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Yoshi Touch & Go

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Title Screen

Yoshi Touch & Go

Also known as: Catch! Touch! Yoshi (JP), Momo Yaoxi: Yun Zhong Manbu (CN)
Developer: Nintendo EAD Group No. 4
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo DS
Released in JP: May 6, 2005
Released in US: March 14, 2005
Released in EU: March 14, 2005
Released in CN: February 14, 2006

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Remember when YT had a little indifferent face when a video went down? TCRF remembers.
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A Yoshi's Island spin-off demonstrating touch controls.

Test Levels

Download.png Download Yoshi Touch & Go - test level patches
File: Yoshi Touch & Go-test level patches.zip (info)

There are eight test levels in the game. In the following list, the main bullet point is the common prefix between all the files of each level and the sub bullet points are for the individual level files, as each level are split into multiple parts.

You can play the levels by replacing used level files with the relevant files. Its easier to use the titlescreen and demo levels, as they have more parts. (You can play on the titlescreen and demo levels by zeroing out the contents of the tpr files in the replay folder).

The download above contains patches for the Japanese ROM (Revision 0), which do the the aforementioned file edits.

  • T_TEST_00
    • T_TEST_00_00.ooa
    • T_TEST_00_01.ooa
    • T_TEST_00_02.ooa
    • T_TEST_00_03.ooa
    • T_TEST_00_04.ooa
    • T_TEST_00_05.ooa
  • T_TEST_01
    • T_TEST_01_00.ooa
    • T_TEST_01_01.ooa
    • T_TEST_01_02.ooa
    • T_TEST_01_03.ooa
    • T_TEST_01_04.ooa
    • T_TEST_01_05.ooa
  • T_TEST_02
    • T_TEST_02_00.ooa
    • T_TEST_02_01.ooa
    • T_TEST_02_02.ooa
    • T_TEST_02_03.ooa
    • T_TEST_02_04.ooa
    • T_TEST_02_05.ooa
    • T_TEST_02_06.ooa
    • T_TEST_02_07.ooa
    • T_TEST_02_08.ooa
    • T_TEST_02_09.ooa
    • T_TEST_02_10.ooa
    • T_TEST_02_11.ooa
  • T_TEST_03
    • T_TEST_03_00.ooa
    • T_TEST_03_01.ooa
    • T_TEST_03_02.ooa
    • T_TEST_03_03.ooa
    • T_TEST_03_04.ooa
    • T_TEST_03_05.ooa
    • T_TEST_03_06.ooa
    • T_TEST_03_07.ooa
    • T_TEST_03_08.ooa
    • T_TEST_03_09.ooa
  • T_TEST_04
    • T_TEST_04_00.ooa
    • T_TEST_04_01.ooa
    • T_TEST_04_02.ooa
    • T_TEST_04_03.ooa
    • T_TEST_04_04.ooa
    • T_TEST_04_05.ooa
    • T_TEST_04_06.ooa
    • T_TEST_04_07.ooa
    • T_TEST_04_08.ooa
    • T_TEST_04_09.ooa
  • T_TEST_05
    • T_TEST_05_00.ooa
    • T_TEST_05_01.ooa
    • T_TEST_05_02.ooa
    • T_TEST_05_03.ooa
    • T_TEST_05_04.ooa
    • T_TEST_05_05.ooa
    • T_TEST_05_06.ooa
    • T_TEST_05_07.ooa
    • T_TEST_05_08.ooa
    • T_TEST_05_09.ooa
    • T_TEST_05_10.ooa
    • T_TEST_05_11.ooa
  • TEST_C_01
    • TEST_C_01.ooa
    • TEST_C_02.ooa
    • TEST_C_03.ooa
    • TEST_C_04.ooa
    • TEST_C_05.ooa
    • TEST_C_06.ooa
    • TEST_C_07.ooa
    • TEST_C_08.ooa
    • TEST_C_09.ooa
    • TEST_C_13.ooa
    • TEST_C_14.ooa
    • TEST_C_15.ooa
    • TEST_C_16.ooa
    • TEST_C_17.ooa
    • TEST_C_18.ooa
  • TEST_C_DT_00
    • TEST_C_DT_00.ooa
    • TEST_C_DT_01.ooa
    • TEST_C_DT_02.ooa
    • TEST_C_DT_03.ooa
    • TEST_C_DT_04.ooa
    • TEST_C_DT_05.ooa
    • TEST_C_DT_06.ooa

(discovery, modding: togemet2)
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Graphics

Yoshitouchngo gameoversmall.png

A smaller game over sprite can be found in the graphics of the main menu.

Yoshitouchngo cursor.png

A cursor always found in the tiles.

Yoshitouchngo vs.png

A Vs. icon found next to the cursor above.

Regional Differences

Japan International
Viss! Yoshitouchngo vsus.png

The versus balloon was given a period and lowercase S in the international release.