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This page details one or more prototype versions of Wii.

How about a nice leek in this trying time?
This page or section details content from the October 2020 Nintendo Leak.
Check the October 2020 Nintendo Leak category for more pages also sourced from this material.

A pre-release US version of the Wii Menu exists in the leaked Nintendo internal data posted on 17th October 2020. This version of the Wii menu was built on Sep 24, 2006; about two weeks before the final version. Due to it being only two weeks older than the final build, it is considered a Release Candidate (RC) build.

To do:

Upload more images and do more research. The MarioCube wiki is the only site that has information about this.

  • Upload sounds and compare between final.
  • Upload GIF images of the animation oddities
  • Upload images of other differences.
  • Minor graphical and sound differences.


Text Differences
Please conenct to the Internet.

Linker Address Map

Download.png Download 1.0RC1_Main.zip
File: 1.0RC1_Main.zip (422 KB) (info)

A linker address map with the names and locations of all functions and source files is present in the RELEASE folder (RELEASE being the build configuration this build was compiled in, FINAL being 1.0's build configuration) in this build.

General Differences

Health and Safety Screen

Prototype Final
WiiSysMenu 1.0RC1 Boot.png Wii-USHealthSafety.png

In the 1.0 Release Candidate, there is a timestamp present on the health and safety screen. The timestamp is read from a text file (RELEASE\time_stamp.txt) that is not present in the final.

These are the contents of the text file:

Sun Sep 24 21:03:15     2006

Wii Menu

The default selection sound of the release candidate is quite different compared to the final version.

Prototype Final
  • Empty channel slots can be highlighted.
  • The 'Start' Button on the Disc Channel isn't greyed out when no disc is inserted. Pressing it plays an error sound instead.
  • The menu will not boot by default unless Z is held on a Gamecube controller plugged into the fourth controller port. However, if there is a disc inserted, it will boot that disc. This was most likely used for trade shows, in order to hide the Wii Menu.

System Settings

Debug Content

A few settings such as the connection test display a debug output not seen in the final.

Prototype Final
WiiSysMenu 1.0RC1 NetworkTest.png WiiSysMenu 1.0Final NetworkTest.png

General Changes

  • Style sheets are stored individually for each language in 1.0 RC1; there is one set for all languages in 1.0.
  • The font used has been renamed from "FOT-ロダンNTLG Pro <variant>" to "Wii NTLG <variant>".
  • Almost all of the icons in the "List_Icon" folder do not exist in 1.0, barring the Wi-Fi connection quality icons and some backgrounds.
  • A common background image is not used between all HTML pages.
  • All language versions are included in all versions of the system menu. In later versions, only the actually required languages are present. Ironically, this means that this is the only version of the System Menu that cannot be semi-bricked.
  • Although the version of the System Menu is still v33 internally, the name of the wad is "systemmenu.rvl.wad", instead of 1.0 and later's "systemmenu.rvl.v33.wad".

UI Changes

  • Image files relating to game rating agencies are not present in the US version. For the most part, they are present in the Japanese version, except the French translations of the ESRB ratings, the "Any" rating, and the "None" (implying that a particular aspect has not been rated yet.)
  • The Japanese localization uses a slightly earlier version of the CSS for System Settings:
  • The "scanline" styled background is slightly lighter.
  • Some pages use the earlier hover buttons, some use 1.0s.
  • The tabs at the top of the settings screens have icons on the left side that were not present in 1.0.

The US localization, however, uses a substantially earlier revision of the CSS and is overall based on an earlier design, likely due to stylesheets being stored per language:

1.0 RC1 (US) 1.0 RC1 (JPN), 1.0
Under 1.0rc1.gif Under 1.0.gif

The outline was removed.

Early Buttons

Several early button graphics are present within the Settings HTML of this version of the Wii Menu. Additionally, an even older "ver2" set can be found within the files, unused.

1.0 RC1 (US, early CSS) 1.0 RC1 (JPN), 1.0
1.0rc1 Btn D.gif Allow D off 1.0rc1.gif
1.0 RC1 (US, early CSS) 1.0 RC1 (used), 1.0
1.0rc1 Btn L.gif Allow L off 1.0rc1.gif
Hover Buttons
1.0 RC1 1.0
1.0rc1 Btn L on ver2.gif Allow L on.gif
1.0 RC1 (US), 1.0 RC1 (JPN) (unused) 1.0 RC1 (JPN), 1.0
1.0rc1 Btn D on ver2.gif Allow D on.gif

The button used on hovering has changed; it has an overall more bluish appearance than in 1.0 RC1 US, with a tweaked, more angular arrow shape and overall higher quality. It is also worth noting that the filename of the earlier hover buttons names them as "ver2", implying that they come from an even earlier button set than the early buttons used in 1.0 US; additionally, only left and down buttons exist for this set, instead of all four cardinal directions as is the case for the later buttons.

Removed Content

This file is shown when viewing the raw HTML files in a browser but does not show up when running this version on a Wii. Considering the filename, it is likely that this image would appear if the system believed that a particular setting option needed to be checked or modified by the user. It is not present in any later version.

TV Remote Functionality

This version of the Wii Menu includes unused Japanese HTML files for the TV Remote functionality for the Wii, which was removed before release. These screenshots were created by modding them back into use by linking to them with a button in the Wii's options, to show what they would have looked like had the feature been kept.


The settings menu is mostly localized (in English; the Spanish and French localizations have not been started), but the translated version is not loaded, defaulting to Japanese.

However, the localization is still somewhat early:

  • The <title> elements have not been translated to the English placeholder names they would use in 1.0, instead using their original Japanese names.
  • "Parental Controls" is misspelt as "Parental Contols".
  • "Internet" is spelt "InterNet".
  • "Sensor Bar" is spelt "Sensorbar".
  • The ordering of the options in the index pages has been changed; in RC1 all three index pages have three options, whereas in 1.0 the first two have four and the third has two. Additionally, many of the options have been rearranged.
  • The Internet and Parental Control options have not yet been localized, and are only present in the Japanese HTML files, with the Parental Controls folder being empty and the Internet folder not even being present in the US version.
  • The Back button instead says "Wii Option", whatever that means.
  • "Wii System Settings" instead states "Hardware Settings"

The US localization additionally utilizes an earlier version of the System Settings CSS than the Japanese version with several differences:

  • The set of unused buttons is used.
  • There is no page setting marker.
  • The buttons are overall wider.
  • There are many missing icons, such as the items for game rating agencies and most of the icons used on buttons.
  • The gradient at the top and bottom is more defined.
  • All buttons that do not have outlines in later revisions have outlines.
  • The header is completely different. Instead of a white background with progressively fading squares to the left determining how deep into the settings one is, there is simply large text, justified to the right with the name of the current setting page.
  • Almost all settings are rearranged and on different pages.
  • The ability to factory reset the console does not exist.
  • Page titles have a set width of 560px. In 1.0 and 1.0 RC1 Japanese, they do not have a fixed width.


  • The menu will crash when entering the Wii Save Data menu in Data Management.