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Title Screen


Developer: IO Interactive
Publishers: Square Enix, Feral Interactive, IO Interactive, Warner Bros. Interactive
Platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
Released internationally: March 11, 2016 (Windows), February 16, 2017 (Linux), June 20, 2017 (Mac)

DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.

HITMAN™, HITMAN™ (2016), or HITMAN™: No Subtitle is a third-person episodic experience revolving around the eponymous Agent 47 and his life of killing Targets in a variety of cruel, unusual and oftentimes worrying ways as stealthily as possible. Or you could just use a Fire Extinguisher and shoot at it near your target...that works too.

This game was also released as two separate expansion DLCs for Hitman 2, called "Legacy Packs", with the first including just the base game, pre-order DLC and bonus episodes, and the "GOTY Legacy Pack" has everything else (Corky the clown suit and some other stuff). Yes, you read that right, The ENTIRE game. All of this games' DLC and main missions were also placed into Hitman 3 at no charge.

To do:
  • There's more unused lines here for the scarecrow disguise that make all the guards in Colorado comment you on.
  • As per Feral Interactive tradition, the Mac and Linux ports have a debug menu for the game, which includes a switch to activate the Vulkan Renderer! Document this backend and its many faults when it isn't hopelessly broken by LLVM.


Hitman2016 Unused ET Videos Icon.png
Unused Videos
Sucks to be you if you never got to kill Gary Busey...

Unused NPC Responses

Various NPC voice responses and their unused nature.

NPC: "That's him, that's the guy that knocked me out!" Knocked-out guards and civilians that are woken up never call out to the person that knocked them out, even if they are an enforcer and spot you through their disguise. They all have generic responses instead.

Unused Scarecrow Responses

In the Colorado mission "Freedom Fighters", you can use a Scarecrow outfit to get around the compound, which allows you to hang on designated posts to become the scarecrow...which also lets you eavesdrop with impunity while hidden. In the final game, It acts like the default suit, which means disguising as the Scarecrow counts as trespassing. At some point in development, the Scarecrow must have been allowed to be worn by 47, as the Guards posted around the various compound entrances, as well as NPCs not found in the level (such as generic female NPCs) have voice clips for... "complimenting" you on your attire, or denying you access while dressed as the Scarecrow. Attempting to trigger the voicelines by going outside the compound will just make the guards at the entrance shoot at you without much fanfare.

Guards Greeting Scarecrow

Guard: "Is...Is that from the Orchard?"
Guard: "Casual friday, eh?"
Guard: "Aww, Those rags stink!"
Guard: "I'm sure we can find fresher threads than those.....ugh they stink too!"
Guard: "Take a shower man, jeez!"
Guard: "I bet the cook can find you some leftovers in the kitchen"
Guard: "You should probably put that outfit back into the Orchard"
Guard: "Wooow, I've seen a lot of birds do their business on that outfit"

Guards Denying Access

Guard: "Put those rags back on the scarecrow! I'm not letting you through here like that!"
Guard: "Oh, you gotta be kidding me, what kind of silly bird are you supposed to be? What's with the mask? stop wasting my time and get out of my face. Piss off!"
Guard: "Aww, that outfit smells horrible! Scarecrow huh? Yeah, come one, move along buddy- Ah! Not this way though!"
Guard: "Ugh, you smell mouldy! Like you slept outdoors for awhile. Listen, there is absolutely no chance of you getting in here. Bye bye man!"
Guard: "Come on man, what are ya? Some scarecrow? Don't waste my time, scram! Beat it!"

Maya Parvati

Parvati: "There's no time for games here! Put that ridiculous outfit back on the fuckin' scarecrow!"
Parvati: "Hey, put that back into the Orchard funny guy!"
Parvati: "I'm not amused. Put that outfit back on the scarecrow."

Ezra Berg

Berg: "Put that costume back where it belongs!"
Berg: "Look, we've got no time to play games here, put that back into the Orchard!"
Berg: "They need that outfit in the Orchard!"
Berg: "Hey Scarecrow! Not the time to dress up!"

Penelope Graves

Graves: "No time for dressing up now! put that back in the Orchard!"
Graves: "You know we shoot first, and ask later, so no funny business!."

Sean Rose

Rose: "Nice outfit there Mr. Scarecrow!"
Rose: "Hey!....Scarecrow."

