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The Sims 2 (Game Boy Advance)

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Title Screen

The Sims 2

Developer: Amaze Entertainment
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: Game Boy Advance
Released in US: October 24, 2005
Released in EU: November 4, 2005

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
MinigameIcon.png This game has unused modes / minigames.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.

PrereleaseIcon.png This game has a prerelease article
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Daddy Bigbucks wants to produce a TV Show about the life in Strangetown without the knowledge of the residents, with you as the protagonist. What mysteries will you unravel? Perhaps things that were never meant to be seen by an ordinary individual. Because, you know... they are unused and stuff.


Read about prerelease information and/or media for this game.
Prerelease Info
Miscellaneous tidbits that are interesting enough to point out here.

List of Episodes

A list of episodes sorted by their ID. Unused episodes are highlighted in bold.

ID Title Description Notes
0 It All Began The dawn of a new season. Maryland Summers shows the new star around the set. Description is unused.
1 Buried By the Mob Mobster Frankie Fusilli has a favor to ask of just about everyone in town. Where do your loyalties lie? Season 1 Episode 1
2 <Episode deleted> <Episode deleted> The title and description says it all.
3 What Digs Beneath Something strange is lurking under the arid sands of Strangetown. Is it a friend... or a foe? Season 1 Episode 2
4 Giuseppi Was Framed Giuseppi is in jail, charged with a disastrous crime he claims he didn't commit. Can you find the guilty party and restore dignity to the city? Nothing seems to be left of this episode.
5 The Doomed Earth An errant asteroid hurtles towards Earth, much to Emperor Xizzle's delight. Stop this natural accident before it's too late! Season 3 Episode 2
6 Blackout! A suspicious power failure at the Nuclear Plant raises questions of sabotage. Is the guilty party one of your friends? Or are greater forces at work? Season 2 Episode 1
7 Aliens Arrived The shrewd Emperor Xizzle launches a full scale invasion... with a twist: you may not be able to find his army. Be careful! Season 1 Episode 3
8 The New Cola A delicious new cola with a secret formula has an unexpected effect on your Sim. Season 2 Episode 3
9 Cult of Personalities A secret society wants to welcome your Sim into their fold. Follow the mysterious stranger's instructions to get into this select group. Nothing seems to be left of this episode.
10 A Brand New Scent Kayliegh Wintercrest's sweet new perfume has surprising effects on the single men of Strangetown. Season 2 Episode 2
11 Rage of the Sasquatch Kent Hackett is single-handedly trying to shut down the Strangetown zoo. It's up to your Sim to ensure that the zoo stays afloat. Nothing seems to be left of this episode.
12 Looking For Chaz Dastard A sci-fi convention sparks a petrifying outcome when your Sim seeks revenge for Kent Hackett's harsh words. Nothing seems to be left of this episode.
13 Triassic Trouble Oops! Honest Jackson has misplaced a dinosaur. Or, rather, its bones. Your Sim can help him recover the pieces. Season 3 Episode 1
14 More Birds Penguins attack the town in a nod to Hitchcock. A penguin is briefly visible in the saloon, and the farm has some kind of pressure plate on it. It makes a noise when stepped on.
15 There Was This Mummy When things start disappearing in Strangetown, your Sim vows to unravel the cause. Season 2 Episode 4
16 Shark Jumping The player takes on the role of Dusty Hogg in his quest to make the ultimate jump. A dummied cutscene seems to have been intended for this episode.
17 The Captain's Curse Pepper Pete's long lost ancestor visits him, telling him of a buried treasure. Nothing seems to be left of this episode.
18 The Earth Was Hollow The salt mines reveal an entry into the earth. Nothing seems to be left of this episode.
19 Misty-Eyed Party Misty finds herself plagued with bad luck after she fails to send out a chain email. See if you can shift her luck and get her birthday party back on track. Nothing seems to be left of this episode.
20 Save Strangetown! Daddy Bigbucks is planning his most vile trick yet... but the secret of Strangetown won't be a secret for long. There are several NPCs, but nobody has anything to say. You can ask the Mummy for an errand. The received item can be given back to him to complete the errand.
21 A Very Special Reunion Five years after the final episode, it's time to cash-in on Strangetown's cult status. Help Kent Hackett find the best loved stars and most reviled villains for one last action-packed adventure! Season 3 Episode 4
22 It All Came to an End In a scheme for higher ratings Daddy Bigbucks decides a tragedy should befall Strangetown in this season ending cliffhanger! Season 3 Episode 3
23 We Never Finished This Episode The "lost" episode. What the title says.

