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WWE SmackDown!: Here Comes The Pain

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Title Screen

WWE SmackDown!: Here Comes The Pain

Also known as: Exciting Pro Wrestling 5 (JP)
Developer: Yuke's
Publishers: THQ (US/EU), Yuke's (JP)
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: January 29, 2004
Released in US: October 27, 2003
Released in EU: November 7, 2003 (UK)
Released in KR: 2003

CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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  • Document the "MISSING TITANTRON FOR THIS SUPERSTAR" placeholders?

Your Pain is Here!

WWE SmackDown!: Here Comes The Pain is the fifth game in the SmackDown! series and the second game in the series to be based on the Ruthless Aggression era, and the last to be named after only one WWE show post brand extension. It is also the only SmackDown! game with a subtitle that isn't a catchphrase of The Rock.


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Prerelease Info
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Removed Wrestlers

Several wrestlers were scrapped for various reasons yet their individual character slots remain on the game. Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan are by far the most complete wrestlers with all of their character data still intact minus their models and for Hogan any entrance music and titantron. For wrestlers other than Warrior and Hogan, all that remains of them is their names, nicknames, ring names, superstar points, heights, weight-classes, gender, season availability, empty entrance and select picture slots and for most, their move-sets. None of the deleted wrestlers can be played, except for Al Snow, as they will freeze the game since their models do not exist on the game. Reportedly, trying to play as these removed wrestlers runs the risk of ruining your current season.

Wrestler Reason Notes
Al Snow Possibly related to his absence from in-ring competition in mid-2003. The only scrapped wrestler who is playable as he uses The Rock's model rather than his own. Entrances must be turned off, as he has an empty entrance data slot in evtEnt.pac and an empty selection picture slot.
Move-set 02, WAS.
Billy Gunn Possibly related to his absence from television until June 2003. Move-set 06, WBG. Has a hidden winning animation, an empty entrance data slot in evtEnt.pac and an empty selection picture slot.
Billy Kidman Unknown. Move-set 08, WBK. Has an empty entrance data slot in evtEnt.pac and an empty selection picture slot.
Bradshaw Possibly related to his absence from television due to injury between September 2002 and June 2003. Move-set 04, WBR. Has an empty entrance data slot in evtEnt.pac and an empty selection picture slot.
Hulk Hogan Left WWE in late June. There are two Hulk Hogan leftovers: one in his then-current appearance, the other with his 1980s appearance (likely as a legend). Unlike most of the scrapped wrestlers, both Hogans have select screen pictures and statistics, as well as hidden entrance and winning animations. Additionally, a blood face texture of then-current Hogan can be found in Linda McMahon's PAC file as "08.txc", for unknown reasons. Hogan's blood texture differs in shape and color from other blood textures in the game.
Move-set 70, OHH.
(Discovery: THELECTRIFYINGREATONE, KOFHERO77, Aguila316 (blood face texture))
Jamal Released from WWE in June. Move-set 13, WRJ. Has an empty entrance data slot in evtEnt.pac and an empty selection picture slot.
Jeff Hardy Released from WWE in April. First featured in a July 2003 PSW reveal trailer seen here and seems to have been removed some what late in development as Jeff was still featured in a September-October 2003 trailer seen here. Hardy also has a hidden winning animation.
Move-set 18, OJH. Has an empty entrance data slot in evtEnt.pac and an empty selection picture slot.
Molly Holly Unknown. No Create-A-Superstar move-set, has an empty entrance data slot in evtEnt.pac and an empty selection picture slot.
Rosie Unknown. Likely referring to Rosey, as he did not use that spelling until performing on the independent wrestling circuit in 2009.
Move-set 13, WRJ. Has an empty entrance data slot in evtEnt.pac and an empty selection picture slot.
Spike Dudley Unknown. Move-set 03, WSD. Has an empty entrance data slot in evtEnt.pac and an empty selection picture slot.
Ultimate Warrior Licensing negotiations between Warrior's company and THQ fell through. Unlike most of the scrapped wrestlers, Ultimate Warrior has a select screen picture and statistics as well as hidden entrance and winning animations. Early footage of Warrior in the game exists here.
Move-set 71, OUW, which led to a lawsuit.
William Regal Removed from television due to hiatus caused by health issues. Move-set 01, WRR. Has a hidden winning animation, an empty entrance data slot in evtEnt.pac and an empty selection picture slot.

Unused Empty Blood Texture Slot for Tazz

Hctp tazz 08.png

In Tazz's character slot there exists a blank blood texture for him. It is possible that Tazz was originally going to have matches alongside the player in the game's season mode, similar to Jerry Lawler.

Unused Entrance Attire Slot for Rikishi


In HCTP, entrance attires function as either separate objects (i.e. Scott Steiner, John Cena, Kurt Angle) or as completely separate models that combine the character model and entrance object (Animal, Hawk, Volkoff, Slaughter). If an entrance attire functions as an individual separate object the file for the object will end with a __02 suffix, and if the entrance attire is combined with the character model it will end with a __04 suffix. The entrance attire for Rikishi ends with a __02 meaning that it should be a separate object from the character model, even though the attire does not appear that way. Rather, the attire is unfinished with the file comprising of a partly transparent Rikishi model.

