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Proto:Yoshi's Cookie (SNES)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Yoshi's Cookie (SNES).

A prototype of the SNES Yoshi's Cookie was dumped by Atamos and is dated 1/19/93, five months before the game was released. As you'd expect, there are several differences from the final.

Unused Graphics

Yoshiscookie protounusedcookies.png

Two cookies that aren't in the final game. They may not even be intended to be cookies at all. These closely resemble two of the shapes seen in Hermetica, the original concept for the game which predates the Yoshi/Mario branding.



Proto Final
Yoshiscookie copyrightproto.png Yoshiscookie copyrightfinal.png

The logo is choppier and more saturated at this point, all the text is positioned differently, and the trademark symbol is missing.

Title Screen

Proto Final

The prototype's title screen is a 16-bit version of the NES and Game Boy versions' title screen. Puzzle mode seems to be absent. Strangely, the final version gets its own unique title screen, with this intro sitting unused in the ROM.


Proto Final
Yoshiscookie protovsoptions.png Hit me with another round.

Mario has been redrawn slightly, and "ROUND" was changed to "MODE".


The main gameplay has a few differences. One major feature is that you can press R to skip rounds.

Proto Final
Yoshiscookie protoaction.png Yoshiscookie finalaction.png

All the text at the top of the screen is in a different, thinner font, and the cookies are shaded differently. There's also a meter below Yoshi that fills up when you complete a row. When the meter fills up, the meter next to it slightly fills up. When the second meter fills, the round is complete. This was removed in the final.

Proto Final
Yoshiscookie mariowinproto.png Yoshiscookie mariowinfinal.png

When you complete a round, Mario's eyes are open in the prototype.

Proto Final
Yoshiscookie yoshiactionproto.png Yoshiscookie yoshiactionfinal.png

Yoshi's eyelids have been altered and he has orange shoes in the prototype.

Proto Final
Yoshiscookie cookiesproto.png Yoshiscookie cookiesfinal.png

As mentioned, all the cookies are slightly different.

  • The doughnut cookie has fewer spots.
  • The flower cookie is thicker in the center.
  • The heart cookie has darker filling.
  • The diamond cookie was redrawn completely for the final version, and had its red filling (similar to the NES version of the game) changed to green.
  • The square cookie has slightly different shading.
  • The Yoshi cookie is very slightly more saturated.


  • The closeups of Mario are absent.
  • The Yoshi's Cookie house is absent.
Proto Final
Yoshiscookie mariosceneproto.png Yoshiscookie marioscenefinal.png

Mario has white unshaded buttons in the prototype, just like his original Super Mario World sprite. They were made yellow and given shading for the final game.

Proto Final
Yoshiscookie endingproto.png It's rainin' men!

In the ending, the "END" text is yellow, nothing falls from the sky, and Mario and Yoshi are in different positions.

Vs. Mode

Proto Final
Yoshiscookie protovsselect.png Yoshiscookie finalvsselect.png

Yoshi has thinner hands, a longer tail, and orange shoes; Princess Toadstool has an orange-ish pink dress and crown; and the gap between Bowser's legs is thicker.

Proto Final
Yoshiscookie versusendproto.png Yoshiscookie versusendfinal.png

In the prototype, the font from the text is thinner (except for "WIN!" and "LOSE") and everyone's favorite typo is made, saying "CONGRATULATION" instead of "CONGRATULATIONS" at the end of Vs. Mode. This was fixed in the final game.

Debug Menu

Yoshi's Cookie Debug Menu.png

There's a debug menu only seen in this prototype, but all that's in said menu is the sound test. Press L + R on Controller 2 at the title screen to access it.


The most obvious difference between the prototype and the final game is the soundtrack. The prototype has an almost completely different soundtrack, with the only two unchanged tracks being the Vs. Menu and the cutscene music.