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The Misadventures of Tron Bonne

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Title Screen

The Misadventures of Tron Bonne

Also known as: Tron ni Kobun (JP)
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: July 22, 1999
Released in US: May 5, 2000
Released in EU: June 16, 2000

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
Sgf2-unusedicon1.png This game has unused abilities.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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The Misadventures of Tron Bonne is the prequel to Mega Man Legends, starring the Bonne family of pirates as the main characters. When Tron Bonne's older brother Teisel is unable to pay back a sizable loan from greedy financier Lex Loath, he and Bon are captured by Glyde to work for Loath. To repay the debt and save her brothers, Tron and her small henchmen, the Servbots, will have to steal from a city, harbor containers, farm animals, and search ruins for treasure.

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Development Info
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Prerelease Info

Unused Graphics

Unused Animations



These are unused animation frames of the device on the Gesellschaft's Deck. The GIF above exhibits how the animation was to suppose to have looked in the game.

Unused Backgrounds

Unused Menus

The large panel is for the unused area "Front of Shower Room", which also has a small panel for the room selection. "Weapon", "Armor", "Tank" and "Bottle" were possibly meant for the Lab.

In front of shower room
Control Room
??? Weapons
Steal Armor
In front of
shower room
Return to title Bottle
Food Information
Menu at a glance Investments

Except for the "HQ", all unused Japanese icons were untranslated, and the large "Front of the Shower Room" panel is blank. The panels from the PocketStation feature, which was removed outside Japan, were translated.

PocketStation menu.

Unused Sprites

Unused Textures

TBServbotFaces.png Unused Servbot faces. They appear to be based on the anime characters Kinnikuman, Kenshiro, and the robot Odate-Buta from Yatterman.


MoTBMission6.png An image from the Mission 6 description, at night.
MoTBMissions.png Early Mission Start and Mission Clear texts?
Ouch Unused expressions from the HUD of stages. These faces are supposed to be used when the player takes minor damage from weak attacks that barely make the Gustaff move, such as bullets and small rocks, but the enemies that appear when playing as Teisel and the Servbot don't use these type of attacks. This image of Teisel's face is actually used when he is hit by the bullets from the first boss (which is used only once when he flies after losing half of his energy), but an error makes it appear in the wrong position. Image of glitch with Teisel's face appearing in the very upper left.
Graphics stolen by Servbots.
Unused objects from the scene where Servbots steal a house. Two money bags, two food plates, and details from the freezer and basket. The basket detail is supposed to be used when one of the Servbots takes an apple from the basket, as the apple is still present in the basket after it takes it.
Two unused Servbot heads, one with glasses (for Servbots #30 and #37) and another that seems dizzy.
Lunch Rush!
A thinking balloon with food. A similar balloon was shown above Servbots in early versions of the game.

Unused Items

Although the item menu has space for 126 items, the game actually contains 127 items, with the player being able to obtain only 97 of them. The remaining 30 items are unused.

