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Streets of SimCity

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Title Screen

Streets of SimCity

Developer: Maxis
Publisher: Maxis
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: November 4, 1997

ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

Notable for its ability to generate 3D levels from SimCity 2000 city files, Streets of SimCity is a vehicular combat game featuring both free-roam gameplay and scenarios with specific objectives. The player's activities primarily consist of delivering packages and destroying (or being destroyed by) hostile computer-controlled vehicles, although a set of race missions is also included.

Although the game was poorly received at the time of its release, the novelty of viewing SimCity 2000 cities from a different perspective and the game's quirky sense of humor (it features strange radio commercials, deliberately over-the-top voice acting, and amusing descriptions of package contents) are considered sufficient compensation for its bugs and general lack of polish by fans.

The game came with a basic scenario editor that allowed players to create custom races using any SimCity 2000 city. This editor isn't capable of creating more sophisticated scenarios, but the scenario format has been reverse-engineered and documented here.

Unused Models

The game stores its 3D models in three files within its GEO folder, each containing roughly a third of the game's models. The format of these files is documented here.

SIM3D2.MAX contains four unused railway crossing gate models. All four are identical, just rotated in increments of 90 degrees.

Streets of SimCity unused railway gate model.png

Also contained in SIM3D2.MAX are the ambulance dispatch pylon, Augusta A109 helicopter, and UFO models from SimCopter (which uses the same engine as Streets of SimCity and was released before it).

Unused Text

Scenario Success/Failure Text

Each scenario file contains blocks named WTXT and LTXT. These blocks are empty for many scenarios, but for some they contain ASCII text that never appears in-game. This text was likely intended to be displayed when a player won or lost the scenario containing it, but instead the game uses generic "YOU WON!" and "YOU LOST!" messages for all scenarios.

These tables contain the contents of the WTXT and LTXT blocks for all scenarios. Grammatical errors and typos are reproduced as-is.

Zippy Courier Service

Campaign Folder Name Scenario File Name Win Text Lose Text
Doofus zippy1 empty empty
Doofus zippy2 empty empty
Doofus zippy3 You have passed the rite of passage, you are now a full fledged Courier. The Clock has run out and you have failed, shame to you and your family name.
Doofus zippy4 Good job! You not only made all you deliveries, but you survived as well. You get to be Courier of the Month! Obviously this job is too tough Maybe you should settle down and be a pig farmer.
Doofus zippy5 empty empty
Doofus zippy6 empty empty

Galahad's Watch

Campaign Folder Name Scenario File Name Win Text Lose Text
Galahad Gal1 Somebody is going to pay for ruining my vacation. You let some punk rank amateurs beat you? How disgraceful.
Galahad Gal2 Good job, the city has been cleaned up and Law and Order has been re-established. You are no better than the Bad Cops themselves. With you disgraced and facing murder charges, the Bad Cops keep their grip on the city.
Galahad Gal3 That eliminates this local chapter, but I'll have to dig deep to get rid of this rot. Crispin has successfully beat off your attempts. The world is safe for evil again...
Galahad Gal4 Good job, Group 9 has been dealt a serious blow. The school lies in ruins; now the kids lacking education can be easily manipulated by Group 9.
Galahad Gal5 Good job, Group 9 has been thwarted, but already you are getting reports of Group 9 causing more trouble in another city. The Mayors House lies in ruins and everyone blames the J57, so they blame you!!! Reputation tarnished, you can't go on and Group 9 secures it's iron grip on the world.
Galahad Gal6 The city has been spared the brunt of the desperate attack, but unless something is done, they will be back. Disaster, the city has been overrun by Group 9, it has be razed to the ground, can anyone stop these mad men?

Granny's Wild Ride

Campaign Folder Name Scenario File Name Win Text Lose Text
Granny Granny1 empty empty
Granny Granny2 empty empty
Granny Granny3 empty empty
Granny Granny4 empty empty
Granny Granny5 empty empty
Granny Granny6 empty empty

Streets of SimCity

Oddly, scenarios in the general "Streets of SimCity" campaign use the WTXT and LTXT blocks to specify which success and failure cutscenes each scenario should use, despite the presence of WANM and LANM blocks (likely abbreviations of "win animation" and "lose animation") in each scenario file that were presumably included for this purpose but are always empty.

Campaign Folder Name Scenario File Name Win Text Lose Text
Movie Apocal zippy racer
Movie Arena galahad galahad
Movie DeathMall galahad galahad
Movie DrugRaid galahad galahad
Movie FWar final racer
Movie Glory galahad galahad
Movie Mayhem galahad galahad
Movie Niceguy granny zippy

Race for Your Life

Campaign Folder Name Scenario File Name Win Text Lose Text
Race Race01 empty empty
Race Race02 Winning Text Loosing Text
Race Race03 empty empty
Race Race04 empty empty
Race Race05 empty empty
Race Race06 empty empty
Race Race07 empty empty
Race Race08 empty empty
Race Race09 empty empty
Race Race10 empty empty