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The Sims Online

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Title Screen

The Sims Online

Also known as: EA Land
Developer: Maxis
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: Windows
Released in US: December 17, 2002

AnimationsIcon.png This game has unused animations.
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See, this is why game preservation is important.
This game is defunct.
Do note the game no longer works at all without modifications. This is most likely due to the game's servers being shut down (as of August 1, 2008). As a result, further official developments with the game are unlikely to happen.
To do:
EA Land, New & Improved. Looooads of revisional changes. Everything, basically.
  • Hidden autorun art.

The Sims Online was an MMO version of The Sims that, while largely containing content from its offline counterpart, had tons of other exclusive content.

The game was shut down in 2008.[1]


Read about prototype versions of this game that have been released or dumped.
Prototype Info

Unused Cities

By the time the game had launched, there were a total of seven unique cities to reside in. However hidden within the files are data for a further twenty-three cities! While five of these were eventually opened to the public with subsequent updates, the others remained unused and left to anguish in total digital obscurity.

Any chance of these cities seeing the light of day was further quashed when all cities were closed with the game's rebranding to EA-Land, wherein all active cities at the time were merged into a singular large landmass map. (And then of course quashed even further when the game shut down altogether.)

Descriptions of these cities are present in TSOClient\gamedata\uitext.dir\_238_citydescriptionstrings.cst.

ID Name Thumbnail Description Notes
city_0005 Ocean’s Edge TSO_City-05-Thumbnail.png Creative types from all around the world have dropped anchor and have chosen to call Ocean's Edge their haven! Beaches galore highlight the landscape of this tropical wonderland. If you like sea, sun and sand, this is the place for you. Crystal blue warm water laps against the coastline providing the ultimate beachfront homestead possibilities. Perfect surroundings for the landscape artist in you, Ocean's Edge also has a gracious helping of rolling hills, grassy green fields and even a touch of icy white powder, for the rugged homesteader in all of us. Dive into the artistic beauty of Ocean's Edge! Later went on to be the basis for a region in EA-Land/Test Center 3 with the release of EA-Land.
city_0006 East Jerome TSO_City-06-Thumbnail.png “We’re much nicer than West Jerome” is the slogan of this humble city of industry, and the inhabitants couldn’t be more right! Placid rivers and lakes, emerald pastures against dramatic cliffs make for some of the most picturesque scenery East of the Western Hemisphere. Frolic in the meadow while basking in the sunlight of East Jerome! (Not affiliated in any way with West Jerome.) Was eventually released on December 27, 2002.[2]
city_0007 Fancey Fields TSO_City-07-Thumbnail.png Join the establishment of wealth and beauty in Fancey Fields. Live the life of someone who is repulsed by anything that less than beautiful at Fancey Fields. Look at the beautiful beaches, the beautiful water, the beautiful landscape, the beautiful people. Surround yourself with a beautiful property and fill it with beautiful things. As founder of Fancey Fields, Lee Fancey, once said: “Life can be beautiful if you constantly force feed yourself nothing but beauty.” Beautiful. Simply beautiful. Was eventually released on December 30, 2002.[2]
city_0008 Hyde Park TSO_City-08-Thumbnail.png Artists and artisans alike choose Hyde Park as their home sweet home. Hyde Park, once known for its artist colonies and abattoirs, is now just known for its artist colonies! Tragically beautiful green hillsides give way to indescribably awesome white sandy beaches. Icy clear blue water unsympathetically caresses the Jekyll Peninsula, forming some of the most desirable beachfront property in the world. Scale Seabass Point and build your humble abode amidst the ice and snow for an excruciatingly swell view! No one left a cake out in the rain at Hyde Park! Was eventually released as "Betaville" on January 13, 2005.[2]
city_0009 Raymond Lagoon TSO_City-09-Thumbnail.png Just sit right back, and you'll hear a tale of a beautiful tropical lagoon! Come, make your home at Raymond Lagoon, where the waters are blue and calm and the isalnd[sic] hillsides are as green as jade. This balmy beachfront paradise has been a favorite meeting spot for science fiction lovers, ever since that fateful night some 40 years ago when that blazing light streaked from the sky and landed somewhere on one of the smaller, central islands. If you crave warmth and leisure, or if you are intrigued by possible visits from another galaxy, Raymond Lagoon just might be for you! Renamed to "Charvatia" as of Version 1.529.9.0 (New And Improved), but remained unused.
Later went on to be the basis for a region in EA-Land/Test Center 3 with the release of EA-Land.
city_0010 Xanadu TSO_City-10-Thumbnail.png In Xanadu did Kubla Khan

A stately pleasure-dome decree… And so should you! Build your stately pleasure-dome on the lot of your choice in beautiful, futuristic Xanadu! Green valleys, rolling hills and crystal-clear lakes await the homesteader with grand plans! Build a home to remember, a home for the future!

