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Counter-Strike (Windows)

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Title Screen


Also known as: Counter-Strike 1.6, Half-Life: Counter-Strike
Developers: The Counter-Strike Team, Valve
Publishers: Sierra Entertainment, Valve (Steam)
Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Released in US: November 8, 2000, October 6, 2004 (Steam), February 5, 2013 (Mac OS X, Linux)

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Counter-Strike began as a Half-Life mod. It continues to be one of the most popular and successful mods out there to this day. It got so popular, Valve went as far to make it official, and eventually gimp the game to get people to switch to its successor.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info

Unused Text

Team Hiring

It appears that there were plans for a teammate hiring system. Inside of the GameUI.dll file, there is text that reads:

%s is not available for hiring!

"%s" would be replaced with the name of the member that was attempted to be hired.

Unused Weapons

The game has several unused graphics for weapons and equipment that could be leftovers from the unreleased Gearbox Software version of Counter-Strike: Condition Zero. Of note is that a majority of them do not seem to be properly aligned or have the proper dimensions to be displayed on the HUD.

Ballistic Shield (ES Five-Seven)

A leftover from Gearbox's version of Condition Zero, the Tactical Shield was originally intended to only be used with the Five-Seven, and had a different name. HUD icons, kill icon and its HUD display data remain, under the name "weapon_shieldgun".

This edition of the shield later appeared on the Xbox port and in a single mission in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes.

CS Grenade

A toxic gas grenade that would damage players that pass through its smoke. Two HUD icons and a kill icon remain.


Two HUD icons and a kill icon remain. An additional unused flare model could be found in Half-Life.

Gas Mask

A piece of equipment meant to most likely combat the effects of the cut CS Grenade.


Going Rambo on Terrorist? Sounds fun, but only HUD icons and kill icon exist. This weapon later reappeared only in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes.

Note that the selected display is identical, sans the "PRIMARY" text.


A rocket launcher strangely called "LAW Grenade". This weapon later reappeared in Counter-Strike: Condition Zero Deleted Scenes.


The graphics resemble a kukri (a Ka-Bar BK4 Becker Machax specifically), rather than a machete. It reappeared in Deleted Scenes as an NPC only weapon, and was also originally planned to be used by the player.


A grenade launcher. HUD icons remain.

Molotov Cocktail

An area denial incendiary grenade. It's most remarkably featured in Global Offensive.

Unused Graphics

Inside cs_italy's WAD file exists a texture for clan HOTSHEEP's logo.

Unused Skyboxes


A rather unconvincing badlands landscape, set in a dawn. Used in several removed and older versions of maps.



A dark, rocky mountain range set on an overcast day.



As described. Used in the removed map as_forest.



Snowy mountains. Although displayed normally in-game, the alpha channels in the textures render them invisible in most image viewing programs.


Old kill icons

Among the sprite files for the scrapped weapons are what seem to be slightly earlier versions for the IDF Defender and Clarion 5.56's kill icons. They are less detailed, darker and larger.

In-game, the graphics for the used kill icons are stored in a separate file, in comparison to all other weapons.

Unused icons Used icons
CStrike Famas Early.png
CStrike Galil Early.png
CStrike Famas Final.png
CStrike Galil Final.png

Half-Life pickups

Counter-Strike naturally allows for the health and armor pickups present in Half-Life to appear, and are obviously not present in any regular map. However, the HUD indicators for when they are picked up have been changed to seemingly humorous images.

The medkit indicator is a smaller duplicate of the "Chuckskull" spray, and the battery depicts a screaming scientist.

Unused Sounds

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Radio Commands

Like Half-Life, the file "sound/sentences.txt" contains a list of sentences that allows the game to easily call a sound. However, they are only used for certain radio voices.

Sound Name Sentence Transcript
MRAD_FOLLOWCOM radio/com_followcom Okay team, follow my command.
MRAD_IMHIT radio/ct_imhit I'm hit!
MRAD_HOSDOWN radio/hosdown Hostage down.
MRAD_MATEDOWN radio/matedown Teammate down.
MRAD_ELIM radio/elim Team, infiltrate and eliminate.
MRAD_GETOUT radio/getout Team, let's get out of here!
MRAD_BOMBDEF radio/bombdef Bomb has been defused.
MRAD_CIRCLEBACK radio/circleback Circle around back.
MRAD_MEETME radio/meetme Meet at the rendezvous point.
Sound Filename Transcript
flankthem Flank them!
hitassist I'm hit, need assistance!

Leftovers from previous versions


These sounds are leftovers from de_vegas, a map introduced in Beta 7.0 that ended up not being present in the retail 1.6 due to license issues.

Sound Filename

Regional Differences

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The USK 16 German version has much of the same censorship featured in Half-Life, such as having enemies sit down and shake their head when they get shot and turning the blood yellow. In addition, every hostage uses the same character model, removing the researcher models. The German Steam version, rated USK 18, completely removes the blood.

(Source: Schnittberichte)


Simplified Chinese versions of Havana's texture file remove all references to the Cuban Revolution.

Worldwide Simplified Chinese
Cstrike w cugenab.png Cstrike w cugenap.png
Cstrike w cuwllgb.png Cstrike w cuwllhc.png
Cstrike sc cugenab.png Cstrike sc cugenap.png
Cstrike sc cuwllgb.png Cstrike sc cuwllhc.png