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Voya Nui Online Game

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Title Screen

Voya Nui Online Game

Developer: Ankama Games
Publisher: LEGO
Platform: Adobe Flash
Released internationally: September 20, 2006

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Made by a different company than its precursors, Voya Nui Online Game tried to give players a fun game where you play as a hero of the Voya Nui story arc and save the island from the tyranny of the Piraka and claim the Mask of Life. Unfortunately, since the devs only other games were flash MMORPGs, what we got was a fetch quest simulator with a clunky turn-based battle system.

Unused Maps

Maps 1-20, 191, 192, 441, and 494 don't have a position set on the minimap.

Map Number Thumbnail Description
1 VNOG map1.png A test map, the only time the LEGO tiles are used.
2 VNOG map2.png A map object test level.
3 VNOG map3.png A full test map.
4 VNOG map4.png Linked map testing; has an otherwise unused object.
5 VNOG map5.png Linked map testing.
6 VNOG map6.png Linked map testing.
7 VNOG map7.png Linked map testing.
8 VNOG map8.png Linked map testing.
9 VNOG map9.png Linked map testing.
10 VNOG map10.png Linked map testing.
11 VNOG map11.png Water scenery and random object testing.
12 VNOG map12.png Test lake map.
13 VNOG map13.png Log/masking test map.
14 VNOG map14.png Desert tileset test map.
15 VNOG map15.png Further testing of log objects; pathfinding test?
16 VNOG map16.png Dust test map.
17 VNOG map17.png Dust/shadow test.
18 VNOG map18.png Dust/shadow test.
19 VNOG map19.png Coast tileset test.
20 VNOG map20.png Path/village tile test.
121 VNOG map121.png Thok is offscreen to the upper right.
191 VNOG map191.png Cut ice coastline map.
192 VNOG map192.png Cut ice coastline map.
441 VNOG map441.png Map with no tiles but a fire burnak.
450 VNOG map450.png You can walk outside the top left of the map.
480 VNOG map480.png Has a door that cannot be passed. Leads to the maps in the 490s.
487 VNOG map487.png Interior room, similar to the maps immediately before this one. Hologram prototype Hahli object is present.
488 VNOG map488.png A copy of 487.
494 VNOG map494.png Unused Chamber of Truth room.
521 VNOG map521.png Same floor as the non-wrecked version (450).
525 VNOG map525.png Unused island where you can fight Avak.

Debug Console

Pressing Ctrl+~ will pull up a console window. There are four buttons in the top right: Close, Minimize (which cycles the debug window's size from large to small, looping), Maximise (same but small to large), and Copy (copies all text in the log to the clipboard, ignoring newlines). In order to use any commands, you have to type which module you want to access. The options are 'core', 'ui', 'audio', and 'worker' (capitalization doesn't matter). Once you hit Enter, the module will be added to the prompt string like a folder, reading for example "CORE > ". Typing ".." while in a module will return you to the top level debug shell. There's an autocorrect function that seems left over from an earlier version of the debug console, as the autocompleted strings don't seem usable in any way. Hold down Shift then press the Right Arrow key, and the console autocompletes " > " + "UI", "CORE", "AUDIO", or "WORKER".


Text in parentheses list all possible options for a command's argument, when applicable.

Core >

  • info - Displays the asset and webservice path and returns the chapters variable from the constants object. In 1.0.0, also returns "test: " and the character type.
  • build - Returns the version string in "loader.swf".
  • where - Returns the player name, map location, tile the player is on, and the number of enemies in the area.
  • gimmy - Gives the player one of every item.
  • move <map> (1-532 except 23, 33, 331, 476, 490, 492, 493, 516, 517, and 518) - Warps to the levelmap with the given number.
  • random #1 #2 - Returns a random number between and including #1 and #2.
  • skin <skin> (1-6, 10-28, 101-109, 1000-1001, 9999) - Changes the player's graphics with that of the specified file.
  • level <level> (1-50) - increases the player's level to <level>. If <level> is omitted, ups it by one.
  • makemerich - Adds one of each elemental shard to the inventory.
  • pieceofcake - Adds a Life Stone, Nui Blaster, Medium Attack Armor of Air, Thok Key, and three Hidden Caves Keys to the inventory. Attempts to also add an item #234 and two of item #235, but they don't exist anymore.
  • itemlist - Seemingly broken, tries to display the equipped items.
  • equip <item> (2-291) - Puts the specified item into your inventory.
  • spell <slot> <spell> (0-3) (1-182) - Puts the spell with ID <spell> in hotbar slot <slot> counting from 0. Omitting both fields, will list all equipped spells.
  • god - Toggles whether enemies will attack you when on a quest.
  • fight - Toggles between "mode roleplay" (outside of combat) and "mode combat" (in a battle).
  • cancel - Abandons a fight, complete with experience loss.
  • step <quest> (1-107) - Sets the active quest to be the one specified by the number *quest*.
  • nextstep - Jump to the next quest.
  • chapter <chap> - Starts the chapter specified, if it exists.
  • onemorenight - Adds 1 to the variable in the constants object that tells the game how many chapters there are. Doesn't affect actual gameplay.
  • script <script> (intro, toadeath, hakannflee, hakanndialog, sabotagechap3, freematoran, sabotagechap4, controlroom, zakanflee, 18, escapejail, teleportprison, seventhdialog, zaktanndialog, end1, pirakadialog, burnaktrap, 0, 250, burnaktriggerlava) - Plays the <script>, if it exists.
  • anim <animation> (anim10, anim20, hit, die, emote1, emote2, emote3, walk, run, bonus, anim21, anim 11, anim 0) - Plays the animation, if the current skin has it.
  • test - Gives the player two Medium Attack Armor of Air, a Life Stone, a Nui Blaster, and equips an Attack Noble Kanohi of Air, a Medium Attack Armor of Air, and a Medium Attack Greaves of Air. (command in 1.0.0 only)

