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Persona O.A.

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Title Screen

Persona O.A.

Developers: NatsumeAtari, Atlus
Publisher: Aniplex
Platforms: iOS, Android
Released in JP: March 15, 2018

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

See, this is why game preservation is important.
This game is defunct.
Do note the game no longer works at all without modifications. This is most likely due to the game's servers being shut down. As a result, further official developments with the game are unlikely to happen.

Persona O.A. was a free app for smartphones that was basically a companion app for the Persona 5 anime that aired in 2018. It closed down on August 30, 2019.


Version History
So many changes in so little time.

Unused Graphics

A sample image of the Cocos2dx logo.


Test/placeholder banners for contests.

POA-takemi.png POA-igor.png
Full portraits of Tae Takemi and Igor.

An image reading Wild, meaning (The) World (arcana) in context.

A background featuring the World arcana.

POA-Back-Card.png The back of the tarot card set Persona 5 uses. It's never used anywhere.

A selection portrait of the Persona 5 protagonist.

Placeholder Final
POA-Placeholder-calendar.png POA-final-calendar.png

A placeholder image of the calendar for the tips screen with Ann and the word calendar in Japanese.

Early Build Screenshots

In the first release, v1.0.3, in assets\creator\img there are leftover screenshots from an earlier build of the game. With the exception of the Tokyo Map and Event Entry Page, these were removed in the next release, v1.0.6.

Unused Chat Bubbles

Unused chat bubbles for Mementos searching. Only the Phantom Thieves members' are used.


As seen in one of the screenshots above, there was originally a world map. It isn't present in the game at all, but assets of it still exist in assets\creator\img\S02.


The train map lines.

Location Image Card Image
Velvet Room POA-Map-velvetroom-2.png POA-Map-velvetroom.png
Shibuya POA-Map-shibuya.png POA-Map-shibuya-2.png
Shinjuku POA-Map-shinjuku.png POA-Map-shinjuku-2.png
Ogikubo POA-Map-ogikubo.png POA-Map-ogikubo-2.png
Aoyama-Itchome POA-Map-aoyama.png POA-Map-aoyama-2.png
Ueno POA-Map-ueno.png POA-Map-ueno-2.png
Roppongi POA-Map-roppongi.png POA-Map-roppongi-2.png
Yongen-jaya POA-Map-yongen.png POA-Map-yongen-2.png
Akasaka Mitsuke POA-Map-akasaka.png POA-Map-akasaka-2.png
Inokashira Park POA-Map-inokashira.png POA-Map-inokashira-2.png
Akihabara POA-Map-akihabara.png POA-Map-akihabara-2.png
Meiji Shrine POA-Map-meiji.png POA-Map-meiji-2.png
Kanda POA-Map-kanda.png POA-Map-kanda-2.png
Ginza POA-Map-ginza.png POA-Map-ginza-2.png

Locations with name card and image.


Found in assets\image\digital_content in the first release, a set of thumbnails for wallpapers, with three early versions and scrapped ones. This folder was removed in the next release, v1.0.6.

Early Final
POA-sample-wallpaper-SAMPLE-3.png POA-sample-wallpaper-SAMPLE-3-final.png

The early wallpaper calls Joker Hero, with his voice actor, Jun Fukuyama, and missing the copyright text.

Early Final
POA-sample-wallpaper-SAMPLE-5.png POA-sample-wallpaper-SAMPLE-5-final.png

This one is missing the copyright text.

Early Final
POA-sample-wallpaper-SAMPLE-8.png POA-sample-wallpaper-SAMPLE-8-final.png

The early one has a yellow flame instead of a white one and is missing copyright text.

These wallpapers are scrapped all together, but the first two's thumbnails still exist in assets\creator\img\common\wallpaper, even up to the final release, v1.2.10.

sample Folder

In the first public release, v1.0.3, there was a directory named assets\sample with subdirectories gacha_temp, gacha_temp2, loading, P5_eff, and translation. It seems to be a test folder for effects and gachapon features. This folder was removed in the next release, v1.0.6.

Image of Ann Image of Ryuji Image of Joker Mockup of images merged
POA-sample-image-1.png POA-sample-image-2.png POA-sample-image-3.png POA-sample-image-mockup.png

Three images of Joker, Ann, and Ryuji in stylized cutins.

A stretched image of the Metaverse Navigator icon.


A folder for testing the gachapon mechanic.

A image of Caroline and Justine.

Artwork of Marie from Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.

A jagged cut of Makoto Niijima's critical cutin.

The Phantom Thieves logo with a red gradient background.

Image of the Velvet Room as a background.

A background of Shibuya at night.

gacha_temp2 is basically gacha_temp, just without the Marie and Makoto images.


Images that relate to a test loading screen.


A folder seemingly for effects.

A red effect.

A black effect.

A portrait of an older version of Joker's All Out Attack finisher.


A folder of unknown use.

A black background.

An icon of Joker from Persona 5's loading screen.

Unused Song

A 30-second loop of Persona 5's Whims of Fate. It never plays anywhere in-game.

Early Video

v1.0.3 v1.0.6 onward

In the first release, an early version of the gachapon transition (opening the Velvet Room door); The background of it uses Shibuya. The next release, v1.0.6, changes it to the Velvet Room proper.


Start Search Background Config Menu Background
POA-search-background.png POA-config-background.png

This background that appears when you initiate Mementos Search, and later in v1.1.2, for the configuration menu is unlike anything from the source game. The protagonist, the people, and the simplicity of the school hallway looks similar to early development footage of the game, with the greyed-out NPCs with outlines.

Alpha Channel

These images have a hidden layer of data when the alpha channel is set to zero, as seen previously with another Atlus product.

Alpha No Alpha
POA-P5-eff-2.png POA-P5-eff-2-noalpha.png
POA-Ren-Cutin-1.png POA-Ren-Cutin-1-noalpha.png
POA-Ren-Cutin-2.png POA-Ren-Cutin-2-noalpha.png
POA-Ren-Cutin-3.png POA-Ren-Cutin-3-noalpha.png
POA-Ren-Cutin-4.png POA-Ren-Cutin-4-noalpha.png
POA-Ren-Cutin-5.png POA-Ren-Cutin-5-noalpha.png
POA-Ren-Cutin-6.png POA-Ren-Cutin-6-noalpha.png

Crow Wallpaper

Original Wallpaper Revised Wallpaper
POA-Crow-wallpaper.png POA-Crow-wallpaper-revised.png

On March 14th, 2019, the official Persona 5 The Animation Twitter account (also in charge of the app's news) announced a set of White Day-themed wallpapers to unlock on this app, and this wallpaper was part of the set. This original wallpaper only lasted for less than 24 hours, as later, only as an in-game notification, was sent about the wallpaper in question, saying a bug was found where it wouldn't unlock, even if the prerequisites were met. The tweet about the White Day wallpapers was deleted some time later.

Then on March 26, 2019, the wallpaper was added back, but with a new visage featuring Crow's All Out Attack finisher. On the 28th, a news post was added in the app again, saying "the design specification has been changed because there was a misunderstanding with the wallpaper design of White’s Day CROW." As an apology, they distributed 200 Persona Points (in-game currency) and the wallpaper was given for free. This artwork of Crow is never seen anywhere else, but matches the style of the source game; It never showed up for its re-release, Persona 5 Royal, either. Also the artwork shows him as right-handed, when he is actually left-handed.

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