Unused Combat Responses

With the exception of Erich Soders and Penelope Graves, all the targets have combat dialog for punching 47. While these sorts of lines are used by guards and mercenaries, they are not used by mission targets. This recording contingency would partially continue into Hitman 2.


Dalia: "Augh!...I broke a nail!"
Dalia: "Hah! Just because i'm beautiful, doesn't mean I can't fend for myself!"
Dalia: "Hah! Didn't see that coming, did you?"
Dalia: "Aww, that was just too easy. Be grateful that I didn't break a nail!"
Novikov: "Hah hah ha ha ha! You really don't know who I am, do you?"
Novikov: "Ohhh, you silly asshole..You..you think you can beat me?"
Novikov: "Ohhohoh! You want some more? You like that, huh?!"
Novikov: "Ohhohoh! You just picked a fight with the wrong guy!"


Caruso: "*breathing*...Did I...just do that?! One-up... to the Intelligencia! Hah Hah!"
Caruso: "Oooooh I'm sorry...did I hurt you?"
Caruso: "AHHOOWWWWW!! My...Hand! That hurt!"
Caruso: "I hit back! I finally hit back!"
De Santis: "Wow! Girl power!"
De Santis: "Don't touch me again!"
De Santis: "Never underestimate a woman! Ever heard of Rosie the Riveter?"
De Santis: "Yeah! That's right! We can do it!"
De Santis: "Yeah! That's right. I will be taking you downtown. In the car... in the street!"
Abiatti: "Oh yeah! Abiatti knows how to defend himself!"
Abiatti: "How that taste, Gumba?"
Bosco: "Hah! Yeah, this Dino has a few rounds left in him!"
Bosco: "Yeah! Yeah?! I've sparred with a heavyweight champion!"
Bosco: "Did that hurt? Are you gonna cry like a little baby?"
Bosco: "Yeah! I've sparred with Bobby De Niro's boxing coach from Raging Bull!"


Zaydan: "Oh, you think you can take me on?"
Zaydan: "What gave you the idea that you could beat me?"
Zaydan: "I eat vermin like you for breakfast!"
Zaydan: "Now that was a mans punch! Jende!"
Strandberg: "Ho ho! What do you know? There IS a viking in me after all!"
Strandberg: "Hah hah! I might look like a dandy, but I did boxing at university."
Strandberg: "Ooooh, you're not so tough now, are you? Never cross a Swede!"
Strandberg: "Ah well! How'd you like that? Baldie!"
Mendola: "Heh, Oh, did I hurt you? Poor baby!"
Mendola: "Heh heh, let that be a lesson for you, salep!"
Kong: "Yes! Hong Kong street justice!"
Kong: "Hah hahhh! Good! Kong will make you suffer!"
Kong: "Hah Haahh! You didn't see that coming, did you?"
Kong: "Guh! Oh you like that one? Ready for one more?!"


Morgan: "Let's settle this civilised, people!"
Morgan: "That's right! I know how to defend myself!"
Cross: "Yeah, that's rock and roll for you!"
Cross: "Oh, you should have someone check that bruise out!"
Cross: "Oh, did that sting a little bit?!"


Berg: "Years in Mossad taught me some useful Krav Maga self defense!"
Berg: "Que de ma!"
Berg: "Got more of those right here!"
Parvati: "Yeaaah! You never fought a goddamn pirate before, huh!"
Parvati: "I used to eat bitches like you for breakfast!"
Parvati: "Don't think this one arm don't pack a punch!"
Rose: "Yes! Show 'em what you got!"
Rose: "Let 'em have it! Give 'em what you got!"
Rose: "Take the bastard down!"


Yamazaki: "死んじまえ!" ("Fuck you!")
Yamazaki: "クソ喰らえ!" ("Eat shit!")

Secret Messages

Hokkaido has a secret message for dataminers hidden in "npc_mission_snowcrane.brick", underneath CHAR_YukiYamazaki's entity:

> NPC_Mission_SnowCrane
-> Main_characters
--> CHAR_YukiYamazaki
---> Hello Hitman fan you found an easter egg now please stop looking through the files

Unused Graphics

Placeholder Item/Weapon Previews

Various placeholder versions of weapon preview images were leftover in the game.

