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Bloons Monkey City (Adobe Flash)

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Title Screen

Bloons Monkey City

Developer: Ninja Kiwi
Publisher: Ninja Kiwi
Platform: Adobe Flash
Released internationally: November 25, 2013

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
DevMessageIcon.png This game has a hidden developer message.
ObjectIcon.png This game has unused objects.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Bloons Monkey City is a cross between classic tower defense and a city-building game. Construct buildings to unlock more towers and upgrades, and use them to expand your city by fending off procedurally-generated hordes of those ungodly rubbery monstrosities.

It's also one of the most important games to the Bloons TD lore.

To do:
  • There is a lot more unused text than what is already described here.
  • More unused buildings, including premium buildings.
  • As with BTD5, the Bloonchipper has unused graphics and unused suction behavior.
  • Unused UI elements - notable examples include a button for bringing up contested territory progress while in-game, and on/off toggles for special items.
  • Unused "special missions", TEST_PERFORMANCE and EMPTY_ENDLESS, presumably used for debugging.
  • Premium items and specialty building behaviors from BTD5. Most likely a leftover, as BTD5 and BMC share much of the same code and assets.
  • Premium items and medallions from BTD Battles? Also likely a leftover, as BTDB also shares much of the same code and assets from BTD5 and BMC.
  • Pre-release content. The game's official soundtrack has lots of music that was not used in the game, some of which suggests that a third city was planned for the game at one point.

Unused Graphics

Placeholder Thumbnail

A placeholder map thumbnail that says "Epic Winning".

Packed Ceramic Icons

BloonsMonkeyCity PackedCeramic.pngBloonsMonkeyCity PackedCeramicCamo.pngBloonsMonkeyCity PackedCeramicRegen.png
During the game's closed beta, it was possible to encounter Packed Ceramic tiles (along with its respective Camo Assault and Regrow Assault variants), similar to the Packed MOAB and Packed BFB tiles that remain in the final game. On tiles with this modifier, the game tended to spawn large, dense clusters of ceramic bloons, especially in later rounds. This tile modifier was removed in the final game (possibly due to being too difficult, especially when combined with Regrow Assault), and cities transferred from the beta had these tiles replaced with other types, leaving these graphics unused.


Check out my igloo in Club Penguin
While this graphic is used on one of the Snow tracks, only the front half of it is visible. The rest of the igloo is hidden offscreen.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Quest Icons

Four unused icons for quests.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Item Icons

These icons exist among the graphics for special items, and appear very similar to the icons for Monkey Boosts and Red Hot Spikes. Scrapped consumable items, perhaps? The first icon resembles the icon for the Absolute Zero ability, while the second icon resembles the icon for the MOAB Assassin ability.

Interestingly, these icons were added in one of the game's last updates, long after the introduction of Monkey Boosts and Red Hot Spikes.

(Source: Original TCRF research)


Limited time offer!
An image of a crudely-drawn event banner, seemingly used for testing. This banner is advertising a sale on Monkey Knowledge packs, which ended(?) on 1/6/15(?). Interestingly, the merchant monkey's design in this banner is different from his final design, as he's sporting a turban instead of a bandanna.

Like most of the game's banner images, this image is stored server-side.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Turbo Charge

An alternate design for the Boomerang Thrower's Turbo Charge upgrade, along with a Glaive Thrower variant. These are meant to match the design shown on the upgrade's portrait. For unknown reasons, the final game reuses the graphics from the Bionic Boomer upgrade instead.

These graphics also exist in Bloons Tower Defense 5 and Bloons TD Battles.

Special Agents

Portrait graphics for most of the non-pro Special Agents from BTD5 and BTD5 Deluxe (a now-defunct enhanced port of the Adobe Flash version). It seems that Special Agents were planned to be a part of the game, as there is an unused pop-up message that would have been displayed upon unlocking them. The only Special Agent not included here is the Bloonsday Device, as that was intended for a different purpose.

The Banana Farmer was later included in the mobile version, though as a premium tower rather than a Special Agent.

