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Castlevania: Harmony of Despair

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Title Screen

Castlevania: Harmony of Despair

Also known as: Akumajou Dracula: Harmony of Despair (JP)
Developer: Konami Digital Entertainment
Publisher: Konami
Platforms: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3
Released internationally: August 4, 2010 (360)
Released in JP: March 29, 2012 (PS3)
Released in US: September 27, 2011 (PS3)
Released in EU: October 12, 2011 (PS3)

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Castlevania: Harmony of Despair is like New Super Mario Bros. Wii with whips. Grind all the things!

To do:
Clean up just about everything.

Unused Icons

To do:
Figure out what is and isn't used.

A complete rip from the core game shows some interesting things.

CV-HoD-Icon00 sub.png
The only fully unused subweapon icons are "DAMMY" (similar to another unused icon in Castlevania: Symphony of the Night) which is presumably a placeholder, and Genbu (Maria's turtle) which is an RB/R1 ability rather than a subweapon in the final game (and hence has no icon). It should be noted, however, that the DLC subweapons have graphics even in the core game.

CV-HoD-Icon00 weapon-1.png
Quite a bit here. Of note is the Shield Rod (5th row, 3rd from left), a rifle-type gun (5th row, 5th from left), and a bulky pistol (5th row, 9th from left). Same deal with DLC weapons in the core game, too.

Unused Text

A former military man who operated under orders to keep tabs on those with a connection to Castlevania. In his mercenary years, Hammer was code-named "Gryphon" and commanded both respect and fear.

Name and description for the cut playable character Hammer.

An acrobat from hell that
entertains demons.

Monster Compendium entry for the cut enemy Coppelia.

A giant crab from the depths
of Transylvanian history

Monster Compendium entry for the cut boss Brachyura.

Unused Menu Graphics

Old Multiplayer Graphics

CVHD unused menu 1p.png CVHD unused menu 2p.png CVHD unused menu 3p.png CVHD unused menu 4p.png

CVHD unused menu 5p.png CVHD unused menu 6p.png CVHD unused menu 7p.png CVHD unused menu 8p.png

The game accepted 8 simultaneous players at some point.

Blood Splatter Animations

CVHD unused menu line.gif

CVHD unused menu linex.gif

CVHD unused menu blood01.gif CVHD unused menu blood02.gif CVHD unused menu blood03.gif CVHD unused menu blood04.gif

CVHD unused menu blood10.gif CVHD unused menu blood11.gif CVHD unused menu blood12.gif

Some unused blood splatter effects, similar to what's displayed in Portrait of Ruin when a new area is entered.

Character Cards

CVHD Card Alucard.png

CVHD Card SOMA.png







CVHD Card YOKO.png


Unused character cards, including one for Hammer. All using Shanoa's image as placeholder though.

Unused Sprites

Form of Bat

A ARUBAT 0.gif A ARUBAT 1.gif A ARUBAT 2.gif

Alucard's unused bat form has 3 animations.

Unknown Sprites for Form of Wolf

F WOLF01.CSR.png

This sheet with unused wolf form sprites from the Sega Saturn game is still present. Still unused.

Unused Messages for Level Up and HP Max/MP Max/Heart Max Upgrades

CV-HoD-F com05 j pal32.png

Sheet with unused text for leveling up and max HP/MP up.
Reused sprites from Order of Ecclesia for the most part, the only difference being the "PAUSE" sprite being replaced by "RESIST".

Unused Julius Belmont Motion

040 sikisokuzekuu.gif

Julius is going to have a unique set of sprites for his Omnia Vanitas move, but the animation remains unused. In the final version, Omnia Vanitas uses regular jumping sprites like in Aria of Sorrow.

Unused Enemies

The game contains the full sprite data of Order of Ecclesia's Man Eater, stored both among bosses and regular enemies. Neither version is used.

There's also a prototype version of Legion's sprite with a few less animations but identical otherwise.

