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Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

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Title Screen

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Also known as: Mario & Luigi RPG 2×2 (JP)
Developer: AlphaDream
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in JP: December 29, 2005
Released in US: November 28, 2005
Released in EU: February 10, 2006
Released in AU: February 22, 2006
Released in KR: July 8, 2010

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
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DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
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Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time is the time-warping, Shroob-stomping entry in the M&L series. It's also the first one on the DS.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info
Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Regional Differences
While not as much as Superstar Saga, there's still plenty to cover.
Unused Rooms
Many test rooms and early versions of used rooms.

Unused Text

Starting at 0x23E08F in FEvent\FEvData.dat is a rather chaotic test message:


Unused Music

Labeled as MUS_SEQ_OLD_END is the ending music sequence from Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. It even has an entire separate instrument bank dedicated to it, named WAVE_MUS_ML. Was imported for reference, given how it was rearranged for the ending sequence of Partners in Time.

Unused Graphics

To do:
Upload the Japanese equivalent for the early "Switch/Toss" UI graphic.

Mario&Luigi2 Whomp.png

Mario&Luigi2 Whomp FrontWalk.gif Mario&Luigi2 Whomp LeftWalk.gif Mario&Luigi2 Whomp RightWalk.gif Mario&Luigi2 Whomp BackWalk.gif

A full set of animated directional sprites for a scrapped Whomp NPC who would have best fit in Thwomp Volcano.

(Source: A.J Nitro (Sprite Rips) and FrenchOrange (Mock-Ups).)

MLPiT-YostarIsland.png MLPiT-ToadwoodForest.png MLPiT-EnergyFactory.png
Used in the kiosk demos to choose an area to explore, these three option graphics are still in the final game. Note that Yostar Island and Energy Factory are the Japanese names of Yoshi's Island and Vim Factory, respectively.

Early Final
PITUnusedItems.png PITFinalItems.png

Some unused Item sprites. The first appears to be an early design for the Mushroom, with coloration reminiscent of the Superstar Saga Mushrooms. The second item appears to be an early version of the Mix Flower with coloring akin to the Copy Flower. The final item is a larger golden version of the Refreshroom that is either an earlier version of it or a scrapped alternate version.

An unused part of the UI that shows that originally, the L button would have been used to switch between duos rather than the Face Buttons. It can be seen used in the E3 version. Two versions exist: one in English, and the other in Japanese.

A sprite for the golden star used in both the E3 and Kiosk demo versions of the game that still remains in the final version. It was the main collectible of Toadwood Forest.

PiTGoldEgg.gif PiTGoldenEggStand.png
A sprite for a golden egg used in the E3 version of the game. It was the main collectible of Yoshi's Island and was only mentioned in this video of the E3 Demo.
A sprite showing a pile of logs also exists, implying that it may have been used as a stand for the egg to lay on while it waited to be collected.

The TEMP Bros. Item in the final game.

The Spike Shell, a scrapped Bros. Item shown off in some pre-release material, still has graphics in the final game's files. Its attack data also still partially remains in the final game, as the TEMP Bros. Item, an item that comes after the Mix Flower in the Bros. Item list. The attack's script has been replaced by a copy of the Green Shell; however, it can only be used when the Babies are in the party, similarly to the Spike Shell from the E3 trailer. Its script is placed at 03 in the Player Attacks, between the Red Shell (02) and Trampoline (04) scripts.

(Source: TEMP Info from Toad's Depot Discord)

Unused Enemies

Scoot Bloop

Mario&Luigi2 ScootBloop.png

Scoot Bloop
Level: 13
HP: 69
Power: 55
Defense: 55
Speed: 27
Coins: 4
Experience: 10
Items: Mushroom 30%, Mushroom 40%

First seen in the game's E3 trailer is the Scoot Bloop, the only unique unused enemy found in the game, which turns out to be almost entirely functional! It's located among the enemies in Yoshi's Island and Yoob's Belly, and has similar stats to the used enemies there, so it's likely it would have been found in one of those two areas. Some pre-release material shows Scoot Bloops in the Vim Factory, but it's possible they at one point were supposed to be fought there, but then were moved around before ultimately being left unfinished.