Unseen Areas

Parts of the map the camera never moves to.

Strangetown Zoo

Usually the unseen parts of a map are quite uninteresting and mostly consist of a black void. But the zoo is different. The outside area is fully mapped! Large parts of this dried out river bed are never seen, including those pipe pieces at the bottom.


Olde Salty Statue

The statue at the dam is only partially visible, most of the body and the lantern is never seen.


Unused Skin Tones

There are two additional skin tones which can not be selected. A red one and a green one. They were used in the previous game, The Urbz: Sims in the City, by using the Bod-Mod Booth. In fact, there are a total of 256 skin tones! (1 byte in memory) Most palettes up to 57 look decent as a skin color, even though they were probably never intended to be used as such.

Red skin Green skin
TheSims2GBAredskin.png TheSims2GBAgreenskin.png

Unused Menu

Could be an early multiplayer menu.


Unused Cutscene

A cutscene of Dusty Hogg on his motorcycle jumping over a shark pool. This is a reference to the Happy Days episode "Hollywood, Part 3," where the character Fonzie jumps over a confined tiger shark while riding on water-skis. Since then, the phrase "jumping the shark" has been used in the public lexicon to denote the moment where a series' writers have run out of ideas, or to denote that the series as a whole is declining in quality.

TheSims2GBAcutsceneDustyHogg1.png TheSims2GBAcutsceneDustyHogg2.png TheSims2GBAcutsceneDustyHogg3.png TheSims2GBAcutsceneDustyHogg4.png

Unused Text

To do:
There are more unused strings than this.

Introductory Episode

And before I forget, I want to say how glad I am that you're playing this role. We're all so lucky to-
Hey, what's up? You just moved into this house? Then we're neighbors! My name's Dusty Hogg.
This is a great town, I'm sure you'll be glad you moved here.
Sure... @1, why don't we work on our first scene. The one where you befriend me.
Just ad-lib. You know, say stuff that will make me like you.
I'll let you guys work it out. I'll be back.
All right @1, impress me.
Whoa, you feeling all right? That didn't quite sell "friendship". Let's try it again.
Hey, all right! I only met you a few minutes ago, but it feels like we've been friends for years.
Whoa! Is that the time? I gotta go run some errands, @1. Talk to you later!
No? Well follow me....
This is your pad. The sweetest house in the city. Go inside and explore a bit.
Check your Cast List. It will show you all the people in town, along with a handy biography compiled by my assistants. Any juicy secrets you discover about these Strangetown peons will also be recorded here.
The grid also indicates what level of relationship you've attained with them. Each time you have a successful conversation of a specific type, it will raise your relationship level and be indicated on that grid.
At the end of each episode we'll go back to the boardroom and I'll show you the ratings for that show. If you want to keep your job, these Ratings better be huge!
You can spend those points on getting new sets and props to play with, new scripts and plots to enact, and more! So get those ratings!
Hey, a visitor! Come on in man. I just finished cleaning up and was about to fry up some banana sandwiches.
I'm pretty new to Strangetown myself. Recently bought this here trailer and drove it down from Miniopolis last month.
A lot of hustle and bustle there. Too many cliques! So I'm hoping this place is a little more, you know, chilled out.
Anyway, nice to meet ya, man. I'm Dusty Hogg... rambler, ambler and gambler. Don't be a stranger.
I'm Gunnery Sergeant Tank Grunt reporting for duty.
Good morning and welcome to Strangetown!
What was that? Did you flinch? Don't DO that!
And don't salute me! You're no military officer! Gah!

All of this dialogue would have been used in earlier versions of the first episode.