Unused Create-a-Wrestler (CAW) Call Names

There is a list of CAW call names located in moves.pac/move/list.pac in the file 0008.dat. This file contains the names of all wrestlers and backstage WWE personnel (ie. Jerry Lawler, Jim Ross, Jonathan Coachman etc.) in the game in addition to recycled call names from WWE SmackDown! Shut Your Mouth (i.e. African Superstar, Flying Man, Vampire, Wild Thing etc.). A similar list also existed in Shut Your Mouth in moves.pac/move/list.pac in the file 0004.dat for the purposes of containing text versions of the call names. Given that this file was updated for the this game's roster, it is possible that earlier in development, CAW call names were going to be included. Interestingly, the call names that were included in the Shut Your Mouth file for wrestlers who did make the Shut Your Mouth roster (Boss Man, Deacon Bautista, Jacqueline etc.) are not found in the HCTP file.

Leftover Roster List from Shut Your Mouth

There is a full list of the Shut Your Mouth wrestler roster located in moves.pac/move/list.pac in the file 0005.dat. This list appears to be recycled from Shut Your Mouth, as that game had a very similar list located in moves.pac/move/list.pac in the file 0003.dat.

Unused Strings

The game's executable contains some strings pertaining to removed features.

Match Types

There are a series of strings that list the menu text for different match types starting at 0x357520 in the game's executable file (all addresses are for US version of the game). Among these strings are entries for King of the Ring (including Single Tournament and Special Tournament used by it), I Quit and Street Fight match types, all of which were present from Shut Your Mouth but missing in Here Comes The Pain.

King of the Ring was removed likely because the namesake PPV was replaced by Bad Blood that year (interestingly, assets for that arena appears last), while Street Fights were removed because they were basically Hardcore matches restricted to the arena. Ironically, there was an I Quit match in 2003 at that year's No Mercy PPV that wrote off Stephanie McMahon from WWE television, but it happened outside of the game's storyline period.

Medication Room Mechanic

There are further unused strings indicating a cut game mechanic involving medicine. The strings "You can buy medicine" and "Meditation Room" are located in the file where the different strings for moving around backstage in Season Mode are located 0x359758. Given that this game was not developed by a native English speaking developer, there are numerous spelling mistakes in the strings located in this file. It is likely that the Meditation Room was supposed to be the "Medication Room". Possibly, damage sustained in matches would need to be healed up through buying medicine in the medication room. A similar game mechanic would return in WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2011, where players would heal up after matches by visiting with a doctor.

CAW AI Tag Behavior

There are more unused strings located where the AI behavior options are defined (such as weapon use, attack the referee and diving moves) starting at 0x3591D8. Here, there appear to be unused behavior options for how an AI controlled CAW behaves when they are on the apron in a tag match. The strings indicate that players would have been able to choose whether their CAW would "Touch (Tag)" (allowing a wrestler to reach out for a tag) or "Wait in the Wings (Tag)" (not reaching out for a tag whilst on the apron).

Option Toggles

There are unused strings for "Commentary Volume" and "In-Game Music Track" where the other option toggle strings are located (BGM Volume, SFX Volume, Vibration, etc.) at 0x357E80. Both these options are unavailable in the final game, but there does exist later builds of Here Comes The Pain containing commentary where these strings may have been used.

Some of these options can also be seen in the game's official strategy guide book.

CAW Passwords

Messages pertaining to the passwords for custom wrestlers found in the previous game can also be found here at 0x35EEC0, although menu panel strings for the feature have been completely removed.

Unused Graphics

Unused Character Selection Pictures

There exist two unused selection pictures in the game.

Unused Icons and Screen

The following icons and screen remain unused in the game.

Unused Music

Unused Background Music Jingles
These jingles are found in BGM000.afs, and only exist for 5 out of the 16 songs that are used for background music in this game. The one jingle not included is used on the celebratory screen after winning a Royal Rumble match in exhibition mode. Maybe one of the five jingles was meant to randomly play after winning a Royal Rumble match, but only one was used in the final game. Note: BGM011.ogg plays after successfully completing No Limit Slobber Knocker (pin, submit, and/or KO all 100 wrestlers).

Unused Music Jingles
It has been discovered that there are numerous unused music jingles present in the game's files (stored in PBP000.afs), which share the same hard-rock techno genre as the in-game background music. However, these jingles are not used anywhere in the game, leading some to speculate that they may have been intended as placeholders for other music in development. It's interesting to note that the file name "PBP" could stand for "play by play," a term commonly used in sports broadcasting when describing a live commentary of the game event. This has led to speculations that the game may have originally been planned to feature play-by-play commentary by commentators, but this idea was later scrapped. Regardless of their intended use, the existence of these unused jingles adds a layer of intrigue and speculation to the already fascinating world of game development.

Unused Alternate Wrestler Theme Music
The game includes alternate mixes of theme music for popular wrestlers, such as Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle. Specifically, the alternate mix for Chris Jericho's theme music removes the countdown that typically precedes the song. For Kurt Angle's theme music, the unused mix eliminates the "You Suck" chants that are often shouted by fans during his entrance. In addition, the unused mix for Matt Hardy's theme music removes the keyboard parts that are typically present in the song. Finally, for Triple-H's theme music, the unused content includes both a short intro and a very short intro.

Unused Models

There are two unused 3D models in the 9900.pac and 9901.pac slots in the CH2.pac directory. Both of these models are referenced in the game's executable just before the splash screen.

They appear to be a templates for the 3d models of the characters.

Unused Attires

Several wrestlers have unused attires that remain on the disc but are not usable in normal play without modding. These attires can be enabled through the use of mod tools such as PAC Editor.

Unused Areas

There exist many unused arena and backstage variants on the disc but are not usable in normal play without modding.

Build Dates

There are a total of 29 build dates in the executable, 25 of which are unique.

Regional Differences

The Japanese version renames the Bra and Panties main event match type to Bikini.

(Source: Gohikari)