The Scoot Bloop has two attacks. The first one simply involves them ramming into either their enemies, dealing damage. The other one has it stop indefinitely in front of Mario or Luigi, initiating a soft-lock and requiring a game reset, implying that the battle script had yet to be completed. Both of these attacks allow a jump to counterattack. By changing the battle script of the Scoot Bloop to that of certain enemies (such as the Goomba's), it works without any issues. Despite the enemy being unused, its name was translated into several different languages in the European version:

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オカゲッソー Land Blooper
English Scoot Bloop From "To scoot" (to move swiftly) and Blooper.
French Scoot Bloop Same as the English name.
German Sausebloop "Sausen" is the sound of a vehicle going at high speed, so this name basically translates to "Whiz Bloop".
Italian Yoob While this enemy might have been found in Yoob's Belly judging from the game's files, it's unknown why its name was actually localized as "Yoob" by the Italian team.
Spanish ------ Dummied-out name.
(Source: Script info from Toad's Depot Discord, sheet originally ripped by A.J Nitro from The Spriters Resource)

Unused Versions

Level: 5
HP: 24
Power: 30
Defense: 30
Speed: 15
Coins: 4
Experience: 5
Items: Green Shell 30%

There exists an unused version of the Bob-Omb enemy with stats suggesting that it may have initially been planned to appear in Bowser's Castle, much earlier than in the final game.

Spiny Shroopa
Level: 29
HP: 139
Power: 130
Defense: 130
Speed: 60
Coins: 3
Experience: 3
Items: Mushroom 20%
Level: 31
HP: 149
Power: 140
Defense: 140
Speed: 64
Coins: 7
Experience: 25
Items: Cannonballer 30%

Both Spiny Shroopa and Lakitufo have unused versions that are very overpowered; their levels even outmatch endgame enemies! These high levels may indicate that the game's level curve was originally planned to be higher. Both of these enemies are found near the data for the Guardian Shroob, suggesting that they may have been planned for the Mothership section of the game.

Love Bubble
Level: 15
HP: 72
Power: 60
Defense: 60
Speed: 30
Coins: 7
Experience: 40
Items (Normal): Refreshing Herb 15%
Items (Rare): Super Drop 20%

This version of the Love Bubble is present at the end of the data of Gritzy Desert but at the start of the Gritzy Caves; this could mean that Love Bubbles were planned to be introduced there rather than in Toad Town.

Baby Bowser (U.V. 1)
Level: 1
HP: 1
Power: 1
Defense: 1
Speed: 1
Coins: 0
Experience: 0
Items: Trampolines 0%
Baby Bowser (U.V. 2)
Level: 7
HP: 34
Power: 32
Speed: 25
Coins: 0
Experience: 0
Items: Trampolines 0%
Baby Bowser (U.V. 3)
HP: 46
Power: 40
Speed: 23
Coins: 0
Items: Trampolines 0%

There are three unused variations of Baby Bowser; all of these versions use different attacks, and the second one has the flying status, interestingly enough, meaning that it can't be damaged by Ground or Hammer attacks. "U.V. 2" Baby Bowser's attack crashes the game after a text box comes out from Baby Bowser; meanwhile, "U.V. 3" Baby Bowser's attack just skips a turn.

Level: 10
HP: 420
Power: 48
Defense: 36
Speed: 29
Coins: 0
Experience: 0
Items: Trampolines 0%

A version of Kamek with stats lower than that of Swiggler or the L33t Bros. This could had been planned as the Piggyback Battle tutorial or a Bowser's Castle area boss (rather than just conjuring Goombas and Boos as in the final). Has a different attack compared to the used counterparts. The data for this unused version and the unused Baby Bowser variants mentioned earlier can be found among the enemy data for the tutorial segment of the game.

