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Wario Land 3

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Title Screen

Wario Land 3

Also known as: Wario Land 3: Fushigi na Orgel (JP)
Developer: Nintendo R&D1
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Game Boy Color
Released in JP: March 21, 2000
Released in US: May 30, 2000
Released in EU: April 14, 2000

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

DCIcon.png This game has a Data Crystal page

Wario Land 3 is another installment in the Wario Land series, this time solely for the Game Boy Color. Wario finds a mysterious magic music box in a mysterious cave, found in a mysterious forest after his plane mysteriously catches fire and mysteriously crashes (mysteriously).

Debug Leftovers

WarioLand3 debugtext.png

Graphics for a debug menu can be found in the ROM, though the menu itself appears to have since been removed.

Option Translation
GET たから Get treasure
たから ずかん Treasures gallery
わるお あにめ Waruo animation

Waruo appears to be a misspelling of Wario. Assuming that the developers wrote the text in the graphics in by a keyboard, this could be attributed to the fact that the QWERTY layout has the letters U and I right next to each-other, and Japanese text on computers is written through hepburn (using latin characters).

To do:
Find out if the debug mode is still accessible.

Unused Graphics

To do:
Additional shielding poses for Vampire Wario.

This guy gave me nightmares when I was younger, why of all things a CLOWN?

Rudy's shoes have a skull at the tip, reflecting his design in concept art. However, they can't be seen in-game because they are hidden beneath the floor. To see them, use the following GameShark codes:

  • 01xx83C0 - Shifts Rudy vertically (barring sprites); using a value of 80 or greater will make his shoes completely visible.
  • 01xx8DC0 - Shifts the floor vertically; using a value of 90 or greater will make the floor disappear.

Final Boss Room Placeholder

Ś̷̕͟ẃ̴̡͞͡é̷e̶͟͠͞҉t͘͝҉ ̶̨̀̀͝d̵r̶̸̛̕͜e̶̛͡͡͏a̷̷͢m̶̨͘͘͢s̛̕͢,̕҉̸̧ ̨͝ḱ́͞į҉͜͜d̶̶̨s̶̢̕͟!̛͢

The final boss room has an unused tileset and tilemap as a placeholder, which can be seen through the level editor. It may have been initially intended for "A Hidden Figure"'s transformation, but whatever it's supposed to be, it's probably for the best that it went unused...

In Desert Ruins, one of the Block types has this face drawn on it, probably supposed to foreshadow the transformation.

Japanese Text

WarioLand3 JapText01.png

While inside some levels, this shows up in the tile viewer when setting VRAM Bank 1 and Char Base 0x8800. It translates to "Under Construction".

The Volcano's Base


These ladder tiles would have been used in the outside sections of the level. Like the used ladder tiles, they use two metatiles in the tileset, except that... both metatiles are set as solid.

Sun and Moon


The Sun enemy has a frame for it grinning as an idle animation. This goes unused since the final game uses his 'spitting' animation as his default expression.

Similarly, the Moon enemy also has an unused frame stored nearby, this time minus the puffed up cheeks.



An unused frame of Wario, similar to frames used when he messes up in the golf game, hangs from an owl or gets frozen.


Spark of death.
The Spark enemies have graphics for being defeated, or possibly stunned. In the final game, they are invincible.

An electrifying discovery.
There also exists sprites for Spark looking left and right.


It lives? Shocking.

The Denki, the electrical sparks that fall from hanging lamps, have unused graphics depicting them with eyes. Presumably intended for being defeated.

Water Urchin

Pointless. Just like this enemy.

The underwater urchin enemies have a defeated frame in this game, but cannot ever be killed in normal gameplay.


WarioLand3-Kushimushi Unused.png

The Kushimushi have frames for an unused animation with them flapping their wings, possibly intended to be "flying," or potentially an unused "stunned" pose. In the final, they never appear stunned, and just fall off the screen when defeated.


Surveying the scenery.

A Tadpole with an angrier look (possibly for when preparing to jump) and turning. In the final, they jump immediately, and cannot turn on-screen.

Disintegrated Zombie Head

Wario Land 3-MysteryZombieSprites.png

The zombie enemies have animations for their heads disintegrating. Presumably, these were going to be used when their heads were destroyed (it just flies off in the final game).

Vampire Wario

Gyaaah! Too bright!

Vampire Wario has an unused frame showing him being exposed to light or garlic. Most likely meant to be used for Wario reverting to his normal state, which (rather jarringly) happens instantaneously in the final game.

Unused Map Tiles

Careful, you'll lose an eye.
This page or section needs more images.
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The overworld map has unused tiles for earlier revisions of the world design. These include a version of the Desert Ruins without the actual ruins (implying it used to simply be a standard desert level at one point) and a messed up version of the Forest of Fear graphics (showing the creators originally had some very different graphics in mind for it on the map).

(Source: [1] ShyGuyXXL (Wario Forums))

Unused Enemy

And now you know where Floro Sapiens came from.

This flower uses object slot 4 in The Tidal Coast, but it isn't used. It attacks Wario by throwing its head towards him, then it plants itself back into the ground. Nothing to be afraid of.

Unused Rooms

All of these rooms are neither defined as a region, nor connected to anything. Due to the former, they show up as completely black on the level editor.

The Volcano's Base


Sector 1B

A placeholder room. It's after the room with the pipe leading to the boss.

The Grasslands

No fifth treasure chest for you!

Sector A

This room containing only a treasure chest (and Wario's starting position) is present in The Grasslands. The level already has the four other rooms with treasure chests.

Above the Clouds


Sector 1B

Another placeholder room. It's before the red chest room.

The Frigid Sea

There is still no fifth treasure chest for you. Now stop asking!

Sector A

A simple chest room, again. Containing the same two objects of the other room. It's even in the same sector.


The Vast Plain

After getting the beanstalk seeds, some rooms change a bit. The catch is that the beanstalk seeds are needed to get in these rooms, so the earlier variations are never shown.

Before (Day) After (Day)
WL3-TheVastPlainOddity1-Day.png WL3-TheVastPlainOddity2-Day.png
Before (Night) After (Night)
WL3-TheVastPlainOddity1-Night.png WL3-TheVastPlainOddity2-Night.png

Both the earlier day and night variations are missing details in the background, along with the Music Coin.

The night variation is also missing the stars in the background.

Before After
WL3-TheVastPlainOddity3.png WL3-TheVastPlainOddity4.png

A somewhat nitpicky change, but three single background tiles are different on the right above the wooden background tiles.

The Tidal Coast

Day Night
WL3-TheTidalCoastOddity1.png WL3-TheTidalCoastOddity2.png

There is a room that cannot be accessed during the day. A tile towards the upper-left and an enemy in the middle being moved to the right is all that is different.

Revisional Differences

Virtual Console Changes

Some cutscenes have different color palettes in the 3DS version. In the cutscene when The Steep Canyon becomes accessible, the flashes that occur during lightning strikes were changed to a dark gray (as opposed to white in the GBC version).

To do:
Since some cutscenes share palettes, there are more cutscenes that were changed. Find all the cutscenes with palette changes, and find any other changes that may exist.