Unused Voices

To do:
Figure out who uses what Dual Crushes since every list on the Internet is terrible, I only included the ones I know are unused. Check on the other stuff too. Convert everything to OGG and upload. Full voice rip is at serio.piiym.net/leech/HD_ps3_voice.7z

There are a number of unused voices related to the Dual Crush system. Everyone has character name calls for all characters (including DLC) in the core game except for Fuma. Instead, they call Hammer's name, who was previously screwed out of a starring role in Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow. Everyone also has attack calls for all actual Dual Crush attacks, including ones they can't use (i.e., Yoko calling out "Demonic Megiddo"). There are also (possibly?) unused voices for everyone saying "Time be still!", as well as some completely unused quotes that seem to imply cutscenes.

Playable Characters

In addition to the below, all of these characters have lines where they call Hammer's name for a Dual Crush, and also have two separate lines where they simply say the game's title (one says "Castlevania", the other says "Harmony of Despair"). All characters also have lines where they call Demonic Megiddo (exclusive to SomaxAlucard) and Thousand Blades (exclusive to JonathanxCharlotte).


Sound File File Name Dialogue
vxe_alc_etc1.wav Too bad I don't give a damn.
vxe_alc_etc2.wav You will let me pass.
vxe_alc_etc3.wav Go back from whence you came.
vxe_alc_etc4.wav Father!
vxe_alc_hamr.wav Hammer!
vxe_alc_title.wav Castlevania....
vxe_alc_subtitle1.wav Harmony of Despair.
vxe_alc_waza01.wav Holy cross!
vxe_alc_waza04.wav Thousand blades!


Sound File File Name Dialogue
vxe_som_etc1.wav Mmmm... Yummy!
vxe_som_etc2.wav Yech.
vxe_som_etc3.wav Good grief!
vxe_som_hamr.wav Hammer!
vxe_som_title.wav Castlevania....
vxe_som_subtitle1.wav Harmony of Despair.
vxe_som_waza04.wav Thousand blades!
vxe_som_waza13.wav Locked.
vxe_som_waza23.wav Time be still!


Sound File File Name Dialogue
vxe_jon_etc1.wav No problem.
vxe_jon_etc2.wav No problem! (said while laughing/crying?!)
vxe_jon_hamr.wav Hammer!
vxe_jon_title.wav Castlevania....
vxe_jon_subtitle1.wav Harmony of Despair.
vxe_jon_waza03.wav Demonic meggido!
vxe_jon_waza11.wav Time be still!


Sound File File Name Dialogue
vxe_cha_etc2.wav You're all dead!
vxe_cha_etc3.wav [yelps]
vxe_cha_etc6.wav Haaaaa!
vxe_cha_hamr.wav Hammer!
vxe_cha_title.wav Castlevania....
vxe_cha_subtitle1.wav Harmony of Despair.
vxe_cha_waza03.wav Demonic meggido!


Sound File File Name Dialogue
vxe_sha_etc2.wav Hrrrrr...
vxe_sha_hamr.wav Hammer!
vxe_sha_title.wav Castlevania.....
vxe_sha_subtitle1.wav Harmony of Despair.
vxe_sha_waza03.wav Demonic meggido!
vxe_sha_waza04.wav Thousand blades!


Sound File File Name Dialogue
vxe_jul_etc1.wav Begone!
vxe_jul_etc2.wav Enough talk!
vxe_jul_title.wav Castlevania.....
vxe_jul_subtitle1.wav Harmony of Despair.
vxe_jul_waza03.wav Demonic meggido!
vxe_jul_waza04.wav Thousand blades!
vxe_jul_waza15.wav Time be still!


Sound File File Name Dialogue
vx_yok_etc1.wav Come to me...
vx_yok_etc2.wav [chuckles]
vx_yok_etc3.wav Take this!
vx_yok_etc4.wav [yelps]
vx_yok_etc5.wav Hey!
vx_yok_etc6.wav Hello.
vx_yok_hamr.wav Hammer!
vx_yok_hamr2.wav Hey soldier! (alternate version of the Hammer call)
vx_yok_title.wav Castlevania....
vx_yok_subtitle.wav Harmony of Despair.
vx_yok_waza03.wav Demonic meggido!
vx_yok_waza04.wav Thousand blades!


