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Advan Racing

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Title Screen

Advan Racing

Also known as: Toyota Netz Racing, SIMPLE 1500 series Vol.38 The Real Racing: Toyota
Developer: Atlus
Publishers: Atlus, D3 Publisher (Simple series)
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: November 19, 1998, 1999 (Netz Toyota Racing), September 14, 2000 (Simple series)

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.

Advan Racing is, basically, Supertouring-era Japanese Touring Car Championship: The Game (Atlus even sponsored the series at one point) without any manufacturer or track licenses... which spawned not one, but two whopping re-releases with official Toyota license.

Unused Graphics

To do:
There's more, all of them pertaining to real car and track names.

Advan Racing real road car names.png Advan Racing real race car names.png

A list of car names for both road and race cars, all of them with real names and logos. Due to Atlus cheaping out on manufacturer and series licensing, going for Fire Pro Wrestling-style unlicensed approach, these ended up unused. The road car list appeared sparse with only few cars listed (all of which are in the final game), while the race car list feature cars that are completely absent from the game (Dunlop BMW, 5Zigen Supra, and Endless GT-R), while the Kure GT-R is actually in the game, but unused (see below).

Advan Racing Sugo and Fuji label.png

Labels for Sportsland SUGO and Fuji Speedway, stored together and referred by their real names. It is unknown where they would be used, as the final track names are stored as strings.

Unused Car

Texture In race
Advan Racing Kure GT-R.png Advan Racing Kure GT-R Inrace.png

Present in ARMRG.MRG in Advan Racing is a texture of a Kure Racing Skyline GT-R for the SSC class, which is the game's class for JGTC (now Super GT) cars. Unlike most of non-Advan sponsored SSC cars, the car, named KRE-GTR (mentioned only once in 1C5058 in the RAM, for use with results screens), and with no dashless name for Arrange Race mode), the car has textures identical to the real car, with trademark-related editing comparable to the game's non-Advan sponsored STC (JTCC) race cars (the only other SSC car to do this is the TAI-RSR, a Taisan Porsche 911 RSR). The Kure GT-R is the only car to use the -GTR suffix, as the other SSC Skyline GT-Rs use -SKL (for Skyline) suffix.

Occupying the 20th slot of the SSC class car list (the game can only handle 19 cars per class and the 20th car in each class is usually a duplicate of the first unlockable car, except in the STC class where it is a duplicate of the last unlockable car instead), the Kure GT-R can be used as a player car using the following GameShark code:

30010E03 0013
300C5F7B 0013
300C63C4 0013
30105F54 0013
3001030C 0007
300C5F7C 0007
300C6468 0007

To use the code, select the SSC class, turn the code on as the car name reads "X X X", then turn it off until another car appears while the "X X X" name remains (you cannot continue if the car does not appear in the menu) and turn it on again in the track selection screen.

Debug Menu

Advan Racing Toyota Netz Racing The Real Racing
Advan Racing Debug Display.png Netz Toyota debug.png The Real Racing Debug Display.png

Use GameShark code 30010224 0001 to display a debug menu; when it appears, a prompt to press either R1, R2, L1, or L2 will appear. The debug menu is identical across all versions of the game.

(Discovery: Athena)

Flag Debug

To do:
What does the flags do? Also, see if it is possible to go here in Toyota Netz Racing.
Advan Racing The Real Racing
Advan Racing Debug Menu.png The Real Racing Debug Mode.png

Set 0x39 to RAM address 0x80010000 on the menu screen, or when the main debug code is active (per the "2PSTDB" prompt), press Start on controller 2 on the menu screen to enter the Flag Debug menu.

Text Translation
↑&←:番号- ↑&←: Decrease number
↑&←:番号+ ↓&→: Increase number
○:セット ○:Set the flag
×:リセット ×:Reset the flag
△:番号を0 △:Set flag number to 0
□:番号をMax □:Set flag number to maximum

Version Differences

Advan Racing Toyota Netz Racing The Real Racing
Advan Racing Title.png Toyota Netz title.png The Real Racing Title.png

As mentioned above, two versions of the game dedicated solely to Toyota road cars exist. Advan Racing, sponsored by Yokohama Rubber Company (Advan is Yokohama's brand name for their tire and wheel products within Japanese domestic market) is the base game with various cars from various manufacturers (lacking carmakers license), including racing cars based on the 1997 seasons of Japanese Touring Car Championship (of which Atlus was a series sponsor that year) and Japanese GT Championship (now Super GT). The Toyota-based games are based on the Quick Race portion only (with the Arrange Race mode removed); the Advan Racing mode, similar to the Simulation/GT Mode of Gran Turismo series of games, was removed.

Toyota Netz Racing

This version was primarily available from Netz network of Toyota dealerships throughout Japan, and included the following cars:

  • Aristo V300
  • Chaser Tourer V (originally CHA-TuV)
  • MR2 GT-S (originally TMR-GTS)
  • Altezza RS200 6MT
  • Altezza RS200 5AT
  • Altezza AS200
  • MR2 G Limited (originally TMR-GTL, but uses TMR-GTS model in Toyota-licensed versions)
  • Sprinter Trueno BZ-R

The tracks featured in this version are:

  • FJI-SPEEDWAY (Fuji Speedway)
  • SZK-CIRCUIT (Suzuka Circuit)
  • SZK-S-CIRCUIT (Suzuka East)
  • OVL-SPEEDWAY (Twin Ring Motegi Super Speedway, unlockable track in Advan Racing)

The race menu options was changed from Advan Racing (visible in the debug screen text images above), the loading text was changed to Netz logo, all trackside billboards were changed to Toyota-related things, and the Information menu was changed from information about Advan's products and results of Advan-sponsored racing teams within all of Japanese motorsport to showcasing advertisements for Aristo, Chaser, Altezza, and then-new Vitz; of those cars, only Vitz was not a playable car. Considering that the Aristo, Altezza and Trueno BZ-R were modelled from the ground up for this game (less so with Trueno, which might be a fascia swap from the Levin), why they chose not to include the Vitz is unknown, likely because the Vitz was a slower car compared to other Toyota cars that were in Advan Racing.

The Real Racing: Toyota

Released as part of the Simple 1500 series, The Real Racing: Toyota had a more wide availability, as it was sold wherever video games are sold, just like Advan Racing was, rather than mainly in Toyota dealers. The Information menu was removed and the loading screen text was reverted to what Advan Racing has (although the background of Altezza's badge remained) and the following cars were added, all of which were sold in other Toyota dealership networks and were previously in Advan Racing:

  • Supra RZ (originally SPR-RZV)
  • Celica GT-Four (originally CEL-GT4)
  • Supra SZ-R (originally SPR-SZR)
  • Celica SS-III (originally CEL-SS3)
  • Corona Exiv 200GT (originally Exv-vGT)
  • Corolla Levin BZ-R (originally LVN-BZV; name implied BZ-V trim in Advan Racing)

The entire track list from Advan Racing is also included in this version, which adds the following in addition to the following tracks already in Toyota Netz Racing (also with the trackside advertising updates):

  • TOK-SPEEDWAY (Tokachi International Speedway)
  • HIL-RACEWAY (Sendai Hi-Land Raceway)
  • SGO-CIRCUIT (Sportsland Sugo)
  • MTG-RING (Twin Ring Motegi Road Course)
  • MNE-CIRCUIT (Mine Circuit)

This version also removes the Altezza RS200 5AT model (leaving only the 6-speed model) and changes the Race Mode options from English to Japanese; Netz Racing, the championship mode, became Grand Prix in this version.