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Pokémon Shuffle

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Title Screen

Pokémon Shuffle

Also known as: PokéToru (JP)
Developer: Genius Sonority[1]
Publishers: The Pokémon Company[1] (JP), Nintendo[1] (INT)
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Released internationally: February 18, 2015[1]

CharacterIcon.png This game has unused playable characters.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
Carts.png This game has revisional differences.

Pokémon Shuffle is a freemium puzzle game with gameplay similar to Pokémon Battle Trozei, but featuring a play limit in the form of Hearts required to play a stage. Jewels are available to obtain during the game that can be used to purchase Hearts and in-game currency, and microtransactions allow players to buy Jewels using money from their Nintendo eShop accounts.

Despite the often-criticized pricing strategy, it's still considered a fun puzzle game on its own merits.

The game's servers were shut down alongside the 3DS eShop in March 2023, disabling Check In rewards and Competition Stages. Special Stages will remain available if already downloaded, as long as the system time and date settings aren't changed.

To do:
  • Newer version had all Pokémon with dummy data, but earlier versions had actual stats associated with them that were often changed before release. Add these.
  • Confirm if the unused Special Shop items that are defined were used in previous updates


PokemonShuffle 183Winking.png
Revisional Differences
Updates galore.

Shiny Genesect Enemy Graphic

For unknown reasons, the enemy graphic for the Shiny version of Genesect goes unused, despite Shiny Genesect being Expert Stage 51, the stage doesn't use its special enemy graphics and instead uses the icon for Shiny Genesect as the opponent. The graphic has been updated over its Battle Trozei appearance with the standard lighting effects that Pokemon Shuffle uses.

Unreleased Pokémon

When the game received its last update in February 2018, there were 35 unreleased Pokémon in the game data. Cherrim (Overcast) and Darmanitan (Zen Mode) were at one point in the data, but later had their data entries removed, however their graphics are still in the data unused.

Name Sprite
Pikachu (Dejected) PokemonShuffle 025Dejected.png
Pikahcu (Disappointed) PokemonShuffle 025Disappointed.png
Pikachu (Teary) PokemonShuffle 025Teary.png
Clefable (Winking) PokemonShuffle 036Winking.png
Marill (Winking) PokemonShuffle 183Winking.png
Unown (A) PokemonShuffle 201A.png
Unown (B) PokemonShuffle 201B.png
Unown (D) PokemonShuffle 201D.png
Unown (F) PokemonShuffle 201F.png
Unown (G) PokemonShuffle 201G.png
Unown (H) PokemonShuffle 201H.png
Unown (J) PokemonShuffle 201J.png
Unown (K) PokemonShuffle 201K.png
Unown (L) PokemonShuffle 201L.png
Unown (M) PokemonShuffle 201M.png
Unown (O) PokemonShuffle 201O.png
Unown (P) PokemonShuffle 201P.png
Unown (Q) PokemonShuffle 201Q.png
Unown (R) PokemonShuffle 201R.png
Unown (S) PokemonShuffle 201S.png
Unown (T) PokemonShuffle 201T.png
Unown (U) PokemonShuffle 201U.png
Unown (V) PokemonShuffle 201V.png
Unown (W) PokemonShuffle 201W.png
Unown (X) PokemonShuffle 201X.png
Unown (Y) PokemonShuffle 201Y.png
Unown (Z) PokemonShuffle 201Z.png
Shroomish (Winking) PokemonShuffle 285Winking.png
Plusle (Winking) PokemonShuffle 311Winking.png
Minun (Winking) PokemonShuffle 312Winking.png
Pachirisu (Winking) PokemonShuffle 417Winking.png
Cherrim (Overcast) PokemonShuffle 421Overcast.png
Darmanitan (Zen Mode) PokemonShuffle 555Zen.png
Aromatisse (Winking) PokemonShuffle 683Winking.png
Dedenne (Winking) PokemonShuffle 702Winking.png
Zygarde (Cell) PokemonShuffle 718Cell.png
Zygarde (Core) PokemonShuffle 718Core.png
(Source: Pokémon Shuffle Reference Guide)

Unused Icons

In addition to the unused Pokemon and disruptions, there is a placeholder graphic used for Pokemon's alternate forms that were once planned to be implemented into the game, which uses the Trozei sprite for Bulbasaur with some Japanese text over the sprite.


There's also a corrected version of Vivillon Meadow Pattern in the files for the 3DS version which uses the normal lighting effects that Shuffle has on its Pokemon graphics and is positioned a little lower then the one which was used in the final 3DS game. The sprite which Shuffle on 3DS uses is identical to the one from Battle Trozei, and was likely used by mistake, as this was corrected for Pokemon Shuffle Mobile, despite never being patched on 3DS.

Used Unused
PokemonShuffle 666used.png PokemonShuffle 666corrected.png

In a similar yet opposite vein to Vivillon, theres an extra copy of Female Pyroar's icon found exclusively in the 64x64 Pokemon Icons file which is the version of the icon used in Pokemon Battle Trozei which goes unused.

Used Unused
PokemonShuffle FemalePyroar.png PokemonShuffle extraPyroar.png

Special Shop Items

The Special Shop Item known as Drop Rate Increase is used in the Mobile version of Pokemon Shuffle, and allows the player to have an increased drop rate against enemy Pokemon. It turns out, this item was also potentially planned for the 3DS version but goes unused. Its not directly listed in the same file that defines all the other Special Shop items though, but upon copying the data over from the Mobile version, and redirecting the message and icon pointers to where their 3DS equivalents are, its revealed that the item is fully functional. It seems however, that it didn't get far enough into development for the No Heart Needed variant of the item to have been considered, as there is no text associated with that version of the item in the game's files, though due to how Special Shop items work, that effect is still functional if ported from Mobile. Here is the unused text and icon for Drop Rate Increase. The garbled text in the two item descriptions are variables used to tell the player how long the effect lasts.

PokemonShuffle DRI.png

Drop Rate Increase

Items will drop into the puzzle area
more often for �
���楴敭  hour upon
exchange. Occurs only in battles
against Pokémon you've caught.

Items will drop into the puzzle area
more often for �
���楴敭  hours upon
exchange. Occurs only in battles
against Pokémon you've caught.

In addition to Drop Rate Increase, there are variants of other Special Shop items in the listing for the defined items that either were only used in previous updates, or have never been used. One of these is a No Heart Needed variant for 1 Jewel which lasts for an hour instead of 30 minutes, and a variant of the 1 Heart Recovered / 15 min. & Heart +6 item which lasts for 24 hours instead of 8 hours, again for one jewel.

Heart Limit +1

As of v1.5.0, there was an unused item added to the game called Heart Limit+1 which does exactly as the name implies. The item is fully functional, and up to 5 can be applied to a save file, giving the player a permanent heart cap of 10 regenerating hearts.


Amiibo Support

Listed among the names of the various flags in the save file are these two strings of text which imply that at some point in development, Pokemon Shuffle was planned to have some form of Amiibo support. The specifics of what it might do however are unknown.