Cacti speak Japanese.
...But what does it mean?
This game has text or audio that needs to be translated. If you are fluent with this language, please read our translation guidelines and then submit a translation!
Notes: Items "0059" and "005B"
Japanese name Description Notes
000D アイテム000D (Item000D) - Located between Gold Statue and Pork.
000E アイテム000E (Item000E) -
0021 アイテム0021 (Item0021) - Located between Lunch Box and Steak. Probably removed food.
0022 アイテム0022 (Item0022) -
0023 アイテム0023 (Item0023) -
0024 アイテム0024 (Item0024) -
0025 アイテム0025 (Item0025) -
002A アイテム002A (Item002A) - Located between Cow and Black Stallion. May be a removed farm animal.
0034 カンバン (Sign/Billboard) ぎんこうのカンバン とてもおおきい / The bank's sign. It's very big. Located between Beef and Pipe.
The four "Bonne" items have the same description.
0035 ボーンべんとう (Bonne Bentō) しょくどうでつくられたりょうり うりはらってお金にすることができる / Food made in the cafeteria. Sell out completely and you can make a lot of money. (Note: Bentou boxes and makunouchi are boxed lunches. While bentou are often prepared at home and brought to work or school like a lunch box, both can also be purchased ready-made at train stations and convenience stores.)
0036 ボーングルメ (Bonne Gourmet)
0037 ボーンまくのうち (Bonne Makunouchi)
0038 ボーンフルコース (Bonne Full Course)
0054 アイテム0054 (Item 0054) - Located between Design Magazine and Red Head Parts.
0056 なふだ (Nameplate) なまえをかくためのもの / For writing your name on. Located between Red Head Parts and Old Instrument.
Item 0057 is the only unnamed item with a description.
0057 アイテム0057 (Item 0057) いつでもヒルネできるというでんせつのマクラ / The legendary pillow of 'always being able to nap'
0058 ハンバーグカレー (Hamburger Curry) コブンににんきのカレーをさらにグレードアップ コブンがサボるのをわずかにおさえるこうかがある / This popular curry will give your Kobun a "grade up" in dishes. The Kobun's got it down.
0059 わふうていしょく (Japanese-Style Special Dish of the Day) たまにはきぶんがかわるとコブンににんきのいっぴん コブンがサボるのをいくらかおさえるこうかがある
005A デザートグルメ (Dessert Gourmet) デザートだけのたのしいメニューでにんきコブンがサボるのをけっこうおさえるこうかがある / With only the fun of desserts on the menu, a popular Kobun has pretty much got it down.
005B パワフルディナー (Powerful Dinner) お肉ばっかりのたべごたえのあるいっぴん コブンがサボるのをそうとうおさえこうかがある
005C わんこそば (Neverending Noodles) つぎつぎに おかわりがつがれるきたのちほうの めいぶつりょうり / On and on, this northern country dish just keeps coming and coming. A local specialty. (Note: Wankosoba are all-you-can-eat soba noodles, continually dished out so that your bowl is never allowed to get empty.)
005D りょうようしょく (Recovery Food) びょういんようの、 からだにやさしいしょくじ / Used in hospitals, this food will be good to your body.
0066 げんきぐさ (Healthy Grass) どんなに おちこんでいても、これをせんじてのめば げんきふっかつ / No matter what kind of a slump you're in, brewing this will perk you right up. (Note: Probably some kind of health-food tea.) Located between Ancient Pistol and Tank Parts.
0067 アイテム0067 (Item 0067) -
0068 トロンのパンツ (Tron's Panties) せんたくばでみつけたトロンのパンツ ピンク / Tron's panties, glimpsed in the wash. Pink.
0069 おもいでアルバム (Album of Memories) トロンたちのりょうしんがけんざいのころのボーンいっかのアルバム / An album of times the Bonne family, when Tron's parents were still feeling well.
006A トロンのにっき (Tron's Diary) とろんがつけているにっき / The diary Tron's keeping.
006B アニキのスーツ (Elder Brother's Suit) ティーゼルのよそいきのスーツ / Teisel's formal suit.
006C しょうばいこころ (Entrepreneurial Spirit) つかうと こうしょうじょうずになれる / Make use of this and you'll go fabulously far.
13 13 - Last item.

Of the 97 available items, 13 are used automatically when obtained, so they can't be seen in the menu. None of them have descriptions.

