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LEGO Rock Raiders (PlayStation)

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Title Screen

LEGO Rock Raiders

Developer: Data Design Interactive
Publisher: LEGO Media
Platform: PlayStation
Released in US: August 17, 2000
Released in EU: 1999

CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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LEGO Rock Raiders is an action game about a team of space explorers who, being only three days from returning from Earth, got pulled through an asteroid field into a wormhole. They found themselves, drained and damaged, orbiting a mysterious planet rich in Energy Crystals (needed to power the LMS Explorer), Ore (needed to repair the LMS Explorer), and strange lifeforms (not needed at all). Using oversized drills and powerful equipment, the Rock Raiders exploited this planet for their survival.

Unlike the PC version of the game, the PlayStation version is instead an action game where you directly control one of five Rock Raiders. The game's levels also vary between the PAL and NTSC versions.

Unused Graphics


  • An unused Icon of Docs without his hat. Probably from an earlier version of the game.


  • An unused Icon of the Granite Grinder, a vehicle that appears in the PC game, but not in this version.

RR Unknown Vehicle.png

  • Another unused vehicle Icon, appears to be a large airboat of some sort.

RR Unknown Vehicle.png

  • An unused blue crystal, either an earlier color or a different collectible altogether.

RR Unknown Vehicle.png

  • Unused pickup for the Geoscanner, implying that the player didn't have it from the beginning at some point.


  • One frame of an unused air meter. Rock raiders could run out of air in the PC version, but the player cannot in this version.


  • A file saying "Bad Texture".

Unused Option

By forcing the selection under Options in the main menu, one can view the game's credits normally seen after the final normal mission. When the user exits, the game returns to the main menu and hangs.

Regional Differences

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  • According to Wikipedia (though unsourced) "There are eighteen campaign missions, and six multiplayer missions, all completely different between the NTSC and PAL versions of the game. The PAL version also including three bonus missions that are accessible after the campaign is completely finished, and twelve additional multiplayer missions reusing levels from the main campaign."
  • More than that.
  • PAL version has 18 campaign missions and three bonus missions. Two player game is its own separate thing with 18 missions, 5 of which are unique to 2 players.
  • NTSC version has 18 campaign missions and no bonus missions. Two player game consists of only 6 unique missions. All missions in this version were designed by Gameworld 7 rather than Data Design Interactive.
  • NTSC version has a slide puzzle you can solve on the level loading screen.
  • You can drive over some smaller enemies in the NTSC version.
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Differences between PAL v1.0 and v1.1.