Sound File File Name Dialogue
vx_ric_etc1.wav Die now, and leave this world!
vx_ric_etc2.wav Step aside!
vx_ric_hamr.wav Hammer!
vx_ric_title.wav Castlevania.....
vx_ric_subtitle.wav Harmony of Despair.
vx_ric_waza03.wav Demonic meggido!
vx_ric_waza04.wav Thousand blades!
vx_ric_waza14.wav Time be still!


In addition to the below, the notes for Maria's Songbook subweapon are stored as both individual notes (vx_mar_song1-8) and the whole song at once (vx_mar_waza11) for unknown reasons.

Sound File File Name Dialogue
vx_mar_etc1.wav Aaaah!
vx_mar_etc2.wav Oh-oh-oh no!
CvHOD-vx_mar_hamr.wav Hammer!
vx_mar_title.wav Castlevania....
vx_mar_subtitle.wav Harmony of Despair.
vx_mar_waza03.wav Demonic meggido!
vx_mar_waza04.wav Thousand blades!



Sound File File Name Dialogue
e_majo_volt.wav Energy bolt!


Puppet Master

Sound File File Name Dialogue
vxe_papet_atk1.wav You are fated to be my puppet.
vxe_papet_rtc2.wav Run!
vxe_papet_win.wav Aren't my puppets precious?!


Sound File File Name Dialogue
e_brn_demo_kizu.wav Impossibllllllllle!


Sound File File Name Dialogue
e_ash_waza_b.wav Go, my slaves!
e_ash_waza_c.wav Kneel at my feet!


Sound File File Name Dialogue
vxe_death_atk6.wav Wraith! or Rave!
vxe_death_atk7.wav Minions!
vxe_death_atk8.wav Scythe!
vxe_death_atk9.wav Go!
vxe_death_atk10.wav Take this!
vxe_death_atk11.wav Die!
vxe_death_atk12.wav Out of my way!
vxe_death_atk13.wav Slash away! Deathscythe!
vxe_death_atk14.wav Slash away!
vxe_death_atk15.wav It's over.
vxe_death_lose1.wav Death overcomes all.
vxe_death_lose2.wav You cannot challenge death.
vxe_death_lose3.wav My work is done.
vxe_death_lose4.wav Game over.
vxe_death_lose5.wav Game over. [laughs]
vxe_death_scena_01.wav [laughs]
vxe_death_scena_02.wav I shall take your soul!
vxe_death_scena_03.wav This power... I offer to the king... who wields the Crimson Stone!
vxe_death_scena_04.wav As you wish.
vxe_death_scena_05.wav Hraaah!
vxe_death_scena_06.wav By my master's orders!
vxe_death_scena_07.wav You'll be destroyed, HERE AND NOW!!!
vxe_death_scena_08.wav To think that I would be...
vxe_death_scena_09.wav Unfortunately for you, as long as my Master survives...
vxe_death_scena_10.wav I will rise from the dead.
vxe_death_waza1.wav Deadly Tempest!
vxe_death_waza2.wav You fool!
vxe_death_waza3.wav Thank you.
vxe_death_waza4.wav What a waste.
vxe_death_waza5.wav Futile!


Sound File File Name Dialogue
vxe_dra_atk5.wav This is the end!
vxe_dra_change3.wav Be fearful... this is my true self!
vxe_dra_lose1.wav This is the power of an Original!
vxe_dra_lose2.wav An insignificant pest could not bring me down.
vxe_dra_miss.wav Dammit!
vxe_dra_nodamage.wav That won't work!
vxe_dra_waza2.wav Soul Steal!
vxe_dra_waza3.wav Bad Moon!
vxe_dra_what1.wav Wha...!
vxe_dra_what2.wav What?!
vxe_dra_what3.wav Wha-!

Platform Differences

The PlayStation 3 version of Harmony of Despair, released a year after the original Xbox 360 release, added a four-player local co-op mode. It also contains Chapter 7, as well as Julius and Yoko in the base game, rather than them being DLC content.