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This page details one or more prototype versions of .flow.

There are ten older versions of .flow available, not counting bug revisions and the April Fool's update as separate versions. Versions before 0.03 are missing, as are v0.08 and v0.09, but all others are accounted for.


.flow-0.03 titlescreen.png
Version 0.03
Dated May 6, 2009. Oldest version available currently.
.flow-0.04 titlescreen.png
Version 0.04
Dated July 4, 2009. Added Geometry World and the White Room, among other side areas.
.flow-0.05 titlescreen.png
Version 0.05
Dated August 14, 2009. Added the Cat effect and the Submarine Corridors.
.flow-0.06 titlescreen.png
Version 0.06
Dated October 23, 2009. Added the Broom and Watering Can.
.flow-0.07 titlescreen.png
Version 0.07
Dated January 27, 2010, recovered in 2022 from a user's hard drive. First build with the whistle and Reverse Apartments.
Version 0.1
Dated May 4, 2011, first build with every effect and the three endings.
Version 0.15
Dated July 18, 2011. Minor bug fixes and menu types added.
Version 0.16
Dated April 1, 2012. An April Fools version.
Version 0.17
Dated April 2, 2012. New maps and effect actions.
Version 0.18
Dated August 18, 2013. Added events.
.flow-0.19 titlescreen.png
Version 0.192
Dated November 22, 2014. Added some maps and events.