Boom Guy
Level: 4
HP: 18
Power: 25
Defense: 28
Speed: 7
Coins: 5
Experience: 8
Items (Normal): Green Shells 0%
Items (Rare): Super Mushroom 0%

This seems like a tutorial Boom Guy for Bowser's Castle; it might have been meant in place of the Goomba that Kamek conjures to demonstrate how to use a Green Shell.

(Source: eddie_ss from Yoshi's Lighthouse, Ed#5851 on Discord)

Unused Enemy Statistics

Most enemies that don't drop items or only have one item to drop have Mushrooms or Trampolines set as placeholder items, but some of them have different ones:

  • The Junior Shrooboid has a chance to drop a 1-Up Mushroom and a Mushroom, but both chances are set to 0%.
  • The Shrooblet has a chance to drop a Super Mushroom, but it's set to 0%.
  • The Boom Guy has a chance to drop a Super Mushroom, but it's set to 0%.
  • The Koopeleon has a chance to drop a 1-Up Mushroom, but it's set to 0%.
  • The Spiny Shroopa has a chance to drop a Super Mushroom, but it's set to 0%.
  • The Eggs that are part of the Sunnycide battle have a chance to drop Smash Eggs, but both chances are set to 0%.
  • The Bob-ombs in Gritzy Desert have a chance to give a Mushroom Drop upon defeat, but it's set to 0%.

Some enemies also have unused statistics due to how they work in battle:

  • Baby Bowser has 20 HP during his first fight, which doesn't matter since the fight automatically ends after five turns. Defeating Baby Bowser by cheating will crash the game.
  • The Eggs that are part of the Sunnycide battle have a speed of 3, but they don't move.
  • Elder Princess Shroob's crown has a POW stat of 140, but it doesn't attack. The stat was dropped to 0 in the European version.
  • Shrowser's HP (4960), Defense (140) and Speed (64) stats do not matter due to the way the battle against it works (you simply avoid its attacks for a set number of turns and then the fight is won).

In addition, since Shrowser can't be targeted its name is never seen in-game whatsoever, and can only been seen on the enemy list in mfest_MonN.dat. Despite this, the name was translated into several different languages in the European version:

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゲドクッパ Portmanteau of "Gedonko" (Japanese name of the Shroobs) and "Kuppa" (Bowser's Japanese name).
English Shrowser Portmanteau of "Shroob" and Bowser.
French Xhowser Portmanteau of "Xhampi" (French name of the Shroobs) and Bowser.
German Shrowser Same as the English name.
Italian Shrowser Same as the English name.
Spanish Shrowser Same as the English name.

Debug Menu

Luigi gets his revenge! Also, Japanese. ("Hold L while choosing a map to start as carried.")

Using Action Replay codes 94000130-FFFA0000 1205E768-0000000C 1205EF50-0000000C D2000000-00000000, you can access a debug menu. Hold Select + A while loading your save. This menu will allow you to warp to some levels and cutscenes in the game.


Refers to Hiroyuki Kubota, the Game Design Director and person in charge of scenarios. The options are meant to send you forward to different points in the game's storyline. Specifically, the moment after a key event occurs.

Note that "warps you to Peach's Castle" will take you to the castle as it appears after the event described in the message (e.g., "YostaIsland Clear" warps you into a castle in which Yoshi Island, Bowser Castle, and Toadwood Forest are unlocked with E. Gadd waiting for you). However, it will not work if the selected event has already occurred (i.e., you can't view the opening sequence of Peach's Castle on a completed save).

