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beatmania Best Hits

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Title Screen

beatmania Best Hits

Developer: Konami Computer Entertainment Japan
Publisher: Konami
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: July 27, 2000

SourceIcon.png This game has uncompiled source code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
DummyIcon.png This game has unusual dummy files.

beatmania Best Hits allows you to smash buttons and spin a plastic wheel as you pretend to be an awesome DJ in your own living room. It was also the first of the franchise's PlayStation home ports to do away with the "Append Disc" system, so you didn't have to use the original Beatmania disc to play the included songs.

Unused Graphics

Note: The following offsets take in consideration the file SYSBST.PAK.

Title Screen

Loaded within the main menu graphics, starting from offset 0xA8A84 are "ARCADE" and "APPEND" graphics, leftovers from the original beatmania and beatmania APPEND 3rdMIX releases. Their palettes are no longer present, however.

Bm3rdAPPEND-arcade.png BmEU-append.png

Also found is a "Bonus Edit" graphic, which would normally only be seen in beatmania APPEND 4thMIX...


...and a "SURVIVAL" graphic, for a mode only present in beatmania APPEND 5thMIX.



The turntable receptor graphic has a little more detail below, but it is cut off in-game.


Old Expert Mode Assets

This graphic, found starting from 0xB0284, never really seems to catch a break from being leftovered; it was only used in the first beatmania PlayStation release and was left unused since.

(Source: tikal.)

beatmania APPEND 5thMIX Source Code

The "DUMMY" file on the disc contains a near-final source code archive for beatmania APPEND 5thMIX, plus instructions (in Japanese) on how to compile the code. The source can be compiled into a working game image with the proper file and directory modifications. To open it, copy the file to your computer, rename it to add a .LZH extension, and open it with your favorite file compression tool.

The "DUMMY" file is still present in the "Konami The BEST" rerelease (SLPM-86830), but it now contains garbage data.

(Source: Barubary)