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LEGO Mars Mission: CrystAlien Conflict

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Title Screen

LEGO Mars Mission: CrystAlien Conflict

Developer: 4T2
Publisher: LEGO
Platform: Adobe Flash
Released internationally: October 2007

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

To do:
Revision Differences.

Debug Mode

Enter the cheat code beeblebrox on the title screen's cheat code box. Then, enter a level. During gameplay, press and hold the 4 and 2 keys at the same time to access the "Test Mode". If you hear the "CHEATER!" sound clip, it's activated.

Now, the following key combinations are enabled:

Keys Action
4 & + Go to the next level
4 & - Go to the previous level
4 & Backspace
4 + Page Down
Destroy yourself
4 & Page Up Destroy the enemy
4 & numpad / Removes shroud
4 & numpad * Adds 10,000 credits