Scrapped Interactions

Break the cage open
Leave it be
Purchase the Crash Helmet.
Nah, I'll come back later.
Purchase the NOS bike upgrade kit.
Nah, I'll come back later.

Likely episode-specific interactions.

Bake a Mix
Change Clothes
Grill Burgers
Grill Fish
Put Out the Fire!

All these interactions exist in the prequel, The Urbz: Sims in the City for GBA.

Call Services
Repair Man
Invite a Friend Over
Call Dr. Moore
You don't have enough Simoleons to pay for that service.
Nothing here needs to be cleaned!
Nothing in this room is on fire!
Nothing in this room is broken!

These interactions likely would have been used for the player's home phone.

Phone Calls

Hey, you won a free gift! Check your mailbox, it should be there directly.
The chickens back here at the farm sure miss you! Come visit sometime soon!
Keep your nose out of my affairs! This may be my final warning... if I'm not too busy doing evil.

All of these were used in The Urbz: Sims in the City for GBA as random calls the player could get.

Great idea, @1! I'll be right there!
Sorry @1, but I am too busy to hang out.

These were in The Urbz when an NPC is invited over to the player's house.

NPC Dialogue

I showed up in Strangetown on by bike with one bag of clothes and a dream... little did I know my mom lived here too. Weird huh?
I need to do some vocal training for an audition next month. Can you help me? Just punch me in the stomach every 3 seconds while I sing. No?
*Plip* Salutations human. My battery is runny low. I must not engage in lengthy conversations. *Bleep*
You know what I hate about earth? Water. What's up with that stuff? It tastes like battery acid. Yuck!
You've got terrible posture. Good heavens, kid! DO something about that.
It feels like I've got a pebble in my shoe, but dang it, I can't find the darn thing. You wouldn't mind if I took of my shoe would you?
If you see anything, or hear anything, or smell anything, or think anything unusual, at any time, anywhere, by any means, you must let me know.
Are bandanas still out of style? Because there is nothing I like better than being out of style.
My son Dusty may seem like a gruff individual, but he enjoys knitting as much as the next man. It's a Hogg tradition.
I'd love a chance to be a real hero, man. Not just in the movies. But in real life you don't get many chances to save the world.
I just want to be different in a different way than different people are different from people who are sort of the same.
You aren't mixed up with some secret shadow government that's trying to overthrow mine, are you?
You know that psychiatry stuff? It's bogus. And medicine? Pure fakery. As a matter of fact chemistry, biology, and physics are all just figments of our imagination.
I haven't joined any sort of club since 1984... what was the last one? Oh yes, the "Cooks Who Hate Eating" club.
Yar! The only leader I need is the one on the end of my fishing pole!
Frankie Fusilli just gave me an envelope with the name of the next guy I'm supposed to shake down... but when I opened it, there was a picture of me inside.
A deadly bigfoot roaming around? Well... I'm sort of busy but if you need me to rough him up I'll be... actually, no. I'm a pacifist now. Forgot about that.
Bigfoot? I'll bet he's nowhere as fierce as the sasquatch I fought in my 1992 film "The Hairy Man With the Evil Plan."
Personally, I think bigfoot is a misunderstood creature. But you're too stubborn to see that, I'll bet.
Look @1, silent gratitude isn't of much use to anyone, so out with it. Come on. I know you want to thank me. For what? You mean you don't remember?
A bigfoot? Uh oh... I am really hoping he wasn't the result of a genetic mutation caused by a radiation leak. I don't need more bad press.
This FBI job of mine isn't really paying the bills right now. Do you know anywhere I could pour coffee? For some extra pocket money.
You have to excuse my son and his wild ideas... his father and I didn't pay too much attention to him until he left the house at 18.
One day I'm going to jump my bike over canyonero grande... and the world will be watching!
Ooh... I haven't been at sea for more than 2 years. I think I'm a little land-sick.
Ah my poor shark is getting bored with the same old food I keep feeding her. You can only eat so much lasagna, you know?
Check out my new shoes. They're make from recycled milk jugs. Okay, so they smell a little rancid... it's progress, kid.
What's that science fiction show where they have these little machines that can turn garbage into something like, uh, like a steak dinner? Now THAT is recycling. We need one of them.
Ugh! WHY are there so many freaking NERDS in town right now? It's disgusting! They're so... so... gentle!
When ever I begin to feel that I have not accomplished enough in my life I always think of something my father used to say:  "Sancho, you're blocking the television."
I think I want to be an astronaut... that would be pretty sweet. Actually, no... I just want to float. That's what would be sweet.
Wow, I just remembered something... it's been three years since I entered the annual lunar rugby tournament. I should really get back up there for that.
You can't prove anything, 'cause you didn't see nothing and you don't know nothing and... shoot... why did I bother saying anything?