Was eventually released as "Dragon’s Cove" on September 15, 2004.[2]
city_0011 Rancho Rizzo TSO_City-11-Thumbnail.png Come, enjoy the rustic life at Rancho Rizzo! Saddle up and hit the trail on miles and miles of ranch style acreage. Make your homestead amidst the tumbleweeds and open plains. Bordered uniquely by 2 coastlines to the northeast and southwest, Rancho Rizzo has plenty for everyone seeking that rustic, rough ridin’ lifestyle. Lay your claim to a plot of land and call Rancho Rizzo your home.
city_0012 Zavadaville TSO_City-12-Thumbnail.png Welcome to “The Land of a Billion and a Half Lakes”, beautiful, rustic Zavadaville! Whether you prefer the salt water ocean or fresh water lakes, Zavadaville has something for you! Former home of salt mines and caviar farms, Zavadaville now boasts the world’s largest combined industry of collectible salt shakers and snack crackers! Plenty of beachfront property highlights this beautiful, emerald oasis. If small time charm and the rustic life is what you desire, Zavadaville is for you!
city_0013 Queen Margaret’s TSO_City-13-Thumbnail.png All Hail the glorious region that historians refer to as Queen Margaret’s! Never will you see a more beautiful city than the one named for its equally beautiful Matriarch, Queen Margaret. Full of wonder and visual delight, this area is rich in both tradition and history. Legend has that the first colony of Sims was established along the banks of the Ng River, which cuts through the unblemished emerald landscapes. Marvel at the snow capped peaks of Mt. Highness and gaze upon the placid aura of the Dynasty Delta. Whether you are of royal or common bloodline, Queen Margaret’s is the place for you! Later went on to be the basis for a region in EA-Land/Test Center 3 with the release of EA-Land.
city_0014 Shannopolis TSO_City-14-Thumbnail.png Welcome to the futuristic landscape of Shannopolis! Pioneers of futuristic thinking choose to congregate on the multi-terrain landscape of this marvelous city. Carve your niche in the snow-capped mountains of Polar Peaks, or comb your favorite beach and set up shop. Crystal clear water and golden sand shores come together to form some of the area’s most highly sought after real estate. Make your future now in Shannopolis!
city_0015 Grantley Grove TSO_City-15-Thumbnail.png No other city can boast such cultural diversity as Grantley Grove! Who are you to resist the charm and appeal of Grantley Grove? Sure, you may have friends that live somewhere else, but between the two of us, we both know that they wish they lived in Grantley Grove. Where else could you enjoy the snow, sun and surf all in the same location? Weep at the beauty of the gorgeous coastline, become misty at the awesome splendor of Pixel Peak, then laugh at the misfortune of those that do not live there.
city_0017 Chalmers Canyon TSO_City-17-Thumbnail.png If you are the energetic, vibrant and active type, Chalmers Canyon might be the place for you! We have milesof[sic] sandy beaches to play on, fabulous rolling hills to hike in and even a snow capped mountain peak for those who yearn to chill their toes. No matter where you decide to build your dream residence, you will never run out of activities and palces[sic] to play in this wonderland of energy and exuberance. Breathe the clean air, swim in the pure water and live the good life at Chalmers Canyon!
city_0018 Dalton Farms TSO_City-18-Thumbnail.png Yee-Haw! Welcome, pardner, to Dalton Farms! If you long for the life of open pastures and big sky, Dalton Farms is for you! Till the soil 'til the cows come home as you build your dream ranch on the lush, beautiful prairie land. We even got miles and miles of beachfront property to boot! Over yonder, Dalton Farms has some of the prettiest, whitest snow man or beast has ever laid eyes on. So, saddle up, ride 'em hard and put 'em away wet at Dalton Farms. Was eventually released as "Mount Fuji" on December 24, 2002.[2]
city_0021 Yatesport TSO_City-21-Thumbnail.png Welcome to beautiful historic Yatesport! Once home to sardine canneries and offshore coral mining, Yatesport is now home to tuna canneries and offshore drilling! Whether you desire the serene tropical lifestyle, or the work-a-day lifestyle of big industry, Yatesport has something special for you! Dotted with mini island paradises and lush green hillsides, Yatesport is that small city with big city attitude! Join the hustle and bustle of everyday life, or leave it all behind… all without ever leaving Yatesport!
