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Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection

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Title Screen

Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection

Also known as: Rockman.EXE Advanced Collection (JP)
Developers: Capcom, NeoBards
Publisher: Capcom
Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch
Released internationally: April 14, 2023

PiracyIcon.png This game has anti-piracy features.

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Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection finally brings the series to modern platforms in two volumes. Includes some minor quality of life changes, previously cut content from Japanese releases, and online netbattling.

Notably, the PC release was packed with Denuvo, making digging and modding difficult (Capcom removed the DRM from the game eventually).

Misc. Data


The collections seem to contain the original GBA ROMs in MegaMan_BattleNetwork_LegacyCollection_Vol?/exe/data/*.dat. These files are just compressed files that can be freely explored. For example, MegaMan_BattleNetwork_LegacyCollection_Vol2/exe/data/exe4.dat/exe4/rom_e.srl will net you a file identical to the previously-available "Battle Network 4 Red Sun (U)" ROM. Opening the ROM Info in mGBA will show this:

  • Game name: Mega Man Battle Network 4 - Red Sun (USA)
  • Internal name: MEGAMANBN4RS
  • Game ID: AGB-B4WE
  • File size: 8388608 bytes
  • CRC32: 2120695c

This CRC32 seems identical with ROMs available online.

It looks like the launcher uses the ROMs for a few things, but not everything:

  • Replacing Battle Network 2 with the Battle Network 1 ROM will let you go to the title screen - Battle Network 2 music plays and Legacy Collection: Battle Network 2 graphics show up - but crashes after choosing New Game.
  • Replacing Battle Network 2 with the leaked prototype ROM will crash it after starting Battle Network 2 up - it won't even proceed to the title screen.
  • Replacing Battle Network 2 with a French translation patched ROM will successfully boot the game, but no text appears to be changed, suggesting that all of the text is stored in Legacy Collection.

Separate Audio Files

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Some audio files are stored separately from their respective GBA ROMs. MegaMan_BattleNetwork_LegacyCollection_Vol?/exe/audio/*.bnk files appear to packed with Audiokinetic's Wwise middleware, but it is possible that the files are encrypted.

Game Changes

Grammar issues, typo errors, and mistranslations across multiple games (e.g. Battle Network 4's "MegaMan, it's viruses busting time!", "Leg's go Lan!") are not fixed, despite assurances from Capcom regarding the games receiving new translations. It is possible that the translation talk was only referring to the never-before-released Chinese versions of the games. However, there are a FEW fixes to the English text.

Vol. 1

Vol. 2