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Proto:Mega Man 3 (NES)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Mega Man 3 (NES).

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Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

Download.png Download Mega Man 3 US Localization Prototype
File: Mega Man 3 (U) (Prototype).zip (384 KB) (info)

The American localization prototype of Mega Man 3 showcases the development of the game as it underwent the English translation process, and is a bit glitchier than the final as a result.

General Differences

  • The twin flying machines don't blink when they are being put together, much like in the Japanese version.
  • Every time a robot master is defeated in the prototype, Mega Man gets stuck in his attacking position until the robot master's explosion sprites are completely off-screen.

Level Differences

  • When Mega Man lands in the area in the stages of Shadow Man, Magnet Man, and Hard Man where he battles Break Man, he gets stuck in his "running start" position.

Top Man's Stage

  • Much like in the Japanese version, as soon as Mega Man lands on one of the areas of the stage, a twin flying machine appears. In the final, Mega Man needs to be at the edge of the platform he's standing on for the machine to appear.
  • When Mega Man gets the Top Spin, the colors for part of his helmet are incorrect.

Bugs and Glitches

  • Sometimes, if you get creamed by a boss, Mega Man's sweat from his attacked sprite will appear after he teleports back into the stage.
  • Sometimes, if too much objects appear on-screen, they will glitch or other sprites will appear for a split-second.
  • Defeating the Doc Robot that has Bubbleman's abilities with Rush Marine in the prototype will cause Mega Man's sprite to glitch.

Shadow Man's Stage

  • After Mega Man destroys Shadow Man using Top Spin, not only does he get stuck, but his sprite also gets glitched until the robot master's explosion sprites are off-screen.

Gemini Man's Stage

  • Mega Man gets stuck in his running animation while Break Man shows up in Gemini Man's stage.
  • While getting clobbered, Mega Man will suddenly become invisible and get stuck. After about a minute, the screen starts to scroll to the left and stops at the beginning of the stage.

Top Man's Stage

  • The tail of the first cat in Top Man's stage disappears after being shot for a few times.

Shadow Man's Stage

  • One of the areas cause the sprites to flicker and change color. They also slow down the framerate of the game. Going down to the next area makes the level retain its original colors and Mega Man and Rush's faces turn purple.