  • 0 - No message, warps you to Toadwood Forest (Mario and Luigi).
  • 1 - "E3 KinopuMori" ("E3 Toadwood Forest"). Crashes the game (deleted level?)
  • 2 - "E3, Enerougi-Koujyou" ("E3, Vim Factory"). Crashes the game (deleted level?).
  • 3 - "E3, YastaIsland" ("E3, Yoshi's Island"). Crashes the game (deleted level?).
  • 4 - "Opening Event taoreru KINO-JI syuuryou ato" ("Opening Event after Toadsworth collapses"). Warps you to Peach's Castle.
  • 5 - "Refresh Kinoko nyuushu ato" ("After receiving the Refreshroom"). Warps you to Peach's Castle.
  • 6 - "Gedonko Monster toujou ato" ("After Gedonko Monster appears"). Warps you to Peach's Castle.
  • 7 - "nakaniwa TimeHole kara kako he itta ato" ("After going through the Time Hole in the courtyard to the past"). Warps you to Peach's Castle.
  • 8 - "1-kaime no Oyama tono kaowa Monster hannou event ato" ("After the first conversation with E. Gadd and the Monster reaction event"). Warps you to Peach's Castle.
  • 9 - "KINO-JI to YoungKINO-JI ga deau event ato" ("After the event where Toadsworth and Young Toadsworth happen to meet"). Warps you to Peach's Castle.
  • 10 - "KinopuMori clear ato" ("After clearing Toadwood Forest"). Warps you to Peach's Castle.
  • 11 - "2-Kaime no Oyama tono kaiwa shiro ni TimeHole ga shutsugen ato" ("After the second conversation with E. Gadd and a Time Hole appears in the castle"). Warps you to Peach's Castle.
  • 12 - "SpinJump tutorial ato" ("After the SpinJump tutorial"). Warps you to Peach's Castle.
  • 13 - "YostaIsland clear" ("Yoshi's Island clear"). Warps you to Peach's Castle.
  • 14 - "3-kaime no Oyama tono kaiwa Kinokkuru no e wo mita ato" ("After the third conversation with E. Gadd and seeing Toadbert's picture"). Warps you to Peach's Castle.
  • 15 - "BrotherBall tutorial ato" ("After the BrotherBall tutorial"). Warps you to Peach's Castle.
  • 16 - "Nokomity clear ato" ("After clearing the Koopaseum"). Warps you to Peach's Castle.
  • 17 - "Peach heya de Peach event kao ni Kinoko ga...ato" ("After the event in Peach's room where Peach's face is a mushroom..."). Warps you to Peach's Castle.
  • 18 - "Petanko tutorial shuryo ato" ("After the conclusion of the Petanko tutorial"). Warps you to Peach's Castle.
  • 19 - "BabyPeach kyushutsu syuuryou ato" ("After rescuing Baby Peach"). Warps you to Peach's Castle.
  • 20 - "Koopa toujou shindou shuuryou ato" ("After finishing Koopa's introduction"). Warps you to the 2nd floor of Peach's Castle.
  • 21 - "Koopa toujou event subete shuuryou ato" ("After all of Koopa's introduction event"). Warps you to Peach's Castle.
  • 22 - "KinokoTown clear ato" ("After clearing Toad Town"). Warps you to Peach's Castle.
  • 23 - "StarShinden clear ato" ("After clearing Star Shrine"). Warps you to Peach's Castle.
  • 24 - "KoopaShiro clear ato nakaniwa kara" ("After clearing Koopa Castle from the courtyard"). Warps you to Peach's Castle, into the Bowser's Castle Time Hole room; crashes the game.
  • 25 - "Zarazara Sabaku start" ("Gritzy Desert start"; "zarazara" is onomatopoeia for the scratchy sound of sand). Warps you onto the Gritzy Desert.
  • 26 - "Zarazara Sabaku start" ("Gritzy Desert start"). Warps you onto the Star Shrine near the Star Gate. Moving out of the initial position will trigger a cutscene.
  • 27 - "Zarazara Sabaku start" ("Gritzy Desert start"). Warps you onto the Star Shrine after the Star Gate.
  • 28 - "KinokoTown clear ato" ("After clearing Toad Town"). Warps you into the Sewers with Toad Town unlocked.

Values past 28 make the "Incorrect!" sound.


Refers to Field Designer Shunsuke Kobayashi. These options mainly involve the first two chapters.

