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Dissidia Final Fantasy

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Title Screen

Dissidia: Final Fantasy

Developer: Square Enix
Publisher: Square Enix
Platform: PlayStation Portable
Released in JP: December 18, 2008
Released in US: August 25, 2009
Released in EU: September 4, 2009

CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Dissidia Final Fantasy is the first fighting game that features Final Fantasy characters... or was it?

Unused 3D Character Models

Dissidia Final Fantasy Aerith.pngDissidia Final Fantasy Tonberry.png

There is an Aerith 3D model and Tonberry 3D model in the game that are never used. Aerith may have been considered as an assist character, considering her appearance in Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy.

Placeholder Graphics

Player Icons

Dissidia Final Fantasy Placeholder Player Icons.png

There are 46 placeholder graphics for Player Icons. They appear as a FF1 Ninja and are numbered.


Dissidia Final Fantasy Placeholder Summons.png

There are 9 placeholder graphics for summons in the game. They appear as a FF8 Ifrit and are labeled: オーディーン (Odin), オーディーン AUTO (Odin AUTO), デスゲイズ (Deathgaze), オメガ (Omega), カイナッツォ (Cagnazzo), オメガ (Omega), アスラ (Asura), リッチ (Lich), and アルテマウェポン (Ultima Weapon).

Cosmos and Chaos

Dissidia Final Fantasy Cosmos Placeholder1.pngDissidia Final Fantasy Cosmos Placeholder2.pngDissidia Final Fantasy Cosmos Placeholder3.pngDissidia Final Fantasy Cosmos Placeholder4.pngDissidia Final Fantasy Cosmos Placeholder5.pngDissidia Final Fantasy Chaos Placeholder1.png

Since Cosmos and Chaos are not playable characters there are several placeholder graphics for Cosmos and a few for Chaos. Most of them appear as a faded out Zidane.

Play as Chaos

Normally it isn't possible to play as Chaos, but with cheat codes it is possible.

Regional Differences

There is an enormous amount of differences when comparing the Japanese and international versions.

These changes were later brought to Japanese gamers in the Universal Tuning re-release, which further adds the ability to change the battle voices to either English or Japanese (cutscene voices are only in English).

EX Mode Bar Changes

Japanese International
Dissidia purple ex JP.jpg Dissidia orange ex.jpg

In the original Japanese version, the EX Bar would stay purple, regardless of the EX status. In the international versions, the EX Bar turns orange when full, and remains so in EX Mode.

Name Changes

Battlegen was called Battle Rise in the original Japanese version.

Starting Ability Changes

In the Japanese version, you had to level up in order to gain access to Free Air Dash and EX Core Lock-on. The international version grants these automatically. Also, the Japanese version only gave you Air Dash at the beginning of a character's development.

New Item in the PP Catalog

The PP Catalog in the international versions now has a new item that can unlock all cutscenes in the game.

Arcade Mode

Arcade mode was new to the international versions. All Cosmos characters are available from the start, with villains, Gabranth and Shantotto unlockable through the PP Menu.

Cutscene Additions

Shantotto's and Gabranth's cutscenes in the Distant Glory storylines were originally told by dialog boxes. In the international versions, it's been changed to fully voiced cutscenes instead.

A new cutscene involving the Moogle summon and Terra has been added as well. This is the same cutscene seen if you get the Moogle Summon in Duodecim.

New Tutorial

The international versions feature a new tutorial that plays before the Prologue story, giving a short introduction to the battle system.

Character Changes

Warrior of Light

  • Radiant Sword's homing is now more accurate.
  • Sword Thrust causes the opponent to stagger.
  • Shield Strike and Rising Buckler have better range.
  • Ascension has wider range.


  • Straightarrow flies faster than the Japanese version.
  • Lance Combo can now draw enemies into it.
  • Rope Knife has better tracking, and now makes opponents stagger.

Onion Knight

  • Damage done by Holy, in an EX Burst, is increased.
  • Blade Torrent has increased range.


  • Paladin Arts and Dark Step can now class change Cecil, without striking an opponent.
  • Dark Flame has its tracking nerfed.
  • Saint's Fall has increased tracking.
  • Lightning Rise can now block magic.
  • Dark Step now has magic block during the slash attack.
  • Soul Shift EX Burst is stronger.


  • Holy has increased tracking.
  • Paladin Force has had its tracking shortened, contrary to Cecil's version of the attack.
  • Flood has had its range shortened.


  • Holy has better tracking.
  • Flood has had its range shortened.
  • In her EX Mode, her glide has increased speed.
  • Blizzara's range and speed are increased.
  • Meteor has lessened stun time, and can be blocked.
  • Tornado now guard crushes.


