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Proto:Yoshi's Island DS

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Yoshi's Island DS.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.

The USA Kiosk Demo of Yoshi's Island DS is based off of an earlier version of the game. The build date, located in stamp.rc is dated almost three weeks before the one present in the final game.

The demo itself only has three levels available to play normally, four if you count the prologue, and will return to the title screen after either a certain amount of time has passed or if Yoshi is left idle for too long.

General Differences

  • The game has a special demo title screen, and goes straight to the prologue level afterwards.
  • Yoshi goes down pipes much faster in the demo.
  • The camera can be a little bit wonky in getting it to move to the right (or left) fully.

Menu Differences

Prototype Final
YIDS-DemoControls.png YIDS-FinalControls.png

The control style screen has a different font and a few other changes.

Level Differences

Almost every level has differences from the final. These range from a few simple aesthetic changes, to major overhauls in certain segments. Some areas aren't even fully finished yet!

Level Differences
With fifty levels, there's bound to be a bunch of these.

Testing/Unfinished Levels

This Kiosk Demo actually has a few test levels, as well as some unfinished enemy museum rooms, that are absent in the files of the final release.

Graphical Differences

Several of the Yoshi have different palettes. This extends to other graphics featuring them, such as Yoshi Blocks to end a transformation.

Prototype Final
YIDS-DemoSpike.png YIDS-FinalSpike.png

The insta-kill thorns aren't finished graphically.

Prototype Final
YIDS-DemoFlag.gif YIDS-FinalFlag.gif

The raft in pirate levels has a different flag on it.

Prototype Final
YIDS-GiantShyGuyDemo.png YIDS-GiantShyGuyFinal.png

Big Guy the Stilted is unfinished - he's lacking his artificial appearance. This sprite is identical to one featured in a pre-release picture sent to the press.

Prototype Final





The poltergeist vase, chair, and table were increased in size for the final game.

  • Waterfalls are graphically glitched in the demo and flicker.

Music/Sound Differences

To do:
  • These rips are extremely distorted
  • Check if there are more different songs, and rip the ring and death sound effects since they are different


Demo Final

The track used in castles was completely different in the demo.

In the Clouds

Demo Final

The track used in the clouds had slightly different instruments, and had a different loop.


Demo Final

The track used for the wildlands had slightly different instruments.


Demo Final

The track used for the mini-boss had slightly different instruments.

Player Down

Demo Final

The player down jingle had different instruments.

Boss Clear

Demo Final

The boss clear jingle was completely different.

Unknown Song

Demo Final

The unknown song had different instruments.

Unknown Jingle 2

Demo Final

The unknown jingle 2 had different instruments.