Placeholder Final
Hitman-2016-Item-Phone-Placeholder.png Hitman-2016-Item-Phone-Final.png
Placeholder Final
Hitman-2016-Weapon-Axe-Placeholder.png Hitman-2016-Weapon-Axe-Final.png
Placeholder Final
Hitman-2016-Weapon-Cleaver-Placeholder.png Hitman-2016-Weapon-Cleaver-Final.png
Placeholder Final
Hitman-2016-Weapon-Hammer-Placeholder.png Hitman-2016-Weapon-Hammer-Final.png
Placeholder Final
Hitman-2016-Weapon-Knife-Placeholder.png Hitman-2016-Weapon-Knife-Final.png
Placeholder Final
Hitman-2016-Weapon-Sword-Placeholder.png Hitman-2016-Weapon-Sword-Final.png

The final render here is natively horizontal, and was rotated 90° counter-clockwise for a better comparison to the placeholder version.

Placeholder Final
Hitman-2016-Weapon-Baton-Placeholder.png Hitman-2016-Weapon-Baton-Final.png

Hitman-2016-Weapon-Placeholder-3.png Hitman-2016-Weapon-Placeholder-1.png Hitman-2016-Weapon-Placeholder-2.png
Three additional placeholder item/weapon previews. Their final versions are not currently identified, though the first one may be the baseball bat and the second appears to be some sort of stabbing weapon, based on the location of the impact zone. It somewhat resembles the bill spike from Absolution.

The texture used for most placeholder item/weapon renders was left in the game. It's located separately from the placeholder menu images.

(Source: Original TCRF research)


There are about half a dozen copies of this Doge image mixed in with Hitman's menu images. The Doge images vary in size, and the one presented above is the largest.

The placement of these images in relation to other menu items suggests that they're placeholders for a weapon or item in the game.

A sad panda.

Hitman-2016-Placeholder-BG-2.jpg Hitman-2016-Placeholder-BG-1.png
Two placeholder background images with the following repeating text: UNRELEASABLE PLACEHOLDER May contain placeholder assets

A placeholder image with a gun. This image contains a hefty amount of metadata, oddly identical to a bunch of Mirror's Edge-themed computer wallpapers hosted on a particular wallpaper site.

(Source: Original TCRF research)


To do:
Add comparison images and fill out security feed oddities

Assume all oddities here carry over into any Legacy Pack in future games, unless noted otherwise.

Cutscene Oddities


In the briefing for "World of Tomorrow", this scene shows the guard closest to Silvio Caruso wearing a grey blazer, which aren't worn by any of the guards in-game, as all of them wear varying Hawaiian shirts. The castle ruins being drenched in a permanently dark shadow is also not how it looks in-game (while it does get darker there, it's nowhere close as to what's been depicted here).

Hitman2016 caruso guards blazer.png

The ID card Francesca De Santis wears appears to show an earlier version of her, having completely different facial features and hairstyle.

HITMAN Francesca De Santis Beta ID Card.png


In the briefing cutscene for "A Gilded Cage", all of Reza Zaydan's soldiers are shown wearing combat helmets. In-game, they are instead wearing green (or red) berets. This is also seen in both the riot videos on the news footage found in the level, as well as in the Elusive Target bio image for Vito Đurić (The Gunrunner, set in Marrakesh), suggesting this was a last minute change.

Hitman2016 marrakesh helmeted military.png TCRF Hitman 2016 Elusive screwdriver face.jpg Tcrf hitman2016 riot news.png

The briefing also switches out the civilian with the megaphone in the level for someone who better resembles one of the protesters.

TCRF protester AGC briefing.png


In the briefing cutscene for "Club 27", Ken Morgan's bodyguard, Otis, appears to be wearing the CICADA uniform. In-game, Otis wears the generic bodyguard outfit worn in "World of Tomorrow".

Tcrf Hitman2016 C27 briefing guard.png


In the briefing for "Situs Inversus", Erich Soders is depicted as wearing a black yukata at the end of the briefing, which is at odds to his purple-striped yukata seen in his bio image. A variant of this is worn, however, by Sarajevo Six member Teheiji Koyama. His bio image from Hitman 2 onward, shows him wearing a white Yukata.

Tcrf hitman2016 soders black yukata.png

Security Camera Feed Oddities


00B5B78878636415.TEXT.png 001B1993A818FD43.TEXT.png 002FA4B8E6CEE360.TEXT.png 0015D42B5C5A2065.TEXT.png 0030B0BE18F4D3F0.TEXT.png 0069A2CAE53BD114.TEXT.png 00073458B9D747C2.TEXT.png 006429401D5CB86D.TEXT.png
None of the rooms or locations seen here have any security cameras.