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Club Penguin (Adobe Flash)

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Title Screen

Club Penguin

Developers: New Horizon Interactive, RocketSnail Games
Publisher: Disney Online Studios
Platform: Adobe Flash
Released internationally: October 24, 2005

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

PrereleaseIcon.png This game has a prerelease article

See, this is why game preservation is important.
This game is defunct.
Do note the game no longer works at all without modifications. This is most likely due to the game's servers being shut down. As a result, further official developments with the game are unlikely to happen.
To do:
* There is more unused content. There's also a lot more unused items. Can someone make a separate page for such?
  • Is an article on revisional differences possible?
  • Double-check the Penguin Cup soccer game, as there are shapes that may not be used.
  • Penguin Tales: Volume 3 contains some more strange drawings that may be unused.

Club Penguin was an extremely popular online MMORPG involving penguins that started up in 2005, was bought out by Disney in 2007, and was shut down on March 29, 2017.


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info

Development Servers

A bunch of test servers can be found in local_crumbs.swf.

Environment Name(s) Environment Name(s)

UAT - SafeChat

HotFix - SafeChat

QA01 - SafeChat
ENV_QA_04 QA04 World 1

QA04 World 2 - Safe

QA04 World 3

QA04 World 4 - Safe

QA04 World 5

QA04 World 6 - Safe
ENV_QA_20 QA20 - EN

QA20 - SafeChat
ENV_QA_21 QA21 - EN

QA21 - SafeChat
ENV_QA_22 QA22 - EN

QA22 - SafeChat
ENV_QA_23 QA23 - EN

QA23 - SafeChat
ENV_QA_24 QA24 - EN

QA24 - SafeChat
ENV_QA_25 QA25 - EN

QA25 - SafeChat
ENV_QA_26 QA26 - EN

QA26 - SafeChat
ENV_QA_27 QA27 - EN

QA27 - SafeChat
ENV_QA_28 QA28 - EN

QA28 - SafeChat

SB03 Safe

SEC01 - SafeChat
ENV_STAGE !Test Server - FR

!Test Server - EN

!Test Server - ES

!Test Server - PT

!Test Server +1 Week

!Test Server +2 Weeks

!Test Server +3 Weeks
ENV_STAGE2 Stage 2 Test Server1

Stage 2 Test Server2

Stage 2 Test Server3

Stage 2 Test Server4

Stage 2 Test Server5

Stage 2 Test Server6

Stage 2 Test Server7

Unused Music

Music for what would be a title screen for Pufflescape.

Unused/Hidden Graphics

Aqua Grabber

Unused sprites. The first one is a water spurt, and the second one is the Aqua Grabber's tubes curling up in an unused animation.

Unused versions of clams.

Unused level editor sprites.

Balloon Pop

ClubPenguin Parachute.png

An early parachute that has less detail than the final parachute.

Unused obstacles, since there aren't any obstacles present in the game.

Bean Counter


This game's score manager has visuals. It is used in-game, but it's normally offscreen.

Card-Jitsu Fire

This mini-game's ambient sound manager has visuals that consist of a red square with six blue squares that appear and disappear as different ambient sounds are played. Two of the blue squares appear below the red square. It is used in-game, but it's normally offscreen.


This game's sound effects manager also has visuals. It is also used in-game, but it is normally offscreen.


Card-Jitsu Fire Sensei

Concept art.

Catchin' Waves

Unused versions of the judges.



An early dialog for when a field-op is finished. It doesn't have too many differences from the final.


ClubPenguin stampIconPlaceHolder.png

A placeholder stamp.

Jet Pack Adventure

Leftover arrows.


Unused graphics of what appears to be a Background and Cached BG button.

Penguin Play Awards 2010

Underwater Adventure storyboards.

Penguin Style


Concept art of the catalog from November 2007.

Penguin Tales: Volume 3

Concept art and notes.


Concept art of the second "Igloo Party" postcard.

Concept art of a penguin in the first "Igloo Party" postcard.

PSA Missions

Club Penguin Lever Item.png

An unused item, either a lever or a lollipop, intended for PSA Mission 4: Avalanche Rescue.

Puffle Launch

Early Final
ClubPenguin EarlyBerry.gif ClubPenguin FinalBerry.gif
Early Final
ClubPenguin EarlyCollect.gif ClubPenguin FinalCollect.gif

Early sprites for O'Berries rotating and being collected.

Early Final
ClubPenguin EarlyCrab.gif ClubPenguin FinalCrab.gif

Early sprites for the Crab Boss being hit.

Unused QA Mode menu.

Unused start label.

Unused boss fight labels.

Unused arrow sprites.

Unused level editor sprites.

The level editor can be accessed by changing QAMode to true and holding Space before selecting a level.

Puffle Rescue

Various crossed-out tiles.

Club Penguin-Unused Puffle Rescue Title Screen.png

An unused Puffle Rescue title screen can be found in the files.

Scorn Battle

Unused version of Scorn's balloons.



An unused graphic of what appears to be a Block button.

Super Hero Bounce

Club Penguin Energy Collected.png

A graphic reading "ENERGY COLLECTED."

