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The Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout

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Title Screen

The Bugs Bunny Birthday Blowout

Also known as: Happy Birthday Bugs (JP, title screen), The Bugs Bunny Blowout (EU)
Developer: Kemco
Publishers: Kemco (JP/EU), Seika (US)
Platform: NES
Released in JP: August 3, 1990
Released in US: September 1990
Released in EU: 1990

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

ProtoIcon.png This game has a prototype article

Another mediocre mascot platformer, this one made for Bugs Bunny's 50th birthday. It's pretty harmless.


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info

Unused Graphics

Looks sturdy

A thicker chain is present but unused in the title screen tileset.

Unused?!You know, the angry smoke

An unused portrait of Porky Pig looking pissed, and what can only be described as "angry smoke." This was originally intended to be used in the intro sequence, but it never shows up.

Because this picture was cut, Porky Pig doesn't appear at all in the final game.

A crazy mishmash of upper and lower case

A handmade hexadecimal font and a little face. Probably used for debugging functions.


Leftover graphics from an early version of the "Willy the Weasel" bonus game, simply titled "MOLE GAME". The complete tileset is present in the prototype, though these particular graphics aren't used there, either.

What is it saying?

These faces appear in several character banks as filler.

The gang's mostly here

An unused ending picture! This was most likely placed in-between the second and third pictures. It features three characters who don't appear in the game otherwise: Marc Antony, Pussyfoot, and Road Runner. Yosemite Sam is in the main game, but doesn't show up to the party in the final version.

(Source: Original TCRF research)

Unused Text

The following text string is located at offset 0x133D3 (North American ROM):


Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be any code that accesses this string. The sound test is most likely gone.

(Source: CaH4e3)

Regional Differences

Game Title

Interestingly, even though the game's official title was changed outside of Japan, the title screen in the international versions still uses the Japanese title, Happy Birthday Bugs.

WB Shield

Japan International
He doesn't look it Welcome Back!

The item collection graphic has a 50 on it in the Japanese version, and the WB logo in all other versions.

Bonus Stage Text

Japan International

While the bonus stage text is in English in all versions, it was rewritten slightly to sound less robotic.

Japan International
What'd you say about my carrot? Good source of Vitamin A

The same text changes appear in the Willy the Weasel bonus games.

(Source: Original TCRF research)