English name Japanese name Utility
Green Apple あおりんご The green apples that sometimes fall from trees and restore a small amount of energy.
50 ディフレク 50 Six types of Refractors (money). The Japanese names include "Deflec" in front of the values, an abbreviation of the Refractors' Japanese name, "Deflector".
100 ディフレク 100
200 ディフレク 200
250 ディフレク 250
500 ディフレク 500
1000 ディフレク 1000
Money Bag ドルふくろ
(Dollar Bag)
Money bags found in buildings.
Gold Statue きんのぞう The golden statue of the veterinarian in Gold City.
Tank Parts タンクのきそ Items bought in the Gesellschaft's Lab. They make the Servbots #30, #31, #32 and #34 gain their skills.
Bazooka Parts バズーカのきそ
Gatling Parts ガトリングのきそ
Armor Parts アーマーのきそ

Two of the remaining 84 items are exclusive to the Japanese version, as they are used to unlock mini-games for the PocketStation, an accessory that was never released overseas.

English name Japanese name Description Utility
Beauty Book びがんにゅうもん Book full of advice on keeping healthy skin. Given by Servbot #40 in Tron's Room. Can be given to Servbot #38 to unlock a PocketStation mini-game.
Cannon たいほう Rusty cannon found in ruins. Located in a chest in Nakkai Ruins (replaced by a Brain Cube overseas). Can be given to Servbot #38 to unlock a PocketStation mini-game.

Unused Servbot Skills

There are three unused Servbot skills in the game: 料理 (Cooking), 操舵 (Steering) and 見張り (Lookout). They were probably going to be used for Servbots #21, #11 and #24, respectively.

Regional Differences



Although the PocketStation features were removed outside Japan, the PocketStation menu available in the Gesellschaft's HQ is still present and was translated, suggesting it was initially planned to be available. The GameShark code 800F241E 0002 makes the menu available (note that using its functions may cause loss of saved game data, so avoid using it with Memory Cards and PocketStations).

(Source: Mega Man Legends Information Centre)

Items and Servbot #38

As mentioned above, the items Beauty Book and Cannon were removed outside Japan as they are related to the PocketStation feature. Those items can be given to Servbot #38, who says something about them and unlocks a minigame. The items can be obtained with cheats outside Japan, and their descriptions were translated. When giving them to #38, his dialogue happens normally, but the dialogue boxes are blank.

Beauty Book dialogue:

Text Translation
Handed over "Beauty Book" to #38!
これって けっこう
かおの うんどうに
Moving the face like this is quite fun...
! これにリズムのようそを
! If I include rhythm elements to this, it may be used as an intensive training on our free time!
「きけ! そしてうたえ!」
を 手に入れた!
Obtained the "Pocket Kobun" minigame "Listen! And Sing!"!
新しく ダウンロードできまーす
A new download is available now.

Cannon dialogue:

Text Translation
Handed over "Cannon" to #38!
どう? 何かに使えそう? How about it? Can you use it for something?
長さも 太さも
ちょーどの 大きさですねー
Both the length and the thickness are big enough for us to enter...
It can be used to intensive training on our free time!
これで、ドカンと・・・ With this, boom and...
を 手に入れた!
Obtained the "Pocket Kobun" minigame "Kobun Cannon"!
新しく ダウンロードできまーす
A new download is available now.

Servbot #40

"Design" Magazine

In Japan, the "Design Magazine" given to Servbot #40 is an "Adult Magazine", and his skill "Design" is "H". Although the magazine's name was changed, the original sprite was kept. After gaining his skill, #40 will be jumping in Tron's bed, his original dialogue suggesting he is a pervert that is sniffing Tron's odor in her bed, while overseas he appears to be just having fun and thinks the Gesellschaft's colors are bland. Another change he had is that he gives the item Beauty Book in the Japanese version, but again, it is related to the PocketStation and was removed overseas.

Servbot #41

Servbot #41

In Japan, a special save containing Servbot #41 could be obtained from a promotion of the magazine Dengeki G. There is no other way to obtain this Servbot besides cheats, and no promotion was made outside Japan. GameShark code 8009AF0C 0001 unlocks him in the North American version. #41 can be used normally outside Japan and all his quotes were translated.


The Japanese ending credits has three additional pictures that were removed in overseas versions. Also, the ending theme "love letter" was replaced with a different track.