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Bayonetta 2

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Title Screen

Bayonetta 2

Developer: PlatinumGames[1]
Publisher: Nintendo[1]
Platforms: Wii U, Nintendo Switch
Released in JP: September 20, 2014[1] (Wii U), February 17, 2018[1] (Nintendo Switch)
Released in US: October 24, 2014[2] (Wii U), February 16, 2018[2] (Nintendo Switch)
Released in EU: October 24, 2014[3] (Wii U), February 16, 2018[4] (Nintendo Switch)
Released in AU: October 25, 2014[5] (Wii U), February 16, 2018[6] (Nintendo Switch)

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.
To do:
  • Check the sound files, and more of the models.
  • One video on the PlatinumGames development blog is utilizing a debug mode. Look to see if it can be accessed in the final release.
  • See if there are any more differences between the Wii U and Nintendo Switch versions, besides amiibo and controller illustrations.
  • Document unused/debug phases in PhaseInfo.bxm.
  • There are a lot of joint test animations inside pl00f1.dat, enough for a subpage.
  • Out of bounds enemy in chapter 1 here

Bayonetta 2 is one of those few examples of a grimdark sequel done right. It also improves on and/or adds more features, such as having a much better-written, better-paced, and less convoluted plot, a larger amount of weapons to choose from (including a mech!), a new animal form that makes navigating through water easier, a wider selection of characters (with easier ways to unlock them as well), and much more. But at the same time, the combat system has arguably been made easier, especially due to the implementation of Umbran Climax.

Bayonetta 2, along with the first game, was ported to the Nintendo Switch in early 2018.


Unused Images
The sacred mountain of... Fimdelventr?
Unused Models
"New model, huh?"
Unused Text
Happy Friday!
Unused Cutscenes

Jetfighter Assault Debug Phase

To do:
Confirm the button commands' usages, and figure out other debugging controls, if any.

The different events that occur within a chapter, such as battles or cutscenes, are separated into sections internally called "phases". The Jetfighter Assault section of Chapter XVI has an unused phase listed as "P710_TEST" in PhaseInfo.bxm inside coreph.dat. When forced to load via save editing, it is revealed to be a leftover testing area for the section's enemies, complete with debugging functions.

The known debugging controls for this phase are as follows:

  • D-Pad: Move the middle Accolade.
  • L: Move the middle Accolade towards the screen.
  • R: Move the middle Accolade away from the screen.
  • Right stick press: Spawn an Acceptance, which flies past without attacking.
  • ZL + ZR + Right stick press: Spawn a Jetfighter Assault enemy. Continuous pressing will cycle through all possible enemies, and their attacks and flight patterns.
  • ZR + Right stick press: Change the enemy that spawns with the current flight pattern, or cycle which direction the current enemy spawns from. (results are inconsistent)
    • Right stick press again: Reset the current animation, but this sometimes skips to another enemy's animations.

Other notes:

  • The middle Accolade will freeze the game if it respawns.
  • Bayonetta doesn’t say her normal Witch Time lines here; instead, she simply grunts like she does when attacking.
  • Items can be used infinitely without consuming them.
  • The enemies will not drop Halos or Orbs unless a Midas’s Testament is used.
(Source: Rikan)

Unused Characters

At ID 57 is Little King Zero, a character that was playable in Bayonetta. When loaded in-game, his model is T-posing, and he takes the same base damage as Bayonetta (unlike the first game, where he would die in 2 hits). He also retains Bayonetta's Crow and Panther Within forms.

If his model (pl00b0.dat) is viewed in a tool like Noesis, we can see that Zero has idle animations.

Bayo2 KingZero.png

Unused Animations

To do:
There are more animations in pl0043.dat.

et0069.dat contains a model of Madama Butterfly as well as various animations. There are idle, walking, and generic attacking animations (likely copied from Bayonetta's model), but there are also some animations seen only in prototype footage.

In that sequence, Bayonetta summons Madama Butterfly to perform a Climax Attack against Valiance. She picks up and slams Valiance's sword into its neck. Then, she pretends to lean in for a kiss, but instead punches it repeatedly. There are also quite a few animations where she winds up to perform a headbutt, one of which is used to finish Valiance off in the prototype.

ba0304.dat is a model of a low-poly witch apprentice performing a summoning pose. It can be seen in concept art for Chapter XIII, where multiple apprentices strike this pose to summon a massive Scolopendra.

Bayonetta's headbutt counter against Balder inside Insidious has an additional portion where she blows him a kiss. Due to the camera shifting to Balder after she performs the final headbutt, this segment of the animation cannot be seen in-game. (The portion of the animation that is visible in-game has been cropped out.)