You know, we really don't eat enough blue food. I mean really bright blue. Sure there are blueberries, but they're skew to the purple side.
Course, if they ever invented a hover bike that could top 160 miles an hour, I guess I'd have to sell my bike then.
*Blip* The ALFRED is the most reliable robot ever made. *Brrrp* No ALFRED robot has ever made a mistake or distorted information. *Klang* We are all, by any practical definition of the words, foolproof and incapable of error.*Tink*
Sometimes them scientist folks come here to test out their machines on account of this desert resembling the surface of Mars. Course, there ain't no aliens on Mars so it sorta freaks them out.
Do you think I should get a fourth PhD? I'm torn between theoretical physics and limerick studies.
The trick to skydiving without a parachute is this:  always carry a wooden board. That way, when you're falling, you can stand on the board... and just before you hit the ground, you jump off.
Did I, like, just hear a talking penguin? I swear I did.
Hey whatever you do, man, do NOT go over to the... ah, don't... um... crud, I forgot my line.
I asked my boss to assign me to Strangetown because I thought it would be full of strange crimes... but it's just full of STRANGE.
You interested in breaking things? I don't know why but I have this strange urge to break something. Like a car.
Don't you kids try anything stupid now. And if you insist on doing something stupid, don't do it on city property.
You want to think of a crazy stunt? How about you kidnap my father, cover him with honey, and bury him up to the neck in the desert... no?
You don't have any use for a 6 foot flesh eating plant do you. Because I have one right... hey... where did it go?
A crazy stunt huh? Well... you could clean out nuclear reactor number 2... but you'd probably start vomiting... and all your hair would fall out... and you'd go blind.
You guys want to come up with a crazy stunt? Hmmm. I don't know man... I'd just jump into a volcano or something? No? Too easy?
You guys are what? Trying to come up with some kind of stunt? Man, you should have asked me for ideas I got tons of them... like... shoot... it's... oh, uh... yeah. Tons!
What sort of crazy business is my son up to these days? He's not running with scissors again, is he?",
Bigfoot should use a new brand of shampoo. Always smelling like roses he is. But bigfoot not like roses. Bigfoot like bananas.
Mmm... my... ziggurat... could... use... some... air... conditioning.
What compels you humans to throw yourself into dangerous, life-threatening situations purely for amusement's sake? Is it because you wish to make your species extinct? I hope so.
Of course ghosts really exist... the great lord Zixxleberk has said so.
The downtown area has a no haunting ordinance... that means no ghosts, spooks, poltergeists, or apparitions allowed. You make sure word gets around OK?
I'm bored. Bored bored bored bored bored bored bored... and now I'm bored of saying it. I hate this town. I want to live in Miniopolis.
I've done all I can for Ara... shooting lessons, karate, flying lessons, demolitions training... but she doesn't stick with anything. My daughter really needs to get a hobby.
All ghost stories have happy endings if you think about it... I mean, no matter what happens, they imply there really is life after death. Cool huh?
Hey I think I just solved the quantum double-slit experiment... yeah, it's not a paradox at all if you just- Hold on, I'm getting a call.
I wonder... do you suppose there's a market for sand? I've got a lot of it. Maybe I could sell it to people in snowy climates. Yeah. I guess I'll need a bag of some kind.
Ghosts, zombies, liches, vampires, your general assortment of undead creatures... I've taken all of them on at one point or another.
I'm currently involved in a case in which traces of ectoplasm were found in the river... we think the lake is haunted.
You think I should sell my bike? I'm thinking about getting a jetpack. But do they make jetpacks yet?
I can't help it man, but every mirror I see, I start thinking "I bet there's a camera behind that... watching me."
I'm writing a sci-fi detective story about an out-of-work actor fighting an international drug cartel and, in his spare time, writes a novel about an out-of-work actor fighting... well, I don't want to give it away.
I just realized that the nuclear power plant is about to turn 40 years old. That's a bit scary isn't it?
I'm with humpty-dumpty on the whole un-birthday thing. If we all celebrated un-birthdays we wouldn't have much time to be mean to each other.
Did you feel that? Like, a single rain-drop? I swear I felt it. Oh please rain, please. I want my crops to grow back.
Hey @1, check out my new acting technique, I'm not really smiling... I only look like I'm smiling. Pretty sweet, huh?
Good Zixxleberk! Would you people keep your enthusiasm to a minimum! Why are humans always so LOUD!
I throw birthday parties for myself, sure, but I never show up. I have so many enemies, that's just asking for trouble.
Why do people waste their time throwing parties... they should be throwing fundraisers. For me. For my film projects. I've got 100 ideas. Seriously.

