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Proto:Burnout Legends (PlayStation Portable)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Burnout Legends (PlayStation Portable).

This article is a work in progress.
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LegendsPromoDemo Screen1.png
To do:
  • Investigate the debug output of both builds.
  • Get a video of them running up on YouTube.

July 8th, 2005 Build

A promotional demo released as part of the Official UK PlayStation Magazine's "Greatest Hits Vol. 1" demo disc (UCED-00316) that predates the retail version of the game by about a month. This build was compiled on July 8th, 2005, though some of the files date back as far as June 23rd, 2005.

General Differences

  • The World Circuit Racer is awarded to the player upon beating the Special Grand Prix in this build; the final game awards you a postcard for doing so.
  • Boost Starts cannot be performed during Crash Mode.
  • Car deformation is noticeably more glitchy, featuring much more artifacting.
  • Crash Mode's "CRASHBREAKER IN X WRECKS" HUD element is identical to the one seen in the E3 demo.
Car deformation in action.
Crash Mode HUD elements.

Different Lighting/Reflections

The environment lighting is slightly different from retail, and cars have better-looking environment maps. The latter is most noticeable on the Compact Type 1.

Early Final
LegendsPromoDemoScreenNativegfx.png BLegendsPSP-FIN SilverLakeFWD.png

Unused Models

To do:
Make this model load in game, if possible.

There is a heavily yellow-ified version of the Burnout 3: Takedown garage present in this build.

BLegendsPSP-DEMO US C5 V1.png

June 6th, 2005 Build

To do:
Document this thing's debug menu.

A debug-enabled build presumably compiled on June 6th, 2005 based on text strings present in its executable, usually referred to as the "GS build" or "Game Sharing Build", due to its executable being discovered hidden in plain sight among the assets of the July 8th demo in the place of where a Game Sharing executable would normally be (UPLOAD.DAT in the DATA\ folder). Aside from possessing more developer features such as a full-fledged debug menu and code asserts, it's largely identical to the July 8th build.

Developer Cheats

This build contains two menus where several cheats can be enabled and disabled. The first of the two can be found in the Driver Details submenu, and the second can be found by entering an event then scrolling to the bottom of the pause menu.

The first menu's cheats.
The first menu's cheats, cont.
The second menu's cheats.