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Action Replay DS

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Title Screen

Action Replay DS

Developer: Datel
Publisher: Datel
Platform: Unlicensed Nintendo DS
Released in JP: 2006?
Released in US: July 2006
Released in EU: July 2006

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

The first cheat device for the DS (not to be confused with the older Action Replay MAX Duo, which only offers save-based operations on DS games). Unfortunately quite prone to spontaneous failure, with many reports of storage corruption and white-screen bricks.

Luckily, with access to a flashcard, a ROM of an older firmware can be loaded, the defective Action Replay swapped to, and a newer firmware installed over USB.

Now you can be a dirty cheater on the go... and, with the optional Slot-2 based Trainer Toolkit, debug games at home!

Unused Banner


Datel D&D

Like every other Nintendo DS game, the Action Replay DS has a banner (an icon and a description). However, since the Action Replay is designed to bypass the DS' menu regardless of the system's start-up setting, it's never seen - though given the icon is just a black square, you're not really missing much.

The DSi and 3DS don't even acknowledge the Action Replay DS when inserted.

(Source: Ferrox)

Version Differences

To do:
A Japanese version also exists.


Action Replay DS cards.png

The Action Replay DS was manufactured in multiple versions. The most obviously-different ones would be the pictured pair: one has a small protrusion for housing the semiproprietary USB connector, while the other has a much larger box housing a longer PCB allowing for a "passthrough port", giving the ability for a game card to be inserted directly in the Action Replay without the need to swap between the two cards.

Confusingly, not all of the large models have a passthrough port, while its existence is mentioned even in the small version's manual.

As mentioned in the changelog below, there is also the matter of internal revisions using artificially incompatible firmware due to truly incompatible USB interfaces.

(Source: [1])

Other not-necessarily-compatible variants include the Media Edition with a microSD slot, the Action Replay DS EZ, the Action Replay DSi, and an indigo-labeled model.


  • v1.00: First release for old-type hardware; dumped as ards.nds.
  • v1.02: Adds undocumented NoPass (PassMe) feature, accessed by holding Select while starting up.
  • v1.??: Round "GO" button (start game) replaced by rectangular "START" button.
  • v1.52: Codes can now be manually typed-in and deleted using on-screen controls. Adds support for the Trainer Toolkit.
  • v1.55: Final release for old-type hardware (backport of v1.71)
  • v1.60: First release for new-type hardware?
  • v1.71: Final release for new-type hardware. Includes fixes for Pokémon Black and White and Professor Layton and the Lost Future.

ards-firmwaretool can be used to convert, with some restrictions documented in the program, between a ROM dump and a firmware image.