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Proto:MySims Racing (Wii)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of MySims Racing (Wii).

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To do:
Is there any character differences like stats or base roster? Or even a build date for this and other builds so they can be compared to see if it is a pre-release build even by a couple seconds? Or even if there is unused content in the demo?

There is an EU demo that seem to have been put online around early August 2022 that this page is covering. From a surface level search, it is unknown if it was pre-release or post-release. To be safe, however, it is put in here as we don't know what horrors it could contain like gasp SIMS!

Differences from the full game

  • A piece of text before the EA logo saying the following text:
    • This demo is intended for promotional purposes only, and may not be sold, rented or reproduced by any party. Any unauthorized use of this demo is prohibited by applicable law.
  • The autosave stuff is gone!
  • The title screen says underneath the logo "Trial Version" in regular text.
  • Instead of having trailers, etc, the demo has in the Extras the controls of the game, which, as far as I know, aren't explained outside of the beginning of the story mode. So unless if you start another story mode playthrough or try the demo, you would have no clue how to control the game outside of the control method you picked to begin story mode... there's 4 control methods according to the demo and only 3 story mode slots. You can do the math.
To do:
Full text dump to see if there's any cut content mentioned (or just to see it in general without having to afk for like a minute or two)
  • Speaking of the story mode, that's cut from the demo and at the 2nd to last option (Story Mode is around the top in the full game), there's Full Game Specs. It tells you about the features of the full game like how there's a story mode.
To do:
I have no clue how to do raised tm's, which they are in the text so as placeholders, there are brackets around the tm's. --Rebateman (talk) 06:07, 19 August 2022 (UTC). Also translations of other languages or if there's a way to access other languages.
  • The error messages that refer to the title of the game say it's the Trial Version in English.
    • Example: "Please insert the MySims(tm) Racing Trial Edition Disc." vs "Please insert the MySims(tm) Racing Disc."
    • There is also versions here in Japanese, French, etc even though I think the demo's English only.
  • The options for non-Single Race in Singleplayer (Quick Match) and non-Face Off races in Multiplayer for race types have been grayed out and made transparent. As you can guess, you can press the A button on them and they will do nothing in the demo but will do something in the full game.
To do:
Figure out if there's any differences in the race tracks between this and the full version.
  • Only 2 race tracks are playable in the demo. They are Gopher Gulch and Crescendo Cruise.
  • Your Sims can't be saved to Wiimotes and as the demo doesn't save, you lose your randomly generated stats whenever you restart the demo and have to recreate the Sim! Oh the misery!