X-Wing Pilot Game

ClubPenguin xwingMenu.png

Unused sketch of the game's menu.

Unused Items

There are some unused SWF files hidden in the game's files, attributed to items. Mascot items are excluded as they technically are used, but not for players' use. Unused items without graphics on the game will appear as "X"s in the inventory. These are commonly referred to as "bait items", as attempting to get most of these items through hacking would result in either a 72-hour or permanent ban.

"Remove" Items

ClubPenguin-RemoveHeadItem.png ClubPenguin-RemoveFaceItem.png ClubPenguin-RemoveNeckItem.png ClubPenguin-RemoveBodyItem.png ClubPenguin-RemoveHandItem.png ClubPenguin-RemoveFeetItem.png

The Remove X items do exactly what their names imply. Their only use is for moderators to remove bait items that turn players into mascots, as some cannot be removed by clicking them on a Player Card like most items.

Old Blue


Perhaps the most [in]famous unused item, "Old Blue" dates back to Club Penguin's predecessor called Penguin Chat 3. While it was used there, in Club Penguin it was used as a dummy color and was not available for purchase in-game, and attempting to obtain it would result in a ban. Old Blue was notorious for making various other appearances in the game, such as the NPCs in Sled Racing and mascots. There were also several glitches throughout the game's lifetime that used to turn your penguin Old Blue temporarily.


Lavender on a Player Card.png

Lavender was a candidate in both the 2006 and 2009 Color Vote, but lost in favor of Lime Green and Aqua. It was not available in game for purchase as such. The other candidate in the 2009 Color Vote, Maroon, also lost, but no .swf files for that color can be found. Eventually, a different shade of Lavender was created for Dot the Disguise Gal when she became an official mascot which was also a bait item just like Sensei Gray.


Maroon on a Player Card.png

Maroon was an unreleased color in Club Penguin. It was one of the losing candidate colors in the 2009 Color Vote. It was last place in the color vote, losing to Aqua and was also heavily behind Lavender in votes.

Dark Black

Dark Black on a Player Card.png

Dark Black was commonly a placeholder color for unfinished minigames where the color of the penguin was determined by what color the player's penguin was, and was most likely unintended for release.

Antarctica Flag

No graphical file. It was probably going to be one of the pins at the end of the Penguin Style clothing catalog. It was probably scrapped due to the fact that Antarctica does not have an official flag.


A bizarrely-named file, probably intended for the Star Wars party in 2013. It had the data to classify it as a head item, but otherwise not much is known about it. As with most of the other items here, it has no graphical file.


A very plainly-named item that costs 320 coins. It is a feet item. No .swf is loaded for it, so it goes unused.

Tour Guide Headband

Club Penguin TGH.png

An item that does have an .swf file loaded for it, but just goes unused and is not possible to obtain. It appears similarly to the used Umbrella Hat. A tutorial penguin named Tourdude does wear this hat in artwork, possibly implying that this item was intended for use with mascots, should Tourdude have appeared as a character that player could have interacted with.

Cement Shoes

Costs 5 coins when permed. A duplicate of the Water Wings item for your feet.

Orange Jumper

Doesn't show up when permed, as there is no graphical file.


Doesn't show up when permed, as there is no graphical file.

Angel Halo

No graphical file for this one, either.


Another file name with BOT at the end. No .swf file for this one as well. It's possible the BOT at the end was a filename for items used by bots and was never intended for use by players, like mascot clothing.

Bling Bling Medallion

An item that has no .swf and thus goes unused. It's possible that it was an early version of the Bling Bling Necklace, which is a permable item.

Sleeping Bag

An unused furniture item with no graphics available.

Unused Text

Bean Counters

Instructions Placeholder

More filler text.


This example text
I have put it on three lines
Not a good haiku
This is a menu item!
Message Here

More filler text, the first one is in the form of a haiku. Presumably it was filler text for what Sensei said.

Card-Jitsu Fire

To do:
Investigate whether sprite 335 and sprite 341 are used or not.
This example text
I have put it on three lines
Not a good haiku
This is a menu item!
scroll is here
<empty message>

Filler text left over from Card-Jitsu. The last three are new.

Catchin' Waves

Trick Text

Yet more filler text.


Instructions go here

Even MORE filler text.


Error Message
Error Message Text

One of these will be displayed if an error message isn't specified by the server. However, they are only available through hacking, or looking inside the SWFs that contain error message data.

Loading Description Message Text

This is displayed if what is being loaded isn't specified by the server when loading a room. However, just like above, it is only available through hacking, or looking inside the SWFs that contain the loading data.


stamp description right here.
Message goes here
Message goes here
Line Goes Here
Line Goes Here
Line Goes Here
Line Goes Here

More filler text.

Jet Pack Adventure


A message from the developers that congratulates people who are looking inside the SWF of Jet Pack Adventure.

Stamp Book


Placeholder text.

Treasure Hunt

Player Name Here

Even more filler text.

PSA Missions

Hello blah blah
Some more text of some kind
and another line
this is A test of the Fonts and this is the new text prompt with lots of
info but should maybe be a little bit bigger so that you can see it against
everything else
This is a sample question

Lots of filler text.