UI >

  • msgbox <text> <title> - Opens a prompt with the specified title and text.
  • open <menu> (map, menu, inventorystats +) - Opens the specified menu.
  • HB <buttonname> (Map, Quests, InventoryStats) - Highlights the specified button.

Anything other input is printed directly to the log window.

Audio >

  • sound <soundname> (toa_choice, stars, spell_water-air, space_tir, shoot, rapid_swish, punch, menu_button, load_spell, little_pose, impact_lourd, hit_default, feuillage, explo, deflagration, death_fall, death, click4, click, clak, button_click, baton, aspiration) - Plays the specified sound.
  • event <eventname> - Plays the sound from the specified event.

Unused Graphics


Sprite ID Thumbnail Description
27 VNOG hoto.png The skin for the unused Ash Hoto.
101 VNOG velika.png Balta and Garan leftovers.
103, 105, 106 VNOG matoranleftovers.png Dalu, Balta, and Piruk have Garan leftovers too, namely the back sprite and all walking animations.


  • Spells 1,2, and 3 have prototype Hahli Inika in the sprite data.

VNOG hahli.png


  • In objects.swf, sprite 410(115) is an unused tower of sorts.

VNOG tower.png

  • Also in objects.swf, sprite 1032 (301) is a building with a doorway.

VNOG temple.png

  • In modules/ui, called UI_Login. Has two fields for a username and password.

VNOG login.png

Unused Enemy

Using skin 27, the Ash Hoto is a level 30 enemy that gives 1100 exp upon defeating it. Has one attack where it shoots a flame from its mouth. Not on any map.

Unused Abilities

  • Spell 52 "YoYo" - Sends creatures away from you.
  • Spells 1,2,3 - Appear to be work-in-progress testing spells.

Revisional Differences


  • Build Number: Finale 1.0.0
  • Invisibility Mask (no stats)
  • Mask of Life (range+3, all stats 50)
  • Internally labelled as Pre-Release 23 in all modules except the MainCore class in the Core module.
  • Improved Slow Motion Pack, Improved Vision Pack, Vision Pack, and Improved Range Pack exist, but are dummies.
  • Spell 28 is named "bek special".


  • 'info' no longer prints "test:1" at the end.
  • Build Number: Finale 1.0.2
  • powerful soul stone, soul stone, and powerful life stone added.
  • The four dummy Packs are implemented.
  • Nui Blaster graphic and attackbar icon are changed, now uses 1 AP to fire instead of 0.
  • Mask of Life graphic changed.
  • Mask of Invisibility changed to Mask of Vision.
  • Internally labelled as Finale 1.0.2 in all modules.
  • "bek special" is renamed Nui Blaster.
  • Nui Blaster gets new icon and reworked art.
  • "test" Core command removed.
1.0.0 1.0.2
VNOG 1 MoL.png VNOG 2 MoL.png
1.0.0 1.0.2
VNOG 1 Nui.png VNOG 2 Nui.png

There were errors in the only known (unofficial) backup of 1.0.0, and it is unknown if these files that were present in 1.0.2 but not in the backup of 1.0.0 were in the published version of 1.0.0:

  • Icons 666, 667, 668, and 669 (two projectiles, a wave, and a staff all in the same style of the former "bek special")
  • Spells 1052, 1023 (a laser, a bunch of hooks)
  • Spells 10001, 10002, 10003; are copies of 1, 2, 3


In Cutscene 7, sprite 112 is promotional Mahri Nui artwork and is in the final cutscene, layered underneath all the other art for the cutscene immediately following the fade-out to the water.

VNOG Mahri.jpg