city_0022 Landry Lakes TSO_City-22-Thumbnail.png Enjoy all of the recreational splendors of lake living, minus the mosquitoes, at Landry Lakes! Ever feel like getting away from it all? Well, now’s your chance to join tens of thousands of people who feel exactly the same way! Do you know the old saying which proclaims that the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence? Well, THIS is the other side of the fence! Enjoy the quiet solitude of Landry Lakes with lots and lots of your best friends! Landry lakes, where recreation is King!
city_0023 Nichols Notch! TSO_City-23-Thumbnail.png Rolling hills of green and icy blue water can be your surroundings on this recreational paradise! A moderate climate and warm, western breezes accentuate this lush, emerald paradise. Plenty of coastline property and lakeside living are available. Prefer the wide open spaces? Nichol's Notch has an abundance of serene, pasture real estate. Build the home of your dreams at Nichol's Notch. Name your niche at Nichols Notch!
city_0024 King Canyons TSO_City-24-Thumbnail.png Historians and history buffs alike desire the anthropologic appeal of this ‘land that time couldn’t forget’. Rated by “Undeniably the Best Place to Live in the Universe Magazine” as: Undeniably the Best Place to Live in the Universe, King Canyons just might be the place for you! Bow down before the awesome splendor of the Royal Rivers as they majestically wind their way through The Chosen One Bayou. Build your estate in the Divinity Delta or nestle your homestead in the Plains of Unquestionable Greatness. Become the King of your own castle in the land of King Canyons.
city_0025 Virginia Islands TSO_City-25-Thumbnail.png Live the island life in the sun and fun of Virginia Islands. Sunbathe on the white sand beaches or climb to the snowy crest of McArthur Peak. Build your pleasure paradise in this lush, picture book fantasy land. Plenty of desirable ocean and river side property is available. Hurry! Make this vacation haven your permanent home! The Virginia Islands await!
city_0026 Lewis Lagoon TSO_City-26-Thumbnail.png You'll feel as though you have entered the ultimate land of fantasy as you nestle your unrestrained fancy in the tranquil surroundings of Pixie Point. Play amongst the peaks, plains and powder in the petite, populous paradise of Lewis Lagoon! Cool your toes in the snow covered highlands of the Hills of Ica or warm your body and soul at Pixie Dust Beach. Take control of your destiny! Produce the playground of your dreams at Pixie's Point!
city_0027 West Darrington TSO_City-27-Thumbnail.png Enter the fantasy world of West Darrington. The elders claim that West Darrington was once the land of giants and dragons. It is also rumored that Mount Darrington was once the climactic site of the legendary, epic gnome battle for control of the Golden Kettle. Who are we to argue? Live the life of legend and folklore by building your haven here in West Darrington. May the Wizards of Dondlefinger smile kindly upon you, and the Faeries of Chesterburg caress you with their silken wings. Or, at the very least, may the Dwarves of Terror never steal the soul of tranquility which resides peacefully within your new home!
city_0028 Upper Shankelston TSO_City-28-Thumbnail.png Upper Shankelston is a recreational paradise! Located just north of Lower Shankelston, Upper Shankelston puts the “U” in FUN! The happy-go-lucky residents of this amazing city live for entertainment! Come, add even more fun to their lives, and yours! Snowy precipices, green rolling hills and tons of beachfront property make Upper Shankelston the place to meet for fun, fun, FUN!
city_0029 Albertstown TSO_City-29-Thumbnail.png Well, we're living here in Albertstown. They've torn all the factories down, and what a difference it has made! Once a stell[sic] industry area, Albertstown is now a rejuvenated, plalatial wonderland that is rich in history and tradition. If you like taking a trip back in time to see how life was lived in an industrial age, maybe Albertstown is the place for you! What was once a gray, smokey city is now a green and blue paradise. If you are a history buff, or if you just like beautiful places, make your home in Albertstown.
city_0030 Terra Tablante TSO_City-30-Thumbnail.png Terra Tablante was made for romantics like you! Fall in love all over again when you bare witness to the green rolling hills, the powder blue water and the snow capped peaks of Terra Tablante. Residents here love the serene setting, the tranquil lakes and the white sand beaches. To not have lived in Terra Tablante is to not have loved. Open your heart and build your love nest in Terra Tablante.