These would have probably been used for NPCs uninvolved in the main plot of scrapped episodes.

Episode Finish

Ha! That one made me laugh, @1. People are such suckers for dinosaurs I never liked them myself... not after that incident on Splicer Isle...
Ha! Our highest ratings ever! Sorry about that little "incident" with the ladybugs. I figured the audience would like it better if you looked REALLY surprised.
Nice ending! It was big! It was bold! Best of all, my no-good-son Luthor didn't end up kissing that beautiful Kayleigh. Good job.
Wow, are the citizens of Strangetown suckers or what? Letting themselves get fooled by those dimwit aliens! Ha! I'll tell you what, that alien commander may need to work on his grammar, but wow is he good for ratings!
Phew! That was close! You had my sweating a bit there, @1. The ratings were sky high for that episode... nothing like those suckers in Strangetown looking terrified to bring in the audience, eh?
Good job. I think we're ready to go on live television now! In a second, you'll pick a script, and off we go. Any one will do.
Tsetse flies! What a great ending! Remind me to get some more of those flies so I can mail them out as birthday gifts!
What a weird episode! But our ratings are edging up higher, thanks to those chumps in the desert. I can't believe we've fooled them for so long!
A Mole Man! Eureka, what a great discover! This will be huge for the ratings! I love it! Let's make him a regular... but of course, we won't tell him!
I suppose that was solid work, @1. Be sure not to let anyone suspect you're on television out there. They can't know! That would be disastrous to the ratings!
Blammo! That was great! Wow, Misty Waters looks good on camera too. Our ratings are up, keep up the work and those Strangetown chumps will make us both richer than we can imagine!

These strings may have been used after the player finished an episode.

Trash Descriptions

There are so many Chug-Chug Cola cans lying around Strangetown because so many people love Chug-Chug!
This is one thing that Strangetown could use more of. A LOT more of.
Could these really be parts from a downed alien spacecraft? Inquiring minds want to know...
Faintly glowing an intriguing shade of green, these rods make your face go numb when you hold them too close.


You are an amiable person dedicated to making friends and keeping them.
You are a romantic soul with a desire to melt as many hearts as possible.
You are an ornery sort, bent on stirring up as much trouble as you can.
I want @1 to be romantic.
I want @1 to be a bully.
I want @1 to be popular.

These strings probably would have been used while selecting the player's aspiration.

Episode Names

Giuseppi Was Framed
Rage of the Sasquatch
Looking For Chaz Dastard
More Birds
Shark Jumping
The Captain's Curse
The Earth Was Hollow
Misty-Eyed Party
We Never Finished This Episode

