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Proto:Mega Man 8

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Mega Man 8.

To do:
A lot more stuff and fixing up.

All of these prototypes are for the Japanese PlayStation version.


Rockman8-June 27 Frost Man Stage.png
June 27, 1996 Prototype
Mega early in development, almost as if work just started. Built about six months before the game's release, this build shows only a fraction of what the final game would become.
August 4, 1996 Prototype
Considerably more complete with more stages, but still missing quite a few elements.
Rockman 8 Trial Version
The Special Trial Disc, which also has a demo of Rockman X4.

Shared Debugging Features

These features are available in the first two builds above. This were likely made for the gaming press to more easily navigate through stages for better coverage.

  • Hold L2 to slow the game down.
  • Hold R2 to temporarily freeze the game.
  • Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Start to reset the game.
  • Hold X + Circle for "free movement", allowing you to drag Mega Man anywhere on the map.
  • On Controller 2, press Up and Down to increase or decrease the energy in the health bar.