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Proto:Mega Man 64

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Mega Man 64.

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MegaMan64 Debug Title.png

A prototype of Mega Man 64 was dumped and released on January 10, 2016 by Rockman Corner. The ROM was recovered from a Nintendo 64 development cartridge which oddly contained two-and-a-half copies of the same data, starting at offsets 0x0, 0x19D9190, and 0x33B2320. The actual game data is 26MB, smaller than the final game's 32MB.

Interestingly, the cartridge had at one point contained a prototype of Resident Evil Zero.

The exact build date is unknown, however a reference to F3DEX v2.08 in the data states it was built sometime in 1999.

General Differences

  • Only one music track is present, playing in every area.
  • Dialogue boxes still refer to PlayStation controls.
  • Voice acting outside of essential cutscenes is missing, which contributes to the smaller ROM size compared to the final.
  • Leftover references to using the game as an audio CD, particularly in the CD shop inside the Apple Market.

The following video highlights these and more on the bottom-right:

Debug Menu

MegaMan64 Debug MainMenu.png

Pressing C-Right while on the title screen's menu opens the main debug menu. During cutscenes, open dialogue boxes, or boss battles pressing C-Up and C-Right brings up the SCE_FLAG options.

  • STAGE - Selects the stage to load. Maximum is 0x1E.
  • AREA - Selects the stage's sub-area to load. Maximum value depends on STAGE.
  • SCENARIO - Alters what events are taking place in the Stage and Area. Maximum is 0x0F.
  • SCE_FLAG - Changes current active and inactive events in-game including doors, chests, items in your possession, and completed segments. Maximum is 0x7FF.
  • N_ITEEM - Gives access to all normal items, including unused ones.
  • K_ITEEM - Gives access to all Key Items.
  • R_PARTS - Gives access to all Buster Parts.
  • S_WEAPON - Gives access to all Special Weapons.
  • ZENNY_MAX - Gives 9,999,990 Zenny.
  • LIFE_MAX - Gives the full-size life gauge.
  • KANTAN - Gives access to certain items (Jet Skates for faster movement, Buster Max part for maximum Buster stats), presumably to make debugging easier ("kantan" or "簡単" translates to "easy").

Holding L or Z while changing the SCE_FLAG option will increase or decrease the value by 0x100. Holding R will increase or decrease it by 0x10.

Development Text

800D1FB1	RockManDashN64 SaveSlot Exist
800D6278	DASH04
800D6280	DASH03
800D6288	DASH02
800D6290	DASH01
800D6298	DASH00
800D6750	nuGfxTaskStart: Must set FIFO buffer for fifo-ucode(use nuGfxSetUcodeFifo)
800D679C	nuGfxSetCfb: FrameBuffer Addres Error!!
800D67C8	nuGfxUcodeFifoSet: fifo buffer is NOT 16byte boundaries
800D6804	nuGfxUcodeFifoSet: fifo size is NOT multiple 8 
800D6838	nuPiReadWriteSram: SRAM address is odd!!
800D6864	nuPiReadWriteSram: RDRAM address must align 8!!
800D6898	nuPiReadWriteSram: DMA size is odd!!
800D68C0	nuSiMgr: majorNo %#x minorNo %#x is over callback func num(%d).
800D6904	nuSiMgr: no si callback function mesg %#X
800D6930	nuSiCallBackAdd: CallBack is already added(major no = %#X!!
800D698C	 size(%X) must be  multiple 32.
800D69CC	 offset(%X) must be multiple 32.