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Proto:Mega Man 10

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Mega Man 10.

5 early versions of the Xbox Live Arcade build of Mega Man 10 were sourced from PartnerNET, a testing environment for authorized developers. While they are mostly similar to the final build, the three October builds feature one huge ommission: a co-op mode where Mega Man and Proto Man would work together. A co-op mode was never attempted on another mainline Classic Mega Man game ever since.


MegaMan10Prototype Co-opIcon.png
Oct. 16 2009 Prototype
Dated October 16, 2009. Visible checkpoints, customizable greeting cards and...co-op?!
Mega Man 10-title.png
Oct. 23 2009 Prototype
Dated October 23, 2009.
Mega Man 10-title.png
Oct. 30 2009 Prototype
Dated October 30, 2009. The last build to still have co-op included before it got scrapped.
Mega Man 10-title.png
Dec. 8 2009 Prototype
Dated December 8, 2009.
Mega Man 10-title.png
Jan. 8 2010 Prototype
Dated January 8, 2010.