Episode Descriptions

The dawn of a new season. Maryland Summers shows the new star around the set.
Giuseppi is in jail, charged with a disastrous crime he claims he didn't commit. Can you find the guilty party and restore dignity to the city?
A secret society wants to welcome your Sim into their fold. Follow the mysterious stranger's instructions to get into this select group.
Kent Hackett is single-handedly trying to shut down the Strangetown zoo. It's up to your Sim to ensure that the zoo stays afloat.
A sci-fi convention sparks a petrifying outcome when your Sim seeks revenge for Kent Hackett's harsh words.
Penguins attack the town in a nod to Hitchcock.
The player takes on the role of Dusty Hogg in his quest to make the ultimate jump.
Pepper Pete's long lost ancestor visits him, telling him of a buried treasure.
The salt mines reveal an entry into the earth.
Misty finds herself plagued with bad luck after she fails to send out a chain email. See if you can shift her luck and get her birthday party back on track.
In a scheme for higher ratings Daddy Bigbucks decides a tragedy should befall Strangetown in this season ending cliffhanger!
The "lost" episode.

Cheat Menu

In Game Cheats
Ignore Motive Game
VA Mode
Map Select
Episode Select
Want Complete
Goal Complete
Add Attrib Point
Mini Game
Mini Game Level
Unlock All Social Moves
Social Invincibility
Equip Soaker
Episode Select menu
Boardroom menu
Cutscene Viewer
Add Ratings Points
Add some Collectibles
Unlock all NPC phone numbers

Episode Introductions

Now THIS is a good script. That Bigfoot is huge in the ratings, especially with the kids. I hate kids. It would be nice if you could get him to flip out and scare those little ones!
Oooh, I like this script! Lots of secrets, mysteries, and skullduggery. I can't tell you what it's about just yet... just follow your instincts.
Good choice of scripts! I don't know why Kent Hackett is still so popular, but I guess those nerds and geeks just can't get enough of him. Make a fool out of him, will you?
Nice choice of scripts! Everyone loves parties. Well, except me. I hate parties. Make sure nobody out there in Strangetown has TOO much fun. I'm not paying them to have fun. Heck, I'm not paying them at all!

These would have been said by Daddy Bigbucks before the start of scrapped episodes.

Event Dialogue

The color just drained out of Strangetown!
The color was just restored to that object/individual/location.
Tank has locked the door from the inside.
This is the remains of what looks like a fine Italian dinner...
You dig and find a wad of receipts for a load of glass jars, all signed by Frankie Fusilli,
You move a potted plant and find a large rubber stopper...it's the Dam Drain Plug!
Two months later...
You found a wallet!
An invoice for penguins.
Suspicious microfilm???
Green glowing bottles???
You're TRAPPED!!!
You find a camera buried in the sand. A little dusty, but still in great shape.
There's nothing here.
You've picked a juicy cactus fruit.
Now that's just plain weird.
You've found Misty's BlueBerry™, lying on the ground.
The BlueBerry beeps contentedly. Good thing you charged it for her. She might've broken a nail.
Isn't he a little far North? You give the miserable little guy directions to the Saloon's freezer.
It's a rat!
A rat! You scream like a girl. (Wait, you *are* a girl.)
You find a few strands of white fur clinging to the wall.
Someone has been finger painting in pink frosting on the wall.
There's a huge footprint in the mud. Bigger than any human footprint, but shaped just the same.
These are Misty's MIA invitations! Looks like they never made it to the post office.
You fill your water soaker with red paint.
Another big pile of sand. This one has a few chips of red paint, and some glass from what looks like a headlight...
Hide money

These would have been used for events that occurred in the scrapped episodes.

