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Founded in 1960 as Service Games, producing electro-mechanical coin-op machines before later transitioning to arcade video games and still later home console games. While Sega had massive success in the arcades prior to the 1990s, their home console efforts were only a modest success against the monolithic Nintendo until the Genesis/Mega Drive. The 16-bit gaming system, coupled with successful advertising campaigns ("Genesis does what Nintendon't", anyone?) and support for third-party developers during a time when Nintendo (especially its American branch) had strict censorship and publishing restrictions, resulted in Sega managing to gain the upper hand against the big N.

Unfortunately, things began falling apart starting around 1994 - a number of missteps involving the 32X and Saturn cost Sega much of its image, which mainly stemmed from conflicting interests between the Japanese and American branches. While the Dreamcast's release in 1998 seemed to be the start of a turnaround, the PlayStation 2's rocket success caused Sega to withdraw entirely from the console market in 2001 and quickly shift to developing and publishing for third-party systems and developers respectively (creating a surreal situation of Sonic games being on Nintendo consoles).

Had it not have been for the massive ROM hacking scene spurred from the Sonic the Hedgehog series, much of this wiki's knowledge might not have been found for years.


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