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Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival

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Title Screen

Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival

Also known as: Doubutsu no Mori: amiibo Festival (JP)
Developer: Nd Cube
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Wii U
Released in JP: November 21, 2015
Released in US: November 13, 2015
Released in EU: November 20, 2015
Released in AU: November 21, 2015

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.

Animal Crossing Party: amiibo Festival is a party game in the same vein as the Mario Party series or Fortune Street (due to lack of minigames), only with more amiibo cards. It says a lot about the game's success that the amiibo this game comes with are worth more than the game itself!

Unused Graphics


Animal-Crossing-amiibo-Festival-Clothing-Dummy.png Animal-Crossing-amiibo-Festival-roof-wall-dummy.png
Two generic dummy textures. The first one is intended for clothing, while the second is intended for house roofs and external walls.

Animal-Crossing-amiibo-Festival-dummy.png Animal-Crossing-amiibo-Festival-Temp.png
Additional placeholder textures. The K.K. Slider texture is internally named "dummy", while the (仮) texture is internally named "temp".

ACaF-dummy carpet.png ACaF-dummy wall.png
Present in \common\bin\bd_toc.bin\common\bd\indoor\room are two dummy textures for carpets and walls respectively.

AC-Amiibo-Festival-Dummy-Icon-Large.png AC-Amiibo-Festival-Dummy-Icon-Small.png

Two dummy character icons. They're silhouettes of Isabelle's icon.

(Source: Spriters Resource)

Animal-Crossing-amiibo-Festival-qz-sign-dummy-01.png Animal-Crossing-amiibo-Festival-qz-sign-dummy-02.png Animal-Crossing-amiibo-Festival-qz-sign-dummy-03.png Animal-Crossing-amiibo-Festival-qz-sign-dummy-04.png
Four flavors of a dummy texture, presumably for quiz signboards. They are located within \common\bin\bd\map_obj\ev_quiz_bg.bin-extract\common\bd\map_obj\ev_quiz_bg\ev_qz_quiz_box.

Animal-Crossing-amiibo-Festival-test-5x5.png Animal-Crossing-amiibo-Festival-test-8x6.png
Two test textures, both 128x128 pixels in resolution. The checkerboard pattern is also a modest 16x16 units. These textures are stored in \common\bin\bd\map_obj\test.bin\common\bin\bd\map_obj\test.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Game Mode Previews

Balloon Island

Early Final
Animal-Crossing-amiibo-Festival-Game-Preview-1-Unused.png Animal-Crossing-amiibo-Festival-Game-Preview-1-Final.png

The early preview image here contains some illegible debug info. A debug screenshot with similar (but legible) info can be seen below. Isabelle is stuck in the sky, and the island is missing two signboards and a coconut tree in the early version. The player cards at the bottom read "あおのひと, "あかのひと", and "みどりのひと" respectively. These translate to "Blue Person", "Red Person", and "Green Person". There's also the Kanji character for "temporary" to the left of each number 0.

Animal-Crossing-amiibo-Festival-Game-1-Dummy-1.png Animal-Crossing-amiibo-Festival-Game-1-Dummy-2.png Animal-Crossing-amiibo-Festival-Game-1-Dummy-3.png
Three additional small temporary preview images for Balloon Island. These are nearly identical to the early image above, but they all contain a dark overlay on the bottom half.

Mystery Campers

Early Final
Animal-Crossing-amiibo-Festival-Game-Preview-2-Unused.png Animal-Crossing-amiibo-Festival-Game-Preview-2-Final.png

The core design is mostly the same, but the graphics are severely different. Additionally, there is a set of Peanuts by the campfire in the early version.

Fruit Path

Early Final
Animal-Crossing-amiibo-Festival-Game-Preview-3-Unused.png Animal-Crossing-amiibo-Festival-Game-Preview-3-Final.png

The early preview here features the same image of Peanut from Mystery Campers. The early version seems to use assets very similar to New Leaf. The grass/dirt path is crudely drawn, and the UI is missing.

amiibo Card Battle

Early Final
Animal-Crossing-amiibo-Festival-Game-Preview-4-Unused.png Animal-Crossing-amiibo-Festival-Game-Preview-4-Final.png

This is easily the most drastic design difference out of all the leftover preview images. Character face icons seem to have been revamped, and the background was changed from a nearly blank location to Katrina's tent. Astrological symbols were completely stylized for the final version, whereas the early preview uses a very traditional look. The text underneath the symbol reads "おひつじ座", which translates to Aries. Neither character's sign is Aries, so Nook wins... again.

Animal-Crossing-amiibo-Festival-Game-3-Dummy-1.png Animal-Crossing-amiibo-Festival-Game-3-Dummy-2.png
These are two additional placeholder UI images for amiibo Card Battle. They show that the win symbols were originally shaped like candy.

Acorn Chase

Early Final
Animal-Crossing-amiibo-Festival-Game-Preview-5-Unused.png Animal-Crossing-amiibo-Festival-Game-Preview-5-Final.png

Character icons are different, rocks appear to be renders of ones that appear in New Leaf, the play area was originally a much larger grid, and key spots were originally marked with gold stars.

Animal-Crossing-amiibo-Festival-Game-5-Dummy-1.png Animal-Crossing-amiibo-Festival-Game-5-Dummy-2.png Animal-Crossing-amiibo-Festival-Game-5-Dummy-3.png

Animal-Crossing-amiibo-Festival-Game-5-Dummy-4.png Animal-Crossing-amiibo-Festival-Game-5-Dummy-5.png
Five copies of another unused preview image for Acorn Chase. This one seems to be mid-way between the early and final designs above.

(Source: Original TCRF research)


A detailed debug font was left in the game.

Animal-Crossing-amiibo-Festival-tree cap bq.png

A debug screenshot named "tree_cap_bq". The debug info on the bottom left is unfortunately illegible. This screenshot is hiding out in \common\bin\bd\map_obj\ev_quiz_bg.bin-extract\common\bd\map_obj\ev_quiz_bg\ev_qz_stage.

A debug screenshot of Balloon Island. This looks quite close to the game's final design. The debug info is similar to Mario Party 10's, and understandably so. Both games use the same engine. The debug text reads as follows:

Cafe [Build] Apr 10 2015 10:18:31 NDGS version 0.10.206 Cafe OS SDK Version 2.12.12 Build 67129 Branch            MS Revision 3642

        Sequence: 3
        Player 1 rank: 0 score: 3
        Player 2 rank: 1 score: 0
        Player 3 rank: 153 score: 10
        Round: 3

This build version is much more recent, compared to the latest Apr 22 2014/version 0.10.150 one visible in Mario Party 10.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

House Texture Sets

To do:
There are a ridiculous amount of leftover furniture & house texture sets from New Leaf in various sizes. Determine what's actually used and unused.

Unused Music

"Mushroom Park Theme" from Mario Party 10 was leftover in the game. There are three copies of it, named SM BGM BD001 THEME, SM BGM BD001 THEME CAFE, and SM BGM SAMPLE 01 CAFE.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Internal Name

The internal name for this game is "bbq".