  • Double Cut has less range.
  • Slashing Blow knocks opponents farther away and has improved tracking.
  • Meteorain now executes quicker.
  • Blade Beam's range has been nerfed, and startup speed has been increased.
  • Fire's speed has slowed, but tracking was increased.
  • Rising Fang has better tracking.


  • An aerial version of Rough Divide was added. It also executes faster than before.
  • Mystic Fury was added in international versions.
  • Heel Crush can be cancelled much earlier, causing an opponent to stagger.


  • Free Energy can no longer be chained from a previous attack.
  • Storm Impulse's range has been changed, and can no longer be chained to Meteo Twister.
  • Vortex has a larger hit box, but no longer chains into Meteo Twister.
  • Rumble Rush, Swift Attack (Ground), and Swift Attack (Midair) can now be chained into Meteo Twister.
  • Tempest can also be chained onto Meteo Twister, but has lost some range.
  • Solution 9 has greater tracking and range.
  • Tidal Flame stalls its movement for a couple seconds, then chases the opponent. It tracks better and moves quicker.
  • Grand Lethal has reduced range.
  • Shift Break can be dodged faster.


  • Slice & Dice can no longer be chained from another attack. Its name was also changed from Charge and Assault, though the initial North American version shows its name as Charge and Assault in menus. The European version corrected this error to show the name Slice & Dice both in battles and in menus.
  • Hop Step's range has been reduced, and is stalled for a little bit initially.
  • Wither Shot's homing and range have been improved.
  • Sphere start reduced initial lag.
  • Energy Rain's horizontal range has been decreased.


Round Edge and Charge Lance have changed graphics.


  • A new HP attack, Flare, has been added. Its properties are different from the blue Flare.
  • Bombard can reflect attacks.
  • Light Crest's projectiles last longer.
  • Starfall summons more fireballs, but their homing has been nerfed.

Cloud of Darkness

  • The balls fired from [Fusillade] Particle Beam now move slower.
  • When using Aura, Cloud of Darkness has faster movement speed in the Japanese version.


  • Float System and Gravity System now keep their magic attacks closer, so even if the enemy dodges the physical attack, they will be hit by lasers.
  • Night Glow has increased range.
  • Black Fang is now performed using R + Square, allowing him to cancel out of it. He can also move faster.
  • Gravity Force has greatly increased range.


  • Reverse Polarity's energy now moves faster, and can stagger opponents.
  • Ex-Death's guard attacks have been improved.
  • All of High Block's, Black Hole's, and Sword's Dance's, have increased range and last longer.
  • AI has been greatly improved.


  • Both Firaga attacks use different graphics.
  • Waggle-Wobbly Firaga has two different versions: A smaller one that is used whenever the attack is first used, and a large form that is randomly used after.
  • Kefka only uses two fireballs when Waggle-Wobbly Firaga is used in EX Mode.
  • Extra-Crispy Firaga has improved tracking and speed.
  • Lickity-Split Thundaga deals more hits.
  • Meteor has improved vertical distance.
  • Ultima can not be guarded against.
  • Trine has faster speed and lasts longer.
  • Hyperdrive can move upwards if the enemy is in the air, but only if the attack has been fully charged.


  • Many of Sephiroth's moves execute faster in the international versions.
  • The player may cancel Hell's Gate in midair, simply to send a shockwave around him.
  • Two new HP attacks were added, Heaven's Light and Scintilla (Aerial).
  • Octaslash tracks better, and Guard Crushes blocks.
  • Shadow Flare has different graphics. The Japanese version is based heavily on his move in Kingdom Hearts II.
  • If Sephiroth uses Heartless Angel, he can move faster than before, and is activated with R + Square. Furthermore, it is now possible to cancel out of the move.
  • Black Materia charges faster.
  • Ending lag of Oblivion has been greatly decreased.


Time Crush has been nerfed, so it can not be used repeatedly. If you use it again, and the enemy is already frozen, they will unfreeze instead.


  • Flare Star has lessened impact range.
  • Kuja can move while using Ultima.
  • Snatch Shot has decreased tracking.
  • Burst Energy can be blocked.


  • Jecht Rush and Jecht Stream are only unblockable when fully charged. They also only stagger, rather than Guard Break.
  • Jecht Block (Ground and Aerial) can no longer harm an opponent.


  • Shantotto's lag at the end of her attacks has been reduced.
  • HP attacks have a little better tracking.


  • Rupture has increased tracking.
  • Guilt now pulls enemies in.


  • Chaos' AI has been improved.
  • Music is fixed when battling him in Arcade and Quick mode, so Phase 2 and 3 no longer play Chaos Battle 1.