  • 0 - "KurisMura sonchou no ie" (OTONA) ("House of the head of Hollijolli Village" (ADULT)). Warps you into the Hollijolli Village inside Major's house.
  • 1 - "KameJet deai mae (BABY)" ("Before encountering the Koopa Cruiser"(BABY)). Warps you onto the Koopa Cruiser.
  • 2 - "KameJet chakuchi (BABY)" ("Koopa Cruiser landing" (BABY)). Warps you into the Hollijolli Village Koopa Cruiser landing site.
  • 3 - "KameJet deai ato (ONBU)" ("After encountering the Koopa Cruiser" (CARRIED)). Warps you right into the adults rescued cutscene on the Koopa Cruiser.
  • 4 - "Gessy nomikomare toki (ONBU)" ("When Yoob gulps you down" (CARRIED)). Warps you onto Yoshi Island Mountain top.
  • 5 - "Gessy no onaka WanWanIwa touka ato (BABY)" ("In Yoob's stomach after passing over(?) the Pocket Chomp" (BABY)). Warps you into Yoob Insides.
  • 6 - "Gessy clear ato mata tainai ni hairu event" ("Event after clearing Yoob already having gone inside"). Warps you into the Yoshi Island Mountain top battle room
  • 7 - "Gessy clear ato Yoshi no mura" ("Yoshi Village after clearing Yoob"). Warps you to Yoshi Village.
  • 8 - "Gessy clear ato Yoshi no mura" ("Yoshi Village after clearing Yoob"). Warps you to the Yoshi Village. The Toadbert-memory-recovery cutscene plays. After it finishes, you're sent to Toad Town.
  • 9 - "Gessy clear ato Yoshi no mura" ("Yoshi Village after clearing Yoob"). Warps you into the cutscene after you beat the final boss, then the game crashes.
  • 10 - "Gessy clear ato Yoshi no mura" ("Yoshi Village after clearing Yoob"). Warps you into the cutscene where Bowser gets possessed.

Values past 10 make the "Incorrect!" sound.


Refers to Chihiro Fujioka, another Field Designer. Room names are given in the format "XX Y-Z", where XX is the place name, Y is the area number (single map screen is one area), and Z is the room number. So, Yosta 2-3 will bring you to Yoshi Island, Area 2, Room 3.

  • 0 - No message, warps you to the debug room (see the debug room section).
  • 1 - "Yosta 2-3" ("Yoshi Island 2-3").
  • 2 - "Yosta 1-2" ("Yoshi Island 1-2").
  • 3 - "Yosta 2-2" ("Yoshi Island 2-2").
  • 4 - "Koujou 1-1" ("Factory 1-1"). Warps you to Vim Factory.
  • 5 - "TestMAP Test 1". A hammer sound is played, and you're brought into the test map between two NPC Toads (see Debug Map section).
  • 6 - No message, warps you into the test room, right into the battle (see the Debug Map section).
  • 7 - "DossunSoto 2-5" ("Thwomp exterior 2-5"). Warps you to Thwomp Volcano.
  • 8/9 - Plays the "Incorrect!" sound.
  • 10 - "Shop, Menu Test". Warps you into the Test Map with a NPC Toad in the top. See the Debug Map section for more details.

Everything higher plays the "Incorrect!" sound.


Refers to Production Manager Yoshihiko Maekawa. It's unknown what this menu may have been for.

  • 0/1 - Gives you no message and brings you into a frozen tutorial screen in Bowser's Castle (where Stuffwell teaches you how to move in a group of 4).
  • 2 onward - Begins to send you somewhere, then plays an "Incorrect!" sound. You can still select an option, but the screen is black.


Refers to the third Field Designer, Daisuke Gotou.

  • 0 - "Incorrect!" sound.
  • 1 - "Yosta 2-3".
  • 2 - "Yosta 1-2".
  • 3 onward - "Incorrect!" sound.

Coin Edit

Pressing X will play the "collect coin" sound effect and increase your coin count by 1, and pressing Y will play the "stomp on enemy" sound effect and decrease your coin count by 1. Your coin count will increase or decrease quickly as long as the button is held down. If you hold B and then press X/Y, it will increase by 10.