Toons.TV (also known as Toons)

ABPC Splashes ToonsTV.png

This button was used in the mobile versions to the now shut down Toons.TV service. It never came to PC.