Unused Items

Bloonsday Device

Bloonsday Device

Devastating orbital strike destroys all Bloons on a piece of terrain, allowing you to capture it instantly. Costs 1 Bloonstone to activate.

An unused item based on a Special Agent of the same name from BTD5. Only the item's parameters exist; there's no object or functionality associated with it in the code, and it has no graphics.

Interestingly, the file containing its parameters lists the item as having a rarity of 250. Only items that spawn from chests have a positive non-zero rarity, which suggests that this item would have been found in chests, rather than from, say, a special mission.

Portal Artifacts


Portal Artifact 1
Portal Artifact 2
Portal Artifact 3
Portal Artifact 4
Portal Artifact 5

One piece of an ancient Portal Artifact.

The Portal Artifacts are a collection of five items, all with the same description. None of them can be obtained legitimately, and none of them do anything when spawned in the player's inventory, either individually or collectively.

While the Portal Artifact pieces are all mostly identical to each other, there is one parameter that is different for each: minCityIndex, which specifies which city an item can be found in, has a different number value for each piece. This implies that every city would contain one Portal Artifact piece each. This also implies there would've been at least five different city types, which is a lot, especially since the game only has two...

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Quests

With the exception of Ancient Portal Knowledge, only the parameters for these quests exist; there's no code associated with any of these and they can't be enabled in-game.

ID Icon Name Description Stats Notes
8 N/A Bloonstone Power Use Bloonstones to powerup an attack on a piece of land. ( *Mechanic is not implemented* ).
  • Unlock level: 4
  • Cash reward: 60
  • XP reward: 50
This quest has existed since the game first launched, though the ability to boost attacks with Bloonstones was not implemented at the time. Data for this feature did exist at launch, and this feature was officially introduced later in an update, but oddly, this quest remained unused...
10 N/A Friends Invite a friend to play Bloons Monkey City (feature not yet implemented)
  • Unlock level: 5
  • Cash reward: 100
  • XP reward: 100
Similar to the previous quest, this quest has existed since launch, but inviting friends wasn't available at the time. Also similar to the previous quest, inviting friends was implemented later on, but this quest was not.
12 N/A Upgrade Town Hall Upgrade your Town Hall
  • Unlock level: 5
  • Cash reward: 30
  • XP reward: 30
This quest seems to be referring to a scrapped mechanic where the Monkey Town Hall would have been upgradeable. This change in mechanics may be why this quest was never implemented.
30 BloonsMonkeyCity QuestIconExclamation.png Ancient Portal Knowledge Find a Portal Artifact.

The Portal Artifact's use is unknown. If we reassemble and study the Artifact pieces we may find out more about its purpose. Find a piece of the lost Portal Artifact.

  • Unlock level: 25
  • Cash reward: 1000
  • XP reward: 1000
This is the only unused quest that is referenced in the code. As such, this is the only unused quest with an icon, as well as a completion condition, which is to trigger an unused event named FIND_PORTAL_SIGNAL (although no code to trigger this event exists).

This quest was available during the closed beta, though it was not possible to complete. When the game entered open beta, this quest was essentially disabled, which is how it remains to this day.

35 N/A Monkey Tech Build a Monkey Tech Lab.
  • Unlock level: 15
  • Cash reward: 250
  • XP reward: 500
There is no building called the "Monkey Tech Lab" in the final game, but an unused set of parameters exist for a building called the "Monkey Lab", which could be what this quest is referring to. The removal of this building may be why this quest was never implemented.
40 N/A Explorer Capture a special terrain square.
  • Unlock level: 11
  • Cash reward: 500
  • XP reward: 250
This quest was seemingly replaced with "Special Terrain", a very similar quest that exists in the final game. Unlike the Special Terrain quest, this quest is unlocked at level 11 instead of level 9, rewards 500 cash instead of 200, and rewards 250 XP instead of 60.

