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The Hohei (PlayStation 2)

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Title Screen

SIMPLE 2000 series Vol.102 The Hohei: ~Senjou no Inu Tachi~

Developer: Tamsoft
Publisher: D3 Publisher
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: August 3, 2006

MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.

The Hohei is a military-themed shooter with an intro cutscene that takes more than a little inspiration from Full Metal Jacket...

Debug Menu

Use the following code, after that press these buttons to change the pause menu.

D17BD0E8 00000100
20230B4C 8E230024
D17BD0E8 00000101
20230B4C 24030004
D17BD0E8 00000104
20230B4C 2403000D
D17BD0E8 00000102
20230B4C 2403000E
D17BD0E8 00000108
20230B4C 2403000F
Button Menu
Select Pause
Select + L2 Status Editor
Select + L1 Display Coord
Select + R2 Sound Test
Select + R1 Vibration Test
(Source: Original TCRF research)
Status Editor Display Coord
The Hohei PS2 Status.png The Hohei PS2 Coord.png
This menu doesn't seem to work. Player coordinate display.
Sound Test Vibration Test
The Hohei PS2 Sound Test.png The Hohei PS2 Vib.png
Use the D-Pad to select a menu, press Circle to play a sound.
Press R1 or L1 to change enemy infantry voice number.
(Translation): 敵兵声番号 (Enemy infantry voice number)
読込によって変化します (Load to change)
(Translation): 種類 (Type) 強さ (Strength)

Unused Music

Present in the game are files BGM000.XAG and JIN001.XAG. The sound driver contains no valid proper information for these files anymore.

  • BGM000.XAG is an unused song featuring four channels of audio. The sound driver does not seem to play anything higher than two channels and was likely used for test purposes. There is no used equivalent version of this song. Channels 3 and 4 feature gun shot SFX and were removed for the wiki.
  • JIN001.XAG is a short jingle of an unused version of men shouting "Sir, yes sir!".
(Source: Punk7890, AceKombat)