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Title Screen


Developer: The Learning Company
Publisher: Mattel Interactive
Platform: Windows
Released in US: 2000

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.

A series of educational CD-ROMs based on the anime.

Unused Graphics

New Section

Pokerom newsection.png

Found in observation lab.dcr is a placeholder image.


PokeROM Storymaker1.png
PokeROM Storymaker2.png

Found in TrainerCenter.dcr.

Unused Audio


Found in Trainer Center.dcr is, for some reason, the song Hot Lava from the South Park season 1 episode Volcano.


In the same file is another South Park sound byte, taken from the season 2 episode Terrance in Phillip in: Not Without My Anus.

Development Text

PokeROM Sound Notes

Found in globaldata.cst are notes on the sound effects.

Pokerom Sound Key

1.Install Pokerom DB
1. Yes/No = squish comp 2.wav
2.Normal sign in
1. O.K = squish comp 2.wav
1. Gem 1 = Jem 1.wav
2. Gem 1 = Jem 2.wav
3. Gem 1 = Jem 3.wav
4. Gem 1 = Jem 4.wav
5. Gem 1 = Jem 5.wav
3. All square and rectangular keys = Square keys.wav
3.FCF sign in
Same as above
4.Video /Print DB
1. All round buttons = squish comp 2.wav
2. Close = Square keys.wav
3. B&W and color select buttons = Square keys.wav
5.Settings DB
1. Round buttons = squish comp 2.wav
2. Close button = Square keys.wav
3. Small button with arrows = Mouse down = scroll key DWN.wav
                                                   Mouse up     = scroll key UP.wav
6.Goto Sanctuary? DB
1. Yes/No = squish comp 2.wav
7.Are you sure you want to quit? DB
1. Yes/No = squish comp 2.wav
8.How many Players ?DB
1. All round buttons = squish comp 2.wav
9.Pokerom Interface
1. Pokerom # button = the pokemon call
2. Quit = squish comp 2.wav
3. All the other buttons = Hard clic 555.wav
10.Help DB
1. Static o screen = Static Oak.wav
2. Close button = Square keys.wav 
11.Observation Lab
1. Source button = Square keys.wav
2. Rollover arrow key = sonar scroll 1.wav
3.Mouse down on arrow key = sonar scroll 2.wave
4. when player rolls over a Pokemon on screen = loop of Pokemon here.wav until the player moves their cursor away
11A. Source DB 
1.close button = Square keys.wav
2. when player clicks on Pokemon in column = Pokemon here.wav
12.Flash Card Frenzy
1. When race finishes = FCF race finish applause.wav
13.Study Hall
1. When player clicks on table top graphics = Tabletop graphic.wav
14.Sanctuary intro screen
1. When player clicks on a building = Choose Building snd.wav

All 1 component dialogue boxes(No video/print tray at bottom) use 1 part DB enter exit.wav to enter or exit  the stage.

All 2 component dialogue boxes use 2 part DB enter exit.wav to enter or exit  the stage.