Additionally, there appears to be at least one quest that had its parameters removed: when the game is loading quests during initialisation, one quest the game attempts to find has an ID of 33, though there are no quest parameters that use that ID. This quest data would have been assigned to a quest object named QUEST_RESETTLEMENT, which is set to use the same icon as the Ancient Portal Knowledge quest, and would have been completed by triggering an unused event named CREATED_SECONDARY_CITY. Similar to the Ancient Portal Knowledge quest, no code to trigger this event exists.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Tiles


Ruins is an unused terrain type. It has a complete set of tile graphics and parameters, but it doesn't have any tracks, and its favoured/restricted towers aren't defined.

Technically, this terrain is not actually unused; the Consecrated Grounds special terrain is considered a sub-category of Ruins terrain, much like how the Sticky Sap Plant terrain is a sub-category of Jungle terrain. However, the regular Ruins terrain does not appear anywhere in the game. Oddly, the map file for Consecrated Grounds is named "Ruins1", which suggests that Consecrated Grounds was added to replace Ruins terrain, rather than to exist alongside it.

  • Round modifier: 8 (offsets the round generator by this amount; in other words, what would be round 1 on most terrains would be round 9 on Ruins, which is even more extreme than the Volcano terrain's modifier of 5)
  • Minimum tiles per city: 5
  • Maximum tiles per city: 6

Stone of Solitude

Stone of Solitude is an unused type of special terrain, and is a sub-class of Caves terrain. Only the graphics and parameters for the tile have been found; the special mission itself does not appear to exist.

  • Maximum tiles per city: 1
  • Cash reward: 1000
  • Bloonstones reward: 50
  • XP reward: 500
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Tile Data

The Monkey Sub, Heli Pilot, and Bloonchipper were never added to the Adobe Flash version of this game. Nonetheless, the Heli Pilot and Bloonchipper are referenced in the data that defines each terrain's favoured/restricted towers. These extra references are identical to their usage in the mobile version, but some of the terrain types that are exclusive to the Adobe Flash version have unused references as well.

The following table lists each terrain and its favoured/restricted towers. Unused tower references are highlighted in bold. Forest, Volcano, Desert, Jungle, Snow, River, and High Desert have been omitted, as they do not contain any unused references.

Terrain Favoured Restricted
Grass Monkey Ace, Bloonchipper N/A
Heavy Forest Sniper Monkey Tack Shooter, Banana Farm, Heli Pilot
Hills Heli Pilot, Tack Shooter Dart Monkey
Mountains Ice Monkey Monkey Ace, Heli Pilot, Banana Farm, Darling Gun
Lake Monkey Buccaneer Ninja Monkey, Bomb Shooter, Bloonchipper
Caves Monkey Engineer Monkey Ace, Heli Pilot, Mortar Monkey
Arid Grasslands Monkey Ace, Bloonchipper N/A
Badlands Monkey Engineer, Sniper Monkey Monkey Ace, Heli Pilot, Banana Farm
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Parameters

To do:
There are a lot more of these.
  • The special mission class has an unused parameter named rewardSpecialAgent, which is set to blank for all special missions. This value is read by the game, but the function it gets passed to was seemingly stubbed out by the developers:
private function rewardSpecialAgent():void {
	if (this._mission != null) {
		if (	this._mission.rewardSpecialAgentId != null &&
			this._mission.rewardSpecialAgentId != "") {
			// stubbed function

Based on the name of this parameter, it seems that Special Agents would have been unlocked by completing special missions.

Unused Buildings

Bigger Tank

Bigger Tank

Bloontonium Storage Tanks have an unused upgrade (defined as BIGGER_BLOONTONIUM_TANK internally) that would have increased their maximum capacity from 1000 Bloontonium to 3000. This upgrade can't be bought in-game because, in the code, the Bloontonium Storage Tank object is not part of a building sub-class that allows for upgrades.

  • Cost: 4000
  • Minimum city level: 15
  • Upgrade time: 240 (240 minutes, or 4 hours)
  • XP reward: 180

Monkey Lab

Monkey Lab

Very little data for this building exists. It has no graphics or code, and all its parameters are blank. It has a name, but no description.


The Tavern is where all your Special Agent allies hang out. You need to build a Tavern before hiring any Special Agents into your army.

