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Persona 4 Arena

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Title Screen

Persona 4 Arena

Also known as: Persona 4: The Ultimate in Mayonaka Arena (JP)
Developers: Arc System Works, Atlus
Publishers: Atlus (JP/US), SCEI (KR), pQube (EU/AU)
Platforms: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Released in JP: July 26, 2012
Released in US: August 7, 2012
Released in EU: May 10, 2013
Released in AU: May 9, 2013
Released in KR: July 27, 2012 (PS3)

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

Persona 4 Arena is a fighting game made by the team who worked on the Guilty Gear and BlazBlue series. It later got a sequel named Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.

Notable for being one of only two region-locked games on PS3 (the other being Way of the Samurai 3), which didn't exactly go over well when combined with an extremely delayed European/Australian release.

Unused Stages

To do:
Use screenshots/footage from Persona 4 Arena, possibly from arcade build for easier use.

Shadow Labrys Transition Stage

Bg boss 1to2.jpg

Unused stage labeled bg_boss_1to2, created for the pre-rendered cutscene that occurs before the fight with Shadow Labrys in Arcade Mode. Screenshot is what the stage looks like normally (when the intro is skipped or after round 1 when intro isn’t skipped.

Unused Graphics

Placeholder Graphics

Gold! Silver! Crystal!

Chie Satonaka, Yu Narukami, and Naoto Shirogane all have camera sprites, which are leftovers in their sprite banks.


A placeholder icon for Yu Narukami.


An image that says kanban, or signboard.


A placeholder image dated for March 23rd, 2012 - just four months before the initial release. The green bit on the right shows that this image was overwritten at least once leading up to March 23rd.

Persona-4-Arena-Opening-BGM-Thumbnail.png Persona-4-Arena-Opening-Movie-Thumbnail.png Persona-4-Arena-Arcade-Boss-Thumbnail-1.png Persona-4-Arena-Arcade-Boss-Thumbnail-2.png

Temporary thumbnails for the opening BGM, opening movie, and two for an Arcade Mode boss.

Test Graphics

Persona-4-Arena-Normal-Map-1.png Persona-4-Arena-Normal-Map-2.png

Two versions of a normal map. The text translates to indent and emboss.

Persona-4-Arena-DDS-Test.png Persona-4-Arena-Full-Color.png

DDS and PNG test images. The first says This is DDS, and the second says Full color PNG (with alpha channel).

(Translations: Glitterberri)

Unused Audio

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Rip the remaining unused character voice clips.


To do:
There's more.

Present in the Gallery Mode of the game are unused audio clips for the announcer.

Speech Sound Effect Description
"Yu Narukami"
Announcer saying the full names of some of the cast. This was likely intended for the character select screen, as ArcSystemWorks other series such as Blazblue have the announcer call the characters by their full name. However they go unused and the individual characters instead talk.
"Yosuke Hanamura"
"Chie Satonaka"
"Yukiko Amagi"
"Kanji Tatsumi"
"Naoto Shirogane"
"Mitsuru Kirijo"
"Akihiko Sanada"

The announcer also has alternate names for each character as well.

Speech Sound Effect Description
Alternate takes for characters with one name, also likely intended for the character select screen. Aigis has two alternate names, referring by her English and Japanese names, while Teddie only refers to his Japanese name.