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Title Screen


Also known as: Sport Vii, V-Sport (JP)
Developer: JungleTac
Publishers: JungleTac, KenSingTon
Released in JP: 2008
Released in CN: 2007

DebugIcon.png This console has debugging material.

The Vii is one of the many clones of the Wii, going so far as to include its own version of Wii Sports. However, it's only slightly more advanced than those Plug & Play games. It's notable for being one of the earliest Wii clones and having a cheesy commercial.

Diagnostic Menu

To do:
A lot of things in this menu don't work properly when emulated in MAME. Try them on a real console and document them here.


Holding 1 + 2 (or A + B, as they are received as the same input) while starting the console without a cartridge inserted boots it to a diagnostic menu. Pressing B + Up (or 1 + Up) will exit the diagnostic menu or the current sub-menu.



A controller test screen similar to ones found in the 7-in-1 and 10-in-1 cartridges, with added tests for the controller's gyroscopic sensors.


Doesn't work under MAME.



Plays 10 different sounds through the controller's speaker in order and then exits to the main diagnostic menu. As only the console's audio has been implemented in MAME, it's currently unknown what sounds are being played.


Vii-diagnosticmenu-eepromtest.png Vii-diagnosticmenu-eepromtesterror.png

Briefly displays "Please Wait......" then gives an error, likely due to imperfect emulation.


Vii-diagnosticmenu-checksum1.png Vii-diagnosticmenu-checksum2.png Vii-diagnosticmenu-checksum3.png Vii-diagnosticmenu-checksum4.png Vii-diagnosticmenu-checksum5.png

Displays "Please Wait......" for a bit, cycles through three background images from the built-in games, and then displays the internal ROM's checksum.