Like the Monkey Lab, no graphics or code for this building exist, and all its parameters are blank. Unlike the Monkey Lab, however, this one actually has a description!

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Monkey Town Hall Upgrade

Monkey Town Hall

This building is named MonkeyTownHallUpgrade in the parameters. Once again, it has no graphics or code, and all its parameters are blank.

The presence of an upgraded version of the Monkey Town Hall suggests that the building served a different purpose originally, and would have been upgradeable (like Windmills and Watermills), rather than being used to research upgrades for the Monkey Village.

Unused Sounds


A simple alert tone. A function exists to play this sound effect, named onPanelRevealBeginSignal, though it never gets called anywhere in the code, leaving this sound effect unused.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Towers

Heli Pilot?

An empty tower definition named TOWER_HELICOPTER exists within the game's constants script, which defines the internal names of towers and bloons (for example, the Monkey Ace is called TOWER_PLANE internally). This name is most likely referring to the Heli Pilot, a helicopter-based tower that is currently exclusive to the mobile version. There are no other references to the Heli Pilot in the files, suggesting that plans to port the tower over were scrapped early on.

Unused Events

Bitty Beacons

When active, this event would have reduced the number of Bloonstones it would cost to instantly recharge the Bloon Beacon.

Beacon Blitz

When active, this event would have reduced the time for the Bloon Beacon to recharge passively.

Bitty Beacon Blitz

As one could probably guess, this event would have the combined effects of Bitty Beacons and Beacon Blitz when active.

Traveling Merchant

My potions are too strong for you, traveller.

This event seems to have been intended as an alternative method of obtaining special items: by purchasing them with Bloonstones instead of finding them in chests or special missions. It was never fully implemented—there's no interface for purchasing the traveling merchant's wares, and it doesn't have a description.

In the server-side, where events are pulled from, the travelling merchant is listed. The image associated is the same one as the early Monkey Knowledge sale promotion.

Below is a table of the traveling merchant's default data. Note that this data is very likely a placeholder; judging by the presence of tags to set each item's price and availability, it seems that the merchant's wares and prices would vary each time the event would be active.

Item Available Price
Magic Banana Bag True 250
Blessed Dart True 150
Banana Replicator True 200
Revenge Stick True 300
Portable Dart Monkey True 400
Magic Coin Purse True 300
Epic Magic Coin Purse True 800
Logistical Boots True 250
Magic Spanner True 400
Dark Temple Idol True 2000
Bottle Rocket True 300
Enchanted Boomerang True 150
Ninja Scrolls True 200
Shard of Everfrost True 200
Extra Sticky Substance True 150
Cuddly Bear True 200
Anti Camo Dust True 350
(Source: Junior Monkey)
(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Text

test mission

Launch a Revenge Attack on other slfkj fghfghfghfdghdfghgdfh
Info about the special agents lazsdfhvljzsdfnvz sdf sdfcvsdfcvdsfgr serg sdfg sdregsd rgsdfg sadrg adrg adserg asdrgf asdrgf asdfg adfrg cfbsx dftg b n dftbh dfgb stg sf gb
Mesages lsind vlknm erwflmswerf svlksmwer a'swe aswefdsef swerfl adxlm  awsdlkm sief sdekim virf

A BUNCH of placeholder text.


Leaderboard dummy.

Friendship is magic!!!

This string is defined under the variable name UNICORN. It appears to be a hidden message from a programmer. A similar hidden string with the name PEGASYS is also defined, though it contains no text.


  • The Wattle Trees track has a lake in the bottom-right corner, which is programmed to allow aquatic towers (i.e. Monkey Buccaneers) to be placed on it. Unfortunately, the Wattle Trees track is only playable during a special mission in which the player can only use Boomerang Throwers, meaning the player can never actually use the water that is present.
  • DDTs are programmed to be able to be stunned by Cripple MOAB for 0.5 seconds (the same duration as a ZOMG). However, the stun effect from Cripple MOAB is configured to not affect DDTs at all. Thus, this setting can never be seen during gameplay.