Secret Dialogue

You know why I'm so easy to understand? Well, I've got this speech impediment see... so I can speak your human language quite well.
Always is to be pleasurable when "ha ha ha!" you go for then it is when it is I know you are so afraid of me! So afraid yes!
I accidentally touched an electric fence when I was a kid... and ever since that time I've always had a perfect sense of direction. I mean, I always know which way is north, no matter what.
Did you know I have two degrees? One in Astrophysics and one in Gravimetrics? I got them before starring in my first movie... but  I'll be darned if I can't remember a single thing about them.
Look, can I trust you with a secret? I used to be a ballerina, but I was kicked out for being too tall. So what I want to know is...  when did overachieving become a BAD thing?
Did Bigfoot ever tell you his name is Stu? Hmmm. Yes... Bigfoot's real name is Stu. But all people prefer Bigfoot because it is more frightening.
Considers shopping a viable form of exercise.
Exercise? I find shopping works pretty well.
You know what I could go for right now? Some Pad Kee Mao... delicious! I actually prefer Thai food to Italian, but don't let anyone know that.
You know @1, I have this theory... the fewer wheels on your vehicle, the braver the person you are... so I'm thinking about getting me a unicycle. What do you think?
You want to know a secret, man? I'll tell you one. That sell-out claiming to be Giuseppi in the last game... that was a ROBOT man!
I like to dabble in writing, did you know that? Sure, I've been working on a 16 volume romance novel for years. It's a romance set in ancient Egypt... I've got about 7 pages written so far. If I remember, I'll let you read some of it.
You think my farm is the only piece of land I own in this world? Heck no! It's just the only one not making me any money. That's why I'm here. In total I own about 300 million simoleon's worth of property around the world!
I'm not always such a shill for Frankie Fusilli, you know... I have other outlets too. For instance, I teach Jazz and Ragtime piano to children for a little extra cash and personal satisfaction.
Do you think I walk with a slight limp? I'm only asking because I'm missing my right pinkie toe. Oh yeah, I lost it in a karate accident. It was silly really....
Man, I am tired of this charade. I'm not acting in Strangetown because I want to be... I'm here because my dad thinks I'm no good at spending money. So this is my punishment... a starring role in his television show!
Listen to me, child. The only way to get your hair looking as good as mine is to buy some of those new plutonium-powered hair curlers. They work wonders!
Omigosh, I have NEVER told this to anyone, but I am SO scared right now... I think my evil twin, Murky, is going to move to strangetown within the year. Okay, she's actually not evil... but she's very devious.
Why was I so adamant about building a self-propelled digging machine? Well... I'm sort of... uh... afraid of the dark.
Tell... no... one... but... for... money... I... have... online... gift... wrapping... service. I... am... something... of... an... expert... in... wrapping.
*Tching* I am so tired of fiddling with machinery. *Blink* I wish I had a biology degree. *Rrr* Disassembling and reassembling humans would be most enlightening. *Clong!*
If I tell you a secret you have to promise not to tell anyone, OK? See... I was sent here by my boss on a secret mission... but he never told me what the mission was. So what should I do?
To be honest, I never liked the taste of pepper. My parents assumed I would, but I've always been partial to garlic. Maybe I should have been Garlic Garry.
I'll admit it... I watch re-runs of my old sci-fi show all the time. Those were my golden years. I just can't let them go! *Sob!*
Let me tell you something friend... I adore animals of all types, but I have no love for horses. If I come within 50 feet of a horse I break out into hives. Bad allergies man.
You like this camouflage on my face? Yeah, it's actually tattooed there, so... it's NEVER coming off.
What's the earliest, most amazing thing I've ever done? Well... I composed a symphony in my head while climbing Mount Everest. I think I was six at the time.
Yeti believes if he was totally shaved of all fur, he would disappear.

Dialogue that would have been used when a characters' secret is unlocked. Most of these are used in the Sims 2 for DS.

