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The Satellaview was a satellite modem-type deal developed by Nintendo and the satellite radio service St.GIGA that was somewhat similar in technology to the Sega Channel. During certain timeslots, the station would transmit timeslot-limited games to Satellaview-equipped Super Famicoms, sometimes with a live voice-acted radio soundtrack. Many of these games were either created exclusively for the Satellaview or specially-modified (though still Satellaview-exclusive) demos of Super Famicom games, with both the exclusive creations and special demos including a number of first-party Nintendo titles.

The service lasted from April 1995 to June 2000, but for whatever reason the Satellaview and its output have for the most part not been brought up by Nintendo since then. The Legend of Zelda titles were briefly mentioned in Hyrule Historia, the Satellaview's launch is mentioned in Hoshi no Kirby 20th Anniversary Special Collection (but, strangely, not any mention of its exclusive Kirby games), and the astronaut outfit Mario wore in promotional material can be purchased in Super Mario Odyssey (as the Satellaview Helmet and Suit, with the former's English description calling it "A memento of some forgotten service."). More notably, BS Fire Emblem was remade as part of Fire Emblem: Shin Monshou no Nazo, and in 2022 Radical Dreamers was included as part of Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition, the first known direct official rerelease of a Satellaview product.

Since a vast chunk of its library is considered lost (due in part to the fact that almost none of it has been officially rereleased), Satellaview broadcasts are highly sought after by preservationists.