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Proto:Mega Man Battle Network 2

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Mega Man Battle Network 2.

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(Prototype source: Orangefox, Rockman Corner)


Text Differences
Since this translation was made before last minute translation fixes, there are loads of little errors and quirks in this version.

Level Select


A level select is located right there on the title screen. Simply select the stage/area/scenario and press Start.

  • Left/Right - Increment by 1.
  • A/B - Increment by 16.

Additionally, holding Start at any point in the game for a few seconds brings you back to the title screen.

Debug Menu


Press Select at any time to bring up the debug menu. Press Start to go back.


Debug display, enabled by default.


  • PL INVINCIBLE - Turn player invincibility on/off.
  • KOMA FLAG - Enables slowdown/frame advance (see below). Automatically enabled when OBJ TEST is opened.
  • SCR IGNORE - Enables walk-through-walls.
  • PL SPEED UP - Increase the player's running speed (by holding B).
  • DOORWARP STOP - Turn off/on the ability to enter/exit doors and warp points.
  • ENCOUNT STOP - Turn random encounters off/on.
  • NO PRINT - Turn the on-screen debug display off/on.
  • CAMERA MOVE - When enabled, the D-Pad moves the camera on the overworld, allowing you to scroll through the entire area.
  • WORK INFO - Appears to be unused.
  • MOVE ALL OK - Allows MegaMan to move onto any type of panel in battles (including broken panels and enemy panels).
  • BGM STOP - Turns music off/on.
  • SE STOP - Turns sound effects off/on.
  • YOSHINO FLAG - When enabled, regular buster shots and non-elemental charge shots deal 50 damage and have object/guard breaking properties.
  • HARDMODE FLAG - When enabled, when New Game is chosen on the title screen, the game begins in Hard Mode.
  • SECRET FLAG - When enabled, ignores the 130 chips requirement for opening the gate to WWW Area 1 (but not the game clear requirement).


Turning on the KOMA FLAG enables a slowdown/frame advance feature.

  • Hold L - Slows the game down to 1/16th of the regular speed.
  • Press R - Pauses the game.
  • Press R (while paused) - Advances by 1 frame.
  • Press L (while paused) - Unpauses the game.



Opening OBJ TEST automatically turns on the KOMA FLAG flag (see above).

  • TYPE - Change type of graphic shown.
    • PL - Player (MegaMan) graphics.
    • EM - Enemy graphics.
    • BS - Boss graphics.
    • PSL - Player attack effects.
    • SHL - Enemy attack effects.
    • EFC - Miscellaneous graphical effects.
    • MAN - Overworld character graphics.
    • SET - Overworld set pieces.
    • FAC - Character portraits.
  • ID - Scroll through sprites based on the categories above.
  • DSEQ - Scroll through animation sequences. Press A to replay sequences.
  • KOMA - Turn OFF to disable animation auto-playing. Press B to move the animation forward frame-by-frame.
  • BACK - Change background color between blue, red, green, and black.
  • COL - Scroll through various sprite colors.
  • HFLP - Flip image horizontally.
  • VFLP - Flip image vertically.
  • SPOF -

Additionally, if Select is held down in this menu, the player can move the sprites around with the D-Pad.



View the background graphics loaded in memory.

  • Up/Down - Scroll graphics up and down.
  • Left/Right - Change bank number.
  • A/B - Scroll through color palettes.
  • Select - Switch between 16-color mode and 256-color mode.



View the foreground graphics loaded in memory.

  • Up/Down - Scroll graphics up and down.
  • Left/Right - Change bank number.
  • A/B - Scroll through color palettes.
  • Select - Switch between 16-color mode and 256-color mode.



View dialogue. Use the D-Pad to scroll through numbers and press Select to view the message.