Errand Dialogue

Here, deliver this to Giuseppi. Thanks, man.
I have an errand for you, but maybe you'd better come back when there's room in your pockets.
Thanks for doing that, @1. You're the greatest!
Hey, have you delivered that grill to Giuseppi yet? Get to it!
I borrowed this drain plug from Kayleigh a while ago. Can you give it back to her? I'm through giving my animals regular baths.
Did you return the drain plug to Kayleigh yet? I don't want her to think I'm a cheapskate.
The dam's drain plug! I forgot Sancho borrowed it. I'd better plug the dam's drain before we lose half the power in this city.
Jimmy "The" Neck recently told me he wasn't able to find a toilet suitable to his height. I think maybe he'd like this Hygeomatic brand toilet. It's fantastic!
Have you given the toilet to Jimmy yet? I just know its going to bowl him over.
Aw jeez, this is just... well this is embarrassing. Did Mayor Jackson tell you I needed this toilet? Aw jeez....
This is of the highest importance, @1. You must get this microfiche to Honest Jackson. Our lives may depend on it.
Don't dawdle, @1. Get that microfiche to Honest Jackson as soon as possible!
You have the microfiche! This changes everything. I owe you one, @1. We all do.
Hey, @1 could you bring this luxury bed to Ava Cadavra? Apparently she's a big fan of my old show, "Chaz Dastard's Intergalactic Star Safari". I guess she collects stuff like this.
What's with the delay? Do you like carrying beds around in your pocket? Give it to Ava Cadavra, OK?
Ugh! Another bed?! Why does Kent DO that? He knows I want pieces of the original "Chaz Dastard" set... not his old furniture!
Perhaps Penelope will find this strange parchment map of some interest. I found it while digging around beneath the city. Would you take it to her?
Have you given the parchment map to Penelope yet?
Why, this looks like a map of an ancient alien sewage system. My gosh! This could be huge!
Hey, uh, Tristan said he needed a new television to replace the one he turned into a hologram generator. So here... here's one I "found" for him.
Can you give that television to Tristan ASAP? It's a hot little item, if you know what I mean.
Ah, another television. I think I'll use the vacuum tubes in this one to build a guitar amp. Thanks, @1.

Special Wants

Take the blame for Giuseppi at City Hall.
Dig five holes for the Moles' entertainment system.
Find someone to go to the Fantasy Faire for Ara.
Get rhubarb for Mamma Hogg.
Don't tell no one, but I'm supposed to be at City Hall right now for a court appearance. I've been charged with "Intent to Intend Surreptitious Behavior".
But I ain't gonna show up. I'm not going to miss the secret leader's glorious appearance... even if I have to go to jail later.
So you're telling me you're the one guilty of "Intent to Intend Surreptitious Behavior"? You're not just taking the fall for Giuseppi are you?
All right... listen, I'll just hit you with a minimal jail time because it's your first offense. Don't let it happen again.
Ah sure, there's lots of talk of Bigfeet or Bigfoot about. But I can't be bothered. I'm trying to install cable in this cave.
Say... do you suppose you could help me lay down the cable wire? I'll need 5 holes; each one located near one of the large crystals. They're full of energy, see?
Great! This is going to be fabulous. When I get my entertainment system installed you should come over. We'll watch the clod-put championships.
Hey, I've got a complimentary pass to some stupid Fantasy Faire coming up next month... do you think you could find someone who would want it? Ask around would you?
A fantasy faire? Wow! That would be great. I haven't had an excuse to wear my Viking helmet in years. Who do I talk to?
Ara? Awesome. I am totally there! To BATTLE!
I wonder if I should bake a cake for Misty's birthday. Do you think I should? I'd need some rhubarb first.
Do you know where to get any rhubarb? Do you even know what rhubarb IS?
Rhubarb! Wonderful! I'll start baking a cake right away.


An item has been repossessed!
You pay $@1 Simoleons and your bills are Paid-In-Full.
You pay $@1 Simoleons, but you still owe $@2 in bills.
You collect $@1 Simoleons!
Busted! Pay your bills next time!
Busted! Sleeping on public property is a crime!
You've been framed!
You've been robbed!
It looks like your burglar alarm went off!
You passed out!
Heck yeah! Now I'm richer than Daddy Bigbucks!
That sounds like fun! I'll be over in a few minutes.
I'm kind of busy right now, maybe some other time?
This is a bad time. Try me in the morning.
Why would I bother? I don't even like you!
The maid is on her way.
The repairman is on his way over.
The fireman is coming!
for a few more minutes.
for a few hours.
for quite a while.

Most of these strings are also in The Urbz: Sims in the City for GBA.

Dusty's beloved. Very little is known about her, and very little ever will be.
Sure, I'll make a house call. Especially since I haven't seen Misty for over a year, and it's time for her annual checkup!
Yeti Loves Cake
...but he's picky about the color. Use the +Control Pad to find the correct color combination that will satisfy this Yeti. Press the A Button to see if your combination matches Yeti's appetite!

Removed Minigame

A minigame called Yeti Loves Cake, it is not playable. It must have been an early or special version of Bigfoot Love Chickens, as the description is the same except for Bigfoot being replaced with Yeti.