(Source: Rikan)

Unused Sounds

Balder's voice bank has three unused files, one of which is a man saying "LURFANDO" (one of his Enochian lines in the first game), and another of a shout. The man's voice doesn't match Balder's in either of the games, in English or Japanese, so their identity remains a mystery. The third file is of his typical voice saying the Enochian word "NALVAGE", which could be a scrapped summon or attack signal.


vo_r581.dat has a few voice clips that were intended for the Diomedes chase sequence in Chapter XII.

Good boy!
More, more!

During the Jetfighter Assault minigame in Chapter XVI, Jeanne speaks to Bayonetta from the jet's cockpit. All of her voice lines begin and end with the crackle of a transmitter, and have a filter applied to them. One line has an unedited version that remains in the files.

I'll take care of them, Cereza. Hurry to the temple!

vo_pl0212.dat contains audio files of Enzo screaming for help, with a robotic filter over them. This filter is used when characters speak from the human realm while Bayonetta is in Purgatorio. pl0212.dat itself is a model of Enzo flailing his arms while outside Purgatorio (which can be seen in the final credits fight upon his jet).

Within pl00f3.dat is a sound bank labeled "pl0200", which corresponds to Loki's model, pl0200.dat. One of the files inside is a bird's screech, presumably left over from when Loki's Beast Within form was a falcon.

It's likely called "pl0200_FalconMorphing", a sound file name found in the game's executable.

The sound folder contains many short beeps in different audio channels (along with a single sine wave).

Prerelease Audio

The now-defunct official Nintendo website for Bayonetta 2 contained a soundboard with various voice clips from the game's main characters. A few of these lines ended up unused in the final game.

Bayonetta: I only play with people who have good taste.
Bayonetta: Time to let it all hang out!
Bayonetta: I'm not a role model.
Jeanne: The Umbra will never fall to your kind.
Masked Lumen: Death awaits you!

(Source: Rikan)

E3 Leftovers

ui_title.dat and ui_trial.dat contain leftover images used in the E3 2013 demo's tutorial.

There is also an image of Gomorrah's enemy introduction from the E3 demo within the files. Its name is written in the game's demonic font, rather than the specific font used for these introductions.

E3 2013 Final
Bayonetta2 gomorrahintro unused.png Bayonetta2 gomorrahintro used.png

r720.dat contains still images of two scenes from the long version of the E3 2013 trailer.

rf30.dat has a sound clip left over from the E3 trailers, which plays when the title logo appears.

The movie folder has a file named "ToBeContinued" which displays the short video shown after completing the E3 2013 and October 2014 demos.

Additionally, eve300.evn, eve301.evn, and eve302.evn all contain animation data used in the E3 trailers for the game.

(Source: Rikan)

Revisional Differences

To do:
Other changes.

Bayonetta 2 was ported to the Nintendo Switch, and some additions and changes were made in the process.

  • The copyright information on the title screen has been updated to reflect the Switch version's 2018 release.
  • The overall frame-rate was improved. Docked mode's frame-rate is much more stable than the Wii U version, while Portable mode's frame-rate is only slightly better.
  • The addition of amiibo functionality in Rodin's shop, "The Gates of Hell". Players can scan in amiibo to unlock costumes, items, and in-game currency.
  • There are some additional written notes by Rodin that appear on-screen when a specific amiibo is scanned. These references include nods to other Nintendo series such as Super Mario, Super Smash Bros., Splatoon, Pikmin, Yoshi's Woolly World, Animal Crossing, and more.
  • The names of the difficulty settings have been changed, and are now referred to as "Easy", "Medium", and "Hard" instead of "1st Climax", "2nd Climax", and "3rd Climax". "∞ Climax" remains untouched.
  • Controller illustrations were changed in the controller configuration menu to match the Nintendo Switch controllers.

Version Differences

To do:
Other changes.

This is for the Nintendo Switch version of the game. No patches have been released for the Wii U version.[7]

Version 1.1.0

This patch was released on September 28, 2022.

  • Adds the Korean, Chinese (Simplified), and Chinese (Traditional) languages. This coincided with the Hong Kong release of the first two games.[8]

Version 1.2.0

This patch was released on November 23, 2022.

  • Fixed the title of a chapter that was spelled incorrectly in the Chinese (Traditional) language.
    • Though the official patch notes say this is a typo, it is actually caused by a texture layering error. Internally, the titles are spelled correctly. The Roman numerals in the titles for Witch Trials I, II, and III are improperly spaced, and thus all three Trials appear to be called "Witch Trial I". Note how the numeral gets bolder in each image due to the textures overlapping.
Witch Trial I Witch Trial II Witch Trial III
Bayonetta2 1.1 update error 1.png Bayonetta2 1.1 update error 2.png Bayonetta2 1.1 update error 3.png
  • Fixed the text in the beginning of the Records of Time: The End chapter. This was an error, and